A Butt-Kicking Workout with Nike Trainers

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I was that girl who would fake cramps and feign random injuries to get out of gym class in high school. (Sweat? Me? No--not after all the time I spent straightening my hair. I'll read a book on the bleachers, thankyouverymuch!) These days, I'm no wilting flower when it comes to exercise. I run. I Spin. I practice yoga. I do Pilates. I love the strong, toned body that exercise affords me.

(Almost) nothing scares me. Except squats and lunges. They annoy me. I don't feel coordinated and get bored doing them. On the rare occasion I incorporate them into my strength training, I don't really get very creative with them. I just do 'em and move on.

During the Nike Women’s Training Spring 2010 Media Summit in Vancouver, we had the opportunity to work out with Nike trainers.

On Wednesday we had been warned that we would be doing some moves that were similar to those used by the Olympic athletes we'd met.

They had Julia Mancuso stand on a stability ball, and Katherine Reutter did some complicated hip stabilizing exercises, so I was a bit worried.

It would be hard, but a few women who had attended the Summit last year said it was nothing we couldn't handle.

Little did I know how many squats and lunges were in my future!

For a full hour, we sweated, shook and squatted our way through a series of exercises. Led by Nike certified trainers Alex Molden (a 9-year NFL veteran!) and Marie Purvis, the workout was high-energy and high-intensity. I wore my heart monitor--and it was around 75% and even as high as 85% a few times.

I decided to share with you the details of the workout (those that I remember--I was focusing on the workout more than committing the details to memory).

(NOTE: I'm not a trainer, so this post is just informational. I do link to some similar SparkPeople exercises if you're interested in more information on a particular exercise.)

Like any good workout, this one started with a warmup. We split in two groups and lined up.

One by one, we high-kicked our way across the large workout room, then ran to the end of the line. Two minutes later we switched to skipping, then a series of grapevine and other "fast feet" moves. Ten minutes in, we're glowing and plenty warm. We've all stripped off our warm-up jackets.

For the next 45 minutes, we did these exercises (and more), most of them for two minutes each:

Then we finished up with 10 minutes of stretches. I was drenched and my muscles were sore, but I felt energized and strong. I still don't like lunges and squats, but I am trying to do them more often.

Thanks for a great workout, Marie and Alex!

Do you do any of these strength moves in your normal workout routines? Are there any strength moves you avoid because you just don't like them?

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CECELW 3/11/2020
this is quite fun Report
good work out Report
This is a challenging workout! Report
I'm never confident that I'm actually doing these exercises correctly, so I tend to not do them. I tried the lateral lunges and some others this evening. The links to SparkPeople are usually in one limited view point and so they look "backwards" to me. Almost as if I have dyslexia of the visual aspect of following an exercise or other movements (I'm backwards when I try to do sign language too... I tend to mirror, so I am doing with my left hand what the speaker in front of me is actually doing with their right hand. Report
i don't care for lunges but i do them anyway .i do alot of these exercise. Report
Oooh, I'm tired just reading this!!! Thanks for the blog!!! I can't do pushups correctly so I don't even try them any more! I'll do simple lunges & squats but I too get bored with them easily. Maybe I can learn to change them up some & that will help! Report
i love squats...but sometimes they really bother my knee that i had surgery on a few years ago:( Report
While they are difficult, nothing works your legs and butt better than squats and lunges. A necessary evil for me! Report
Ouch!! Way beyond me. Report
I'm tired just reading the article! Report
I do lots of lunges and squats - various types, depending on what areas I want to work. A lot of the moves you did are in my routines off and on. It sounds like you got a terrific workout! Report
I prefer lunges to squats. There are so many variations and I feel them more deeply in my thigh muscles. With either, it is SO important to watch the placement of your knees. Report
I love doing squats, they make me feel strong. But I, too, hate doing lunges! I always feel like I'm using the wrong form and switching between sides always messes me up. I'm just not coordinated enough for this! Report
Love the workout. It's much like what we do in many of the classes I take. I really love squats, lunges and especially plyometrics. I'd be interested to know what your second to last picture portrays - looks like an ab exercise where you thread the dumbell through the legs, but not sure. Report
I am so jealous.. I wish I could have been there!!! Seems like an excellent challenge and some fantastic work outs!!!! Report
My (Canadian) gym, GoodLife, uses Les Mills programs. I do the Body Pump twice a week (incorporating many of the exercises above, with barbells), and my least favourite exercise is the lunges. Ohhhhh, how I detest them! But since I'm not going to sit them out like a wimp, I do them and am usually glad that I accomplished them, and very glad when they're over.
At 59, I feel that I need the strength training as well as cardio (which I get in Zumba classes). I'm not disciplined enough to do the strength training on my own, so the classes work best for me. Report
First I have to say OMG!! This workout scared me, Its like watching a horror show that I want no part of. Very sad to say I know.

As much as I have come around to enjoying exercise there are some things that I don't look forward to doing, ever. I have no problem with squats but I too hate lunges. I can't keep my balance. I've tried planks but don't care to try side planks anytime in the near furture. When I can complete a workout such as this one then I will know for sure that I have arrived.

A big congrats to you for completing this workout, you have now surpassed the little people and moved up with the champions of champions Report
I love squats and lunges. I saved this workout to my favorites. Report
I do almost all of these in my workout and love them. Planks I try but it is a challenge. I have a bad hip and I have to be careful with lunges. I can do them in yoga, at a slow speed, but not at a fast pace. This looks like it was a huge challenge. I wish I had a partner to do the squats with. I used to do those years ago. Report
I hate lunges and squats as well but have incorporated them into my routine 3 times a week, with excellent results. They really show results. Report
I have do or have done most of these exercises and I LOVE squats and lunges. I try to do compound exercises like squats with shoulder presses, or lunges with bicep curls. Report
Tried doing that work out myself and WOW what a workout! I'm not a big fan of lunges or squats but I try to do them occationaly anyways. Report
Because I have arthritis in my right knee, doing squats and lunges makes me feel like my knee is going to give out. To remedy this, I use a Swiss ball against the wall and my back as I do squats. This helps stabilize my stance so I am putting less pressure on my knee. This has helped.

I haven't located a good way to do pain free lunges, so I found an exercise that works the same muscles (and the core) also using the Swiss ball. I lay on my back with my feet on the ball and my legs straight. I raise my butt off the floor in a backwards plank position. I then pull my legs to my butt, hold for a second, and then go back to the start position. This really works; I feel it in my abs too. These two exercises have helped keep my workout pain free.
Nope but I most likely will try some of those out though Report
Dang - I need to expand my work out. Report
Wow! What a workout! I don't know what it is ... but, I love working my lower body... lunges, squats, kicks.... I think it is because I get such a cardio rush....... it took me a while to get use to doing it correctly but I finally got it down and I am doing good with it!!! Report
where i work out, they LOVE doing legs...especially squats and lunges. LOTS. i've never learned to love them, but while i'm doing them, i imagine my butt tightening up and that's what gets me through it...

we also do burpee/jumping jack pyramids up to 8 and back down again, as well as pushup/situp combos up to 8. and always, planks are thrown in with some solid sessions of mountain climbers.

it's reassuring to read that what we do at our gym compares to the nike trainers! Report
What an awesome workout, not for me! I hate lunges but don't mind squats and yes, whatever it is that we don't like to do is usually what we need to do more of. Report
Thank you for sharing... Not sure what is wrong with me but I love lunges and the way I feel after doing a bunch of sets of them... Sounds like a great chance you had... Report
I am with you I hate lunges. I do them but I dont like them. LOL I do most of what you described or attempt them some days are better than others.
WTG sounds like fun!
pj Report
That sounds like an awesome workout. The warm up alone, sounds really intimidating. I have grown to enjoy strength training; but I am a total cardio girl. I prefer squats over lunges, due to a balancing issue. I am getting better with both moves, thanks to Cathe Friedrick and Jillian Micheal's workouts. I HATE Plyometric Squats. Report
I do almost all of those exercises! I don't know what a russian twist is though.
I used to not like lunges, but after about a month of doing them 3x a week, my legs looked awesome. Now I never skip lunges, gorgeous legs are worth it. Report
I don't like squats or lunges either - I hurt my knees when I have done too many in the past. I avoid lunges but do only wall swats with the ball - it helps me do them correctly with less injury. Most of the other exercises I do from time to time. I am more of a stationery exerciser than a mover... Report
Sounds like a great workout!! I would love to try a workout like this. Thanks for including the moves. I used to hate lunges and squats as well but I've been doing ChaLean Extreme and those moves are incorporated into every move so I have learned to love them. My legs feel stronger and I have lost inches around my hips and thighs. I feel they have also conditioned my legs better for running. No more shin splints! Report
in my taekwondo class we did mountain climbers
and in my bodypump class i would take, in one of the releases
( it is a lemills program) we would do side planks
i don't like sideplanks because my body is heavy
and i am out of shape so side planks are hard for me to do
i would try the modification that they had but still it would not work
but the mountain climbers i could do. Report
I hate squats and lunges but I just started the 30 day shred and that's freaking all you do (at least on level 1). It made me so sore - as well as realize that they need to be part of my life... Report
It's not that I don't like forward lunges, but I am so sore for 2 days afterward. Report
Sounds like a great workout that I would love to try! Report
At my 24-Hour Fitness club, we have a class called Athletic Training. It is very similar to what you described. The class is held 3 times a week, and the Saturday class is a little different than the Monday and Wednesday classes. On Saturdays we intersperse rope jumping with stations and calisthenics. Each station is done for 3 minutes and it's a full-out effort. The teacher really pushes us. It's also not unusual for us to sit on the wall for minutes at a time. I've never attended such a difficult class, but it really improves my fitness. Report
I love squats and lunges, I try to do them slowly and gracefully. They are a sure bet to stronger and leaner legs. I love cardio and do some each and every day!
I would have loved to try what you did with trainers. Some day, I will experience a trainer, I think that would be the ultimate! Report
I'm a cardio girl. I actually enjoy walking, swimming, biking, etc., but really don't like ANY strength-training or floor exercises. I do go through the FitLinx weight circuit twice a week because I know it's good for me, but that's about as much "pushing" of myself as I can do. I just can't bring myself to keep doing something I hate. :-\ Report
I LOVE doing lunges & squats.. Heck my back side shows it .. I have great muscle tone,for a women who use to weigh in at 364lbs.. Report
Personally, I despise pushups and am not a big fan of lunges either but I still do them. I limit the amount of impact type exercises I do because of a long standing back injury. Report
I've learned to love strength training - and squats/lunges with weights are a regular part of it. I prefer wearing a weighted vest when I do dynamic lunges, because it seems easier on my knees ... I agree, these are exercises that work the whole body, and btw they are better calorie burners than most :) Report
Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones incorporates ALOT of these moves. Made me think I was reading her lineup. Report
Ohhhh so awesome. I'm jealous! :) :) I love a good hard workout . . . it shows you JUST where your weaker spots are so you can tweak your routine accordingly!

I LOVE lunges and squats because they are hard. Of course, when I was halfway across the parking lot doing walking lunges . . I didn't like them so much . . . but they WORK.

Jumping lunges on the other hand. I LOATHE those.

which probably means I need to do them more. ;) Report
I don't mind squats so much but, for me, lunges are killer! I don't have the best balance and that makes the lunges difficult. If there's an exercise I don't like very much, it's usually one I really should be doing! LOL

Deb Report
Ugh, I just hate squats and lunges. When I did the New You New Year bootcamp with Coach Nicole I hated day 2, Monday, which consisted mostly of squats and lunges. I know they're beneficial, but I just don't like doing them. I'm still pretty much a fitness beginner and haven't begun to incorporate a lot of harder or more complicated moves into my workout yet, I'm pretty basic. I'd be so proud of myself and feel so empowered if I could complete a workout like you did someday! Report
I don't do lunges---I injured myself trying to do them on a Leslie Samsone DVD and everytime I have tried them, I have hurt myself---so that is one thing I will not incorporate in my workout. But don't mind squats---just go down as far as comfortable---but that is getting lower all the time as I become more flexible. Report