A Month of Fun, Healthy School Lunches

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Want to get kids off to a healthy start this school year? So does SparkPeople! That's why our very own Samantha Donohue, dailySpark blogger and healthy lunch packer extraordinaire, wrote our latest e-book: A Month of Fun and Healthy School Lunches from SparkPeople.

We think it's just what you need to get kids excited about packing lunch--with tips and recipes for meals they'll actually eat.

With A Month of Fun and Healthy School Lunches, you'll end the food fight and get kids excited about packing lunch--with fun yet simple meals they'll actually eat. Written by a mother of three, with 50 easy and healthy recipes plus plenty of ideas tested by real parents in real life, this e-book turns lunchtime into fun time while reinforcing the importance of eating right!

The book includes:
  • Tips for Making Healthy School Lunches Kids Will Actually Eat
  • Mom-Tested Tips for Saving Money and Time
  • Fun, Easy Ways to Turn Lunch into Something Special
  • The Basics of Planning a Healthy Lunch
  • Dozens of Meal Ideas: DIY Lunches, Finger Foods, Sandwich Makeovers and More
  • Also: Tips for Teens, Tweens, and Kids Who Insist on Buying Lunch
  • Bonus: 25 Healthy, Kid-Friendly After-School Snack Ideas!

The book is available now on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com for just $2.99.

No e-reader? No problem!  If you don't have an e-reader, such as a Kindle or NOOK, you can still read these e-books. Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble offer free downloads of their e-reader apps for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices. 

Click here for more info about our other great e-books, which are a fun way to learn more about healthy cooking.

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