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Get Fit with the 12 Moves of Christmas Workout!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
The holiday season has officially started, and you may have already noticed your fitness routine start to slip a little. To keep your motivation high in the crazy days ahead, we've created this fun, calorie-blasting cardio and strength circuit workout. The 12 moves in this routine don't require any sort of equipment, so you can do them anywhere. (No more excuses for skipping out on exercise during holiday travels!) Plus, did we mention that it's FUN? This workout constantly switches from one move to the next, so you never have time to get bored.

To do the workout, start from the top and work your way down the circuit. Go immediately from one move to the next, completing the number of reps (or minutes) listed next to each exercise. Move as quickly as you can to get your heart rate up and burn more calories. If you're a beginner, try the whole circuit one time through. For intermediate or advanced exercisers, do the whole circuit two or three times through.

This fast-paced routine may be just the ticket to help you avoid gaining those pesky holiday pounds this year. So, what are you waiting for? Blast your favorite festive tunes and get in the spirit while you sweat. Don't forget to Pin, Like, and Tweet to share with your friends! Happy Holidays!

(Click here for a PDF version. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF.)

Will you try the 12 Moves of Christmas workout? If you already have, how did you do?

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most of the exercises would be tough for me to do, I think for now I will just put on some Christmas music and dance the pounds away. Anyone want to join me? Report
Reading a set of exercises like this makes me so envious of how I was about 45 years ago!
I agree with OldAndSlow1 - a similar idea for those of us who can't readily get down to and up off the floor, and can't do the lunges etc. it's all very well to tell us to do modified versions, but it gets way too much when we have to modify every single exercise.
Thanks for providing the Count Down WorkOut, though. I'll envy everyone else their every move :) Report
It looks like a good workout but most of the jumping exercises are too hard on my knee. Is there a similar workout without the jumping? Report
Iím curious: How is everyone tracking this on their fitness tracker?

BTW, I love these fun holiday twist. Keep them coming Coach Nicole.
Happy Holidays to all. Report
hey do you start with 12 and work yourself down to 1 just wondering ? Report
How do you do the plyo lunge in this context. I have looked up some videos and they don't look like what is described here. They certainly aren't something that could be done for 3 minutes and it isn't something that 90 seconds and switch could work with. What is this move in here and is there a video? ? ? Love the workout! My husband and I have done it and gotten a lot of endorphins. Report
I have the same issue with printing this as dkturner3. My printer also stops after exercise 9. Report
my link for pdf doesnt work (frown) idea? how can I print? Report
These are some great moves for someone like my daughter who plays sports in college. I saw exercises 12, 6 and 4 as ones that I could probably do. I am willing to do exercises, just wish the article had some less challenging moves. Report
To print this, click on the "click here" for PDF file which is right above the workout Santa in the chimney. Once you get the print version, then right click and select print. Walla, you get the workout!
I printed it and am going to give it a go! This was presented in a cute, fun way! Thanks, Sparkpeople! Report
Will try everyone except those which require jumping. Report
Looks like lots of fun but my knees won't take it . Report
Noooo, not me! Maybe if I were 30 years younger! I'll just keep to my walks, but I enjoyed looking at the moves. Report
Not usually big on making comments but when I saw this just had to chime in. These are really tough moves. I am actually a certified fitness instructor here in my home province of New Brunswick but as I am a 50 year old instructor who also has struggled with my weight for several reasons I gotta say I will be modifying these moves big time even though I am basically quite fit. Love the whole idea of the 12 moves of Christmas but will be using moves with a little less impact (especially for numbers 2, 3 and 5). Really cool idea though. Report
All well and good, but since I'm once again in a distinctly "anti-holiday" mood (you know the drill - "no JOB, no JOY"), I think I'll pass......BAH HUMBUG! :( Report
I am printing this off twice! One for the fridge and one for the back of my bedroom door! Sneaky ways to get a bit of an extra burn in there! Report
These look awesome exercises, but once again, as with a previous blog, it would be nioce if people such as myself could do them. We are disabled and these are impossible for us.

Please, Coach Nicole, would you do something similarfro the disabled that they could do from their wheelchairs or sitting down.

Thank you. Report
Is it just me or does anyone else think the picture at the start of the article would be an awesome cover for Coach Nicole Christmas cards this year? :)
(just kidding...we love you!) Report
I love the new holiday names! It makes me want to get in the holiday spirit even though it is 80 degrees.

I usually modify those exercises because I still have a hard time with most of them. It's still interesting to try and see how many I can accomplish and work towards doing more the next time.

Thanks Coach Nicole! Report
I like it. I would like to print it out but the size of the paper needed to print it is 9.6" X 44". Is there anyway to modify the .pdf so it will fit on 3 or 4 sheets of paper 8.5"X 11"? It will be more portable on paper; I don't want to take the computer to work out. Report
After more than 4 years on Spark and losing 95 lbs, I still would not be able to do exercises such as these! It's not because I am unwilling, it's because I wrecked my body being morbidly obese. I have a bad back and can not do any high impact anything including running or jumping (plyo). I don't think that the MAJORITY of Sparkers will find this helpful. Lots of really fit people will love this, but what about those of us who are still too heavy to do these exercises even with modifications? What about those whose Dr's would frown upon us trying these exercises because they would hurt us rather than help us? What about those who are not co-ordinated enough or who lack the ability to hold their own weight up off the floor with their arms?
Why is it you give us the super challenging when (and you should probably have a poll about this!) MOST LIKELY the MAJORITY of Sparkers are unable to perform these exercises? Report
DACLARK17- Actually, the knee and the toes are pointed in the same direction in exercise #2, which is safe and proper form. Perhaps the photo is a little small/dark to be able to see that though. The angle of the knee in #3 is less than 90 degrees, but the photo does show the knee pushing a little more forward toward the toes than I would like, but still within a safe range (not past toes).

Of course, everyone should modify, skip moves, etc. to suit their own goals or issues. Report
Most of these are above my fitness level right now, so not this year. Too bad they don't have modified variations listed. Report
Looks like loads of fun! Report
I am definitely going to try all but two 2 & 3. The angle of the knees in 3 is well over 90 degrees and 2 has the foot sideways to the knee...a recipe for disaster, keeping the knees pointed to the toes doesn't work for me when the heels are at an angle like that...just my humble observation Report
Love this! Report
Any suggestions on how to print this? My print shrunk to a letter sized paper and the print is too small to work with. Report
It looks Fabulous...but it is a little hard for me too. I can do the chair excercises and if you have a recliner you can incorporate that too in to your routine. Hallway, dance up and down it. The john is another place to get in a few leg raises or stretch your toes, play miss mary black, like we did when we were kids. If you have tile blocks in the kitchen, play don't step on the cracks or you'll break your mother's back. Get creative on your own or get your kids involved, make one of your kids your personal trainer.. Report
It's cute how you renamed the moves and I'm going to print this out now to do when I'm visiting kin. Thanks! Report
Yeah - it looks a little tough for me, too, as I'm really out of shape. My doc finally released me for light exercise. Nothing too crazy yet. But, maybe I could do this and modify some of them....Worth a try. Might make exercise a little fun! Report
It does look like a tough one, but I'll give it a go! Report
Very cute idea! Just finished doing the workout, and I definitely am going to save this one! It took me a little less than 20 minutes to finish going through the circuit once. It's a great workout for me because it doesn't require any equipment, and it still made me break a sweat! :) Report
Hmm Im going to try to do this workout but I don't know it looks tough! Well Im not a quitter so Ill try it & see! :) Report
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