Flawlessly Add Fitness to Lunch Hour With This Definitive Guide

By , Alicia Capetillo, Staff Writer
Endless meetings fill your calendar, that research project that was estimated to require just a week of your attention has now stretched into week three, you're stalking the IT desk hoping to get someone to finally swing by to fix your ongoing Excel issue and you can't remember the last time a conversation wasn't interrupted by the sound of your incoming email ding. We get it--you're busy. As workday schedules get more and more crowded, though, the carefree lunch hour suffers, slowly slipping into oblivion. While it might seem like pushing through and grabbing a granola bar on your way to your 2:00 is your best bet for your career, you're likely doing more harm than good.

In fact, studies show that remaining at your desk inside all day actually hurts your productivity and overall morale. Taking a break from your screen and the task at hand gives your brain a break, which offers a moment of clarity to focus on solutions and your end goal. Workaholics are actually setting themselves up for a slump that is difficult to overcome.

Ready to set yourself up for success? Prepare to be pioneer of the lunch hour reclaiming revolution with this complete guide from our friends at Fix. With tips on everything from packing a bag the night before, maximizing your 40-minute workout, refreshing and refueling, you'll be able to fit in an hour to better yourself and be a better employee in the long run, no matter how busy your schedule.