Say Hello to Our Little Friend: The SPARK Activity Tracker

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It's an exciting time here at! After 12 years of helping people reach health, fitness and weight-loss goals with our free online programs and trackers, we have a new innovation that's been many months in the making. (Do you know how hard it is to keep something like that a secret for so long?)
Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of the Spark Activity Tracker, a tiny (and fun!) little reminder to fit more fitness into your day. About the size of a quarter, it's the first—and only—activity tracker that fully integrates with your experience.
If you need a little extra motivation to be active each day (and really, who doesn't?), then keep reading to find out what it is and how it can help you achieve your goals.

It's no secret that I am a BIG fan of activity trackers. They make fitness a lot more fun and motivational for people of all levels (myself included). Each day, you think about your activity level a little more. When you clip it on, it's on your body and your mind—and you set goals for yourself, reach new milestones, earn rewards and trophies for your efforts, and can even compete with friends who also use the tracking device. The Spark Activity Tracker makes it easier to make the right choices—to go for that walk after dinner rather than sitting on the couch, or to walk the extra block instead of parking closer.

SparkPeople's experts have long talked about how workouts are helpful, but being active throughout your day matters just as much—if not more than hitting the gym. With the tracker clipped to your shoe, pocket, belt or bra, you'll notice yourself finding more ways to get active instead of looking for excuses to stay stationary. That's the magic of it: the motivation—and reminder—to get up and get moving.

How It Works
The Spark recognizes motion in your body and can even detect whether you're taking a short walk to the car or powering through a tough workout. It determines your "steps" and calories burned accordingly, storing and tracking that info all day. When you sync the Spark to your computer wirelessly, that info feeds directly into your SparkPeople Fitness Tracker and your Activity Tracker "dashboard" (see picture below) so you see all of your results, receive feedback on how to do better, compete with your friends and more. There are NO subscription fees to use SparkPeople or the Spark features after your initial purchase of the device! It makes fitness tracking easy!

Even better, the Spark Activity Tracker experience is fun! It's easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to stay motivated thanks to emails, trophies, monthly challenges that only Spark owners can participate in, and feedback to help you get to the next level. Unlike other activity trackers, that only spit out data, the Spark fully integrates with your totally free account at By combining the Spark Activity Tracker with our totally free food tracker, workouts, articles, recipes, and supportive community, you have a comprehensive program to help you reach your goals. Everything you need for health and fitness, all in one place!
How to Purchase the Spark
The Spark is available in two colors (matte black and glossy four color) from our online store and for just $59.95. You'll also earn 500 SparkPoints when you sync your tracker to your SparkPeople account (when purchased from either website).
We created the Spark Activity Tracker and the new features that go along with it with YOU in mind. We think you'll love using the Spark Activity Tracker and can't wait to hear what you think about it. If you have questions about the Spark, our team will work hard to answer them if posted below or in the Message Boards--or you can check out our Spark FAQ page. You can also check out some reviews of the tracker from other SparkPeople members below:

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RENE176's Review
Thanks as always for supporting by being a member, visiting the website, Spreading the Spark far and wide by telling others about us, and purchasing the SparkPeople products that fit your lifestyle.  Every little bit helps us in our mission to SPARK millions of PEOPLE to use health and fitness as a foundation for a happier life.

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I need help, this morning I was reading about the first Spark Activity Tracker challenge (running Oct 1 - Oct 31), which is what prompted me to order this and pay extra for next day shipping and now I can't find my way back to the challenge. Can anyone post a link? Report
I bought a Fitbit a few months ago, and I loved it until I started trying to sync it with SparkPeople... it overestimates calories burned, essentially rendering it useless. After shopping around, including using the Fitbit software, I have decided my favorite fitness/nutrition tracking software is SparkPeople, nothing else can really compare... So, I ordered the Spark tracker! I can not overstate how excited I am about this. Report
I too wish I'd known about it a month ago before I bought FitBit. I think this would have worked better for me, but my budget doesn't allow me to buy two fitness trackers. Phooey!!
I personally love that I can wear this tracker in an inconspicuous place, that it's water proof, and automatically syncs with SparkPeople. I live in Hawaii and so am in the water a lot, I also wear sandals a lot which makes it hard to put a tracker on my shoes, with all the sun I get I don't want to wear a band anywhere, and it's nice to not have to take the time to enter in my fitness activities! The only thing I would love is sleep tracking capabilities. Thanks SparkPeople! Report
Is there a promo code? Report
I'm probably going to get one within the next few months but I'd be even more excited if it tracked swimming! You *can* wear it in the pool, which is one step up from the FitBit, but it says that it doesn't actually track swimming so what's the point in wearing it in the pool? For right now, I guess I'll just stick with my Polar HRM which continues working in the pool. Report
I am getting one of these as a reward for reaching my 10% goal, which is only 3 pounds away!! I'm very excited about this! Report
Lilac, we have something similiar here at my job. I have to wear mine on my shoe, and tapping my foot doesn't give me steps. But the downfall to the one I have at work since I can only wear this one on my shoe if I use the elliptical my steps don't count. But since I already have the one for work I probably won't upgrade either, because I can upgrade through work as well to where I can wear it anywhere including in a pool. But I can't afford the extra expense right now. Report
I'm not sure about this I like my fitbit One I like the accuracy. I think if you were to wear this on your shoe you would get an inaccurate or misleading reading. I mean if you sit and shake your leg or bounce your foot (like a nervous tick) you could rack up steps that is what my kids used to do to get more Pokeman points for their DS games!

I'd pay the $20 bucks more to get the fitbit they have great customer service a great warranty policy say you lost yours or the software has a glitch fitbit replaces it and sends you a new one for free that is what they did for me. I had a friend who lost theirs they replaced it for free and I like the fact that you have a rechargeable battery not a watch battery that you have to replace what happens in a year or so when they don't make that battery anymore I've had that happen to me on a pedometer or how about you have to replace the battery and then your spark tracker isn't waterproof because you didn't make sure it was locked in like the FAQ's page says it needs to be? It boils down to your user preference I love my fitbit!! Report
Questions below about swimming and battery... this is from the "online store" link from the article:
•LONG-LASTING: Replaceable watch battery lasts 6 to 12 months
•GET IT WET: Safe for recreational swimming or even a trip through the washing machine Report
I got my spark tracker a few weeks ago and I must say I really like it. I have only used pedometers in the past and the last year or so I noticed I started having issues with mine so getting into the 21st century with my spark tracker has been AWESOME!!! Thank you sparkpeople for making my life just a little bit more wonderful! I will add that when installing it on my computer I did have an issue but resolved it by removing my wireless mouse while installing the tracker. Once it was up and running I reinstalled my wireless mouse. Report
JOEF2F, what did you mean by, "I would still use the fitbit. It tracks everything with no irrational 120 minute limit"? I see nothing about a 120 minute limit mentioned here or on Report
My FitBitZip does the same thing and it's really motivating. If you don't have one this would be a good idea but my Fit Bit works just fine. Report
I got my Fitbit One for just $20.00 more (yay Amazon sales!) and it tracks far more data including flights of stairs and sleep quality. This is fine if you were just going to purchase the Fitbit Zip or a pedometer, but I'm sticking with my Fitbit One. And I agree with SARAHL817, I hope this new product doesn't affect SP's compatibility with other trackers. Report
I have my fit bit synced to spark people and its the best motivation I ever had! Report
Sounds like it would be awesome, but I'm still hesitant to pay $60 for what sounds like an integrated pedometer... Report
I would still use the fitbit. It tracks everything with no irrational 120 minute limit. Report
Would you get points just for basic walking around? What happens after the battery wears out? Report
I love my fitbit ultra. This will definitely be something to look into when I need another activity tracker. I wish someone would make something you can swim with. That is where most of my exercising is done. Report
Just ordered it, it should be here tomorrow!! So excited!! Report
Can we get it and use it in the uk? Report
Really good idea. I am in. Report
So excited. I just purchased! I've been thinking about a Fitbit but I didn't want to pull the trigger. Can't wait until I get mine this week! Report
Ordered! Report
Merry Christmas to ME! I broke my little step-tracker a few days ago and have been impatiently waiting for an opportunity to re-up the truther. I bought it and will have it Oct. 3! I'm REALLY happy now! Report
I have the fitbit flex. Can you integrate them? Report
Can you only use the activity tracker dashboard with the Spark device? Could you use the dashboard with other devices such as a Polar HRM or the Fit? Or, could you manually input the information from your HRM or other device into the dashboard? Report
This looks really exciting! I was thinking of getting a Fitbit One but am tempted by this now. Could someone tell me if it has an altimeter in it please? Also, any clues on when it might be shipped to the UK? Report
I was really excited when I saw this... But, I'm glad I checked the system requirements first. For Mac, it needs 10.6 or above... Mine is 10.4. :( Guess I'll have to wait. ::sigh:: Report
I've been doing research on all the trackers out there and am excited to try this one out... I really wanted one that integrated with SparkPeople. So will use this as a goal... and then to reach more goals once I get it :0) Report
I wish I had known about this a month ago before I bought my Fitbit (although I may have gone with the Fitbit anyway because it's a better choice for me, but it still would have been nice to know this could be an option).
I hope this doesn't affect sparkpeople's compatibility with other trackers. Report
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