Fast, Fit and Fabulous Breakfast Ideas

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Hello, dailySpark readers! This is Anne from the food and fitness blog, fANNEtastic food. I’m currently nearing the end of my graduate program (I’m getting a Masters of Public Health from UNC-Chapel Hill and will be a Registered Dietitian), and between that, blogging, and planning my wedding, I don’t have a whole lot of time left to cook. As a result, I’ve become an expert at quick, simple meals. In today’s post, I’ll share some of my favorite quick breakfasts, and I’ll be back for another guest post soon to share my favorite quick dinners!

Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas
My absolute favorite breakfast is oatmeal – but not the packaged kind that’s chock full of sugar. I make my own – and it takes 3 minutes in the microwave. All you need is a very ripe banana, ½ cup of rolled oats, and ½ cup of milk (or dairy substitute). I also like adding cinnamon, but that’s up to you! Check out the full recipe for more details – I promise it’s super simple: Perfect (Microwave) Banana Oatmeal .  The key is the ripe banana – it makes it sweet enough that you won’t miss the sugar! As for toppings, try adding some plain yogurt or cottage cheese to it once it’s out of the microwave. It will up the protein to keep you full! Here’s a fun variation to try: Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal !


Another simple morning favorite (besides just regular cereal and milk) is ½ cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt mixed with ½ cup cottage cheese, topped with your choice of ½ cup cereal and some fruit. Delicious and protein packed from the yogurt and cottage cheese – this will keep you full for hours!

I also really love smoothies in the morning – just pair it with a piece of toast topped with nut butter and you have a perfect meal. Here are my favorite recipes:

One great thing to do when you’re really busy is carve out an hour or so on a weekend to make some meals in bulk for the week ahead. That way you have healthy ready to go meals waiting for you all week! Here are a few of my favorite “make them ahead and enjoy them all week” breakfast recipes:

What’s your favorite quick and easy breakfast?

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