The 12 Most Inspiring Quotes from Diana Nyad

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It may have taken her five tries and 35 years, but 64-year-old Diana Nyad never gave up on her goal and her dream of swimming the 103 miles of Florida Straits, from Cuba to Florida, without a shark cage.

She tried to make the swim the first time in 1978 but wasn’t successful, so she moved on with her life and pursued other interests. However, after turning 60 and losing her mother, the dream came alive again, as she explains in this TED talk from October 2011. 

To reach her goal, Diana would have to overcome physical, emotional and mental barriers.  Her mantra for her fifth attempt was to ''find a way''-- and find a way she did! Hundreds of people greeted her on the Key West beach Monday, September 2, 2013, after her 53-hour swim. Millions around the world have been inspired by the interviews she has given since.

We have gathered some of her most inspiring quotes from her interviews to help motivate you to keep moving forward toward your goals, both big and small.

1) ''We should never, ever give up!''

2) ''You never are too old to chase your dreams.''

3) ''It looks like a solitary sport but it’s a team [effort].''

4) ''You can’t start to get into negative spaces…telling yourself it hurts too much, maybe another day… because even people with an iron will [can] talk themselves out of stuff and quit when things get tough.''

5) ''All those factors out there [in life], you can’t control them, but you have to have intelligent answers to them, you have to have solutions.''

6) ''All of us suffer heartaches and difficulties in our lives. If you say to yourself, 'find a way,' you’ll make it through.''

7) ''Life is not over at this age [64] by any means.''

8) ''I believe endurance grows and we can never discount the mental…the powers of concentration and perspective of what it all means.  What you are capable of is infinitely higher at this age [64] than when you are a young twenty-something.''

9) ''So many people discuss the journey and the destination. The destination was always my vision. The journey that took me several years was thrilling. The discovery, the people, the looking inside at what you’re made of made reaching the destination—euphoric.''

10) ''Whenever you’re pushing through the tough moments, find a way. If something is important to you and it looks impossible and you’re up against it, step back for a minute and ask yourself if you have the resolve to think of every -nth degree to get through this. And most times, we do.''

11) ''People give up too quickly.''

12) ''I wanted to teach myself some life lessons at the age of 60 and one of them was that you don’t give up.''

Her calling to chase and achieve an elevated, extreme dream required conviction, unwavering passion and allowed her to be her best self.  She didn't do it perfectly. She made mistakes and failed along the journey. But what a role model she is about never giving up on your dreams! Congratulations, Diane!

Are you setting goals that allow you to be your best self? Are you inspired by Nyad's accomplishment?

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CD26438932 4/24/2021
Good Report
LIS193 3/30/2021
Inspirational! Thank you Report
BONNIE1552 2/6/2021
Love the "find a way." Report
ALMOMMY10 2/5/2021
Just the encouragement that I needed! Report
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CD24069739 1/6/2021
Great Report
NASFKAB 12/22/2020
Great Report
KOALA_BEAR 12/6/2020
FIND A WAY Indeed. You can always accomplish your goal & reach your dream if you persevere & consistently work towards that end. Report
CD24069739 10/22/2020
Great Report
TURQUROISE 9/23/2020
My favorite one is... ''All of us suffer heartaches and difficulties in our lives. If you say to yourself, 'find a way,' you’ll make it through.'' Report
BONNIE1552 9/6/2020
Love her "find a way." Report
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CECELW 8/8/2020
that is really great advice Report
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Find a way. Great inspirational quote. Report
The reality is we can be limited by our age and abilities, but we must embrace the moment now to set and achieve our goals because life can change, sometimes in a moment, and we lose opportunities that may never come again. Do it now! Report
amazing woman.

I started training afew [many] years ago for the ElCamino de Santiago. A friend and I finally did the walk from Leon Spain To Compostela. 13 days and a lot of steps .That was 2016 ,now we are talking about a different route to Compostela the coastal way in Portugal for next summer. ?????? Report
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What an amazing woman. I needed to read this today as I have been working on my long term goal the Mac Island Race. I need to keep in mind that the goal is long term and I will make that goal but it does take time to learn. Report
Very inspiring!! I hope I can put her advice into practice. Report
She wrote a fitness book about 20 years ago and I bought it. I still have it in my library, not on my e-reader a real book. Also I am now 64. Boy time flies. I always liked Diane Nyad, Just goes to show you "Good things never grow Old" Thanks for the article. Report
Great quotes to incorporate into our lives. Report
Great article. One of the quotes I especially liked was you never are too old to chase your dreams. Report
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My new mantra - find a way! So much of life is now a challenge. Don't talk myself out of it, just step back, analyze, and find a way. Thank you for the article. Report
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It is so true that if you really want something and are passionate about achieving your goal you will, excuses will only pull down, find ways instead Report
I have always believed that age was an excuse not an obstacle.

I also am not inspired by the quotes or the swim. I am happy for her that she accomplished her goal, however pointless the goal. Report
she is a she-ro for sure Report
She's just proof that age is nothing but a number! You, go SparkFriend! Report
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I'm 72 y/0, can I summit Mt. Rainier?? Report
Such a strong woman and a testament to never giving up to finally achieve your goals! Inspiration for myself and reaching some of my important goals! Report
I love her perseverance! Good on her for reaching her goals! She showed me that you are never to old to reach a goal you think is impossible. It reminds me of a quote I love: "The dream that you think is just too big and impossible to achieve is just the right size"! This definitely pertains to her. Report
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