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Recipes for the Great Outdoors

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Each summer my family unplugs from our 21st century lifestyle by visiting the great outdoors, including a few camping trips. One of the highlights is eating a meal that we prepared and cooked over a campfire. Many campgrounds have fire pits with built-in grills, but we've also used small gas-powered units or cooked directly on the coals. The key is to have fun working, eating, and making memories together. We've gathered recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare below. 

Chef Meg's Cheesy Grilled Banana Peppers

Campfire Chicken Packets

E-Z Campfire Salmon

campfire chili

Katie's campfire stew

Campfire Jambalya

Camp Fire Potato Sacks

Mountain Pie Chicken Wrap (Camping)

Mountain Pie Breakfast Wrap (Camping)

Campfire Quiche

Mountain Pie Chocolate Peanut Butter in a Cloud (Camping)

Campfire Banana Boat

BONUS SparkPeople Cookbook Recipe: Chef Meg's Campfire Crisp
What tips and tricks can you share for cooking in the outdoors? What is your favorite camping recipe?
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DEE107 11/30/2019
thanks Report
Thank you! Report
Great ideas! Report
Cooking outside makes everything taste better! Report
There is nothing better than a campfire meal! Foil dinners always work well for us. Pudgie-Pies are also our favorite - they are castiron quares on the end of poles and they have the ability to make the most glorious pizza pockets, fruit pies, and campfire paninis. Thanks for some new recipes to try on our next adventure! Report
Our kids fondest memories are of traveling and often camping with friends who liked to cook over open fires. The men pitched in and cooked pancakes and big breakfasts for all. A favorite dinner was Bunny Burgers and the kids helped make them. Think that came from the Scouts. What a time we all had!!! Report
Thanks looks like some good things to try Report
I grew up camping and our family had some wonderful meals during that time. "Dad" was a dairy farmer and couldn't leave the cows for too long so camping was close to home.

Unfortunately my hubby doesn't like camping so we "timeshare" instead. Sure can't complain though.

Thanks for the memories! :) Report
We camped all the time when the kids were young great times had to plan every thing no corner supermarket. I fed then big hardy breakfast to carry then thru the morning of swimming and water skiing, lunch was a sandwich and more swimming, hiking and burning lots of calories. I always grill the evening meal, we did not have a RV or motor home we truly were unplugged. Report