Save Time & Money: 15 Ways to Use Leftover Chicken

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For busy families that are short on time, leaning on leftovers is a great way to ensure that everyone gets a filling, nutritious meal. Preparing big batches of basic cooked chicken (and turkey) is one way to save time and money, while always having the foundation of a healthy meal on hand.

It's easy to place a couple of extra chicken breasts on the grill, in the slow cooker or in the oven. The same holds true for a turkey breast in the smoker or oven. Both lean proteins can be transformed into something new and special, days or even months down the road if you freeze the extras. 
Your premade cooked chicken will be much cheaper than the rotisserie bird you'll pick up at the checkout line, and because you are cooking it alongside another meal, no extra cooking time will be involved. If you're heating up the oven (especially in summertime), you might as well fill it up! 
Basic Guidelines
  • Make sure all poultry is fully cooked: White meat should reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit; dark meat should reach 180.
  • Allow meat to cool for five to 10 minutes before shredding, slicing or dicing.
  • Dice or slice larger cuts of meat for later use. By cutting into smaller pieces they will reheat faster, and you can save them in single portions more easily. (If you're using the meat immediately in a cold salad, this will chill the meat down faster.)
  • Place meat in airtight containers or freezer bags, label each container and then refrigerate for up to four days or freeze for later use.
  • To keep your chicken moist and tender, consider poaching rather than grilling. Poached chicken can be used in soups, casseroles and salads and reheated with any sauce you like.

15 Simple Ways to Transform Leftover Cooked Chicken (or Turkey)

  • Add to an egg white omelet with spinach and white cheese for some extra protein.
  • Place one ounce of chopped or sliced meat on top of a toasted whole wheat English muffin, then add sliced apples and sharp Cheddar. Melt the cheese in a toaster oven or a 300-degree oven.
  • Wrap up a scrambled egg, diced turkey, sliced avocado and salsa in an eight-inch, whole-wheat tortilla.
  • Saute diced cooked sweet potatoes with shredded carrots, onions and diced turkey or chicken with two teaspoons of vegetable oil. Cook for five to six minutes.
  • Mix turkey or chicken with barbeque sauce and place on a whole-wheat sandwich thin with shredded carrots.
  • Make a tostada: Layer sliced bell peppers, fresh salsa and black beans with shredded meat on a whole-wheat tortilla.
  • Combine ground turkey with corn, black beans, chopped cilantro and lime juice for a quick salad or burrito filling.
  • Pulse meat in a food processor with roasted red peppers and drained and rinsed chickpeas for a quick sandwich filling. Go bunless and stuff into Romaine lettuce leaves.
  • Make chicken salad. Add grapes, toasted nuts, mixed greens, shredded carrots, pea sprouts, watercress or boiled red potatoes. 
  • Top a whole-wheat pizza crust with shredded chicken, then add arugula and parmesan cheese. Grill or bake until bubbly.
  • Toss chunks of chicken with whole wheat pasta, chopped tomatoes and basil pesto for a cool summer salad.
  • Toss with mixed greens, chopped tomatoes, diced red onion and sliced bell peppers. Garnish with olives and a vinaigrette dressing for a Greek salad.
  • Make a simple hot brown. Top a toasted whole-wheat English muffin with one ounce of extra lean ham, two ounces of sliced chicken or turkey, two slices of tomato, and mozzarella or Swiss cheese. Place in 375 degree oven until the cheese melts.
  • Mix shredded chicken with cooked brown rice and salsa. Top with shredded cheese and bake at 375 until the cheese is bubbly.
  • Place chicken in a greased casserole dish and pour on low-sodium jarred sauce. Sprinkle on shredded low-fat mozzarella and bake until bubbly.
With these tips, you can turn basic chicken breasts or ground turkey into an easy meal in no time.

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CECELW 3/8/2020
I freeze any meat I have leftover. I just use it for a different recipe Report
DEE107 3/2/2020
thanks Report
GETULLY 2/29/2020
We never have any problem using leftover chicken or turkey. Report
GRANNYOF05 12/4/2019
Thanks Report
Thanks Report
Good ideas Report
Some great suggestions, I eat chicken twice a week Report
great ideas Report
Been doing this lately, usually on weekends to prepare for the week ahead. Thanks for the new ideas. Report
good ideas and I like how the chicken comes out with the basic poach recipe. Report
we are really good with cooking in quantities - it is the only way to do it to help my poor impulse control! I cook one day per week for the entire week; my husband grills our meats for the week. (I am so very fortunate to have the most supportive husband!)

I thought I was really creative about using the chicken, but you have given me many more ideas! Thanks! Report
Chicken is the best! Great ideas. Report
My family say that the reinvention with the leftover is better that the first time the meat was cooked. Report
I've learned that keeping cooked chicken breasts in the freezer - in single servings - keeps us away from other "simple" fixes when it's time to make a quick meal. Takes no time to defrost and you can use in ALL of the recipes in this article!
AWESOME ideas . . .thank you so much for sharing. Report
You can save even more money buying whole chickens and cutting them up.... Report
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