Weekly Menu: Meatless Meals

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Whether you're vegetarian or just in search of new meal ideas, you'll love these meatless meals. They're easy on your wallet and your waistline.

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All these people complaining about going vegetarian being "disrespectful." SMDH. Like it's so respectful to slaughter animals and fill your guts with carcasses. Okay, Karen. If you don't want to hear about it, don't read it. Report
DEBORAHSUE42 1/27/2021
Hi, my husband sent me this link and I feel like this is extremely disrespectful to people who like meat. God made meat for a reason so why shouldn't be able to eat it? This goes against the bible. May Jesus be with you. Report
TINACLARK85 1/27/2021
This is very disrespectful to people who like eating meat. Report
DEBORAHSUE42 1/27/2021
AZUREBREEZES: Please stop using that language, may the lord be with you. Report
CECELW 8/12/2020
these are some great options Report
Good article! Report
Meatless every day in our house. But why, oh why, do so many meat free recipes focus on cheese? Report
I want to be a vegetarian 🌱 moving towards vegan! Report
thanks Report
Great ideas! Report
Great suggestions. Report
Want to try some of these to add to our vegetarian options. Report
It's only hubby and I, so I picked two meatless meals. This week it was the Quinoa Black Bean Casserole and the Vegetarian Chili with Cornbread. Those two meals were more than enough for us. Will only make one meatless meal this week. Report
A great way to eat less meat! Report
I'm always looking for meatless meals that my family will eat. Can't wait to try some of these. Report
The Mayo Clinic recommends between 10 and 35 percent of calories from protein. These recipes (and most diets) are well within that range. Report
Here's the problem with all of these recipes. The highest protein one was the chili, and that was only 21% protein. Many others were much less than that. Assuming a vegetarian diet here, they aren't going to be having high protein snacks to make up for the low protein meals. Spark even recommends 20% daily calories come from protein, most other places recommend more. So how are these good ideas? Report
I have made the slow cooker vegetable curry before and it is yummy. It freezes well too! I plan to make the quinoa and black bean casserole later this week. I love the weekly meatless menu blog. Thanks so much! Report
Thank you for some new ideas. Report
Like others, I am eating less meat and saving my money for local small farm meat. I just bought some pork spareribs from a local farm and they will be part of a special meal. These meatless meals sound delicious, I will definitely be trying them. Report
i like the sound of these, except I'll be replacing the eggplant with a summer squash from my CSA Report
perfect, this is exactly what I need. Saving this thread. Report
Thank you for some new ideas on how to make a veal of vegetables. Report
I started doing Meatless Monday, but that quickly evolved into meatless everyday. I'm not a vegetarian, and I do still eat meat, but usually only if I'm out at a restaurant. It's just so much cheaper, and I'm adding way more veggies into my diet now. Report
I'm trying to eat less meat so I can afford better meat raised locally and treated humanely. Meatless meals definitely help me with that! Report
I love the idea of adding meatless meals to my food plan. Although I hated vegetables as a child, I am discovering the joys of eating more beans, vegetables, and whole grains. Report
Every time I cook a meatless meal, my husband says, "This is really good, but it would be even better with some beef or chicken in it!" LOL Report
I am always on the look out for meatless meal ideas. Thanks Report
Thank you! I gave up meat on June 1st and love having all of these options. I made the quinoa-black bean casserole last night and it was fabulous. Thanks again Report
We've been eating a lot less meat lately, and these all sound wonderful, thank you! Report