Habits of Fit People: Find Something Fun

By , SparkPeople Blogger
You want to be a fit person, right? That's why I'm sharing my own habits for keeping fit and staying healthy in the ongoing Habits of Fit People series.

Here's one that works for me: Find something fun to do. So why does something like this matter?

Exercise is often viewed as one of those necessary evils. You know you SHOULD be doing it, and you know that it has all sorts of benefits, from weight loss to better sleep. But often, just knowing that it's good for you isn't enough to make you work out. It becomes something that people dread. It's boring. It's hard work. And you'd rather be doing something else. You probably have a long list of exercises or workouts that you hate (mine includes the treadmill, most gym machines, and exercising alone). But instead of forcing yourself to do those things, why not take the time to explore things that you just might like, and then create a workout program based around that?

Why it works: I think this is a pretty obvious one. When you're having fun, banishing boredom, learning new skills or simply enjoying yourself, then exercise becomes something that you WANT to do, not something that you HAVE to do.

Keep in mind that there are lots of non-traditional activities and hobbies that can be fun and fitness-oriented. You could try rock climbing, joining and adult sports league, Nintendo Wii, ballroom dancing, martial arts, swimming lessons, playing with your kids, dancing around the house to your favorite tunes—anything that gets your body moving! My own workout program involves very few activities that I don't enjoy. I've discovered that I like Spinning classes (the group environment and great music motivates me), Pilates (it takes major focus and concentration), hiking and walking outdoors (it doesn't feel like exercise) and strength training at the gym (because I like to push myself). I also enjoy a good workout DVD now and then. I know that I'm more likely to work out and push myself if I take a class at the gym than if I do it on my own, too. Since these things are fun to me, I don't dread my workout time—I look forward to it!

I think that if you want to exercise regularly, you should find something that you enjoy (or can tolerate at the very least). When you look forward to your workout, there's nothing stopping you from doing it!

What's the most fun you've ever had while exercising?

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MUSICNUT 11/9/2020
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
DEE107 10/14/2020
thanks Report
rollerskating and dancing are the most fun! Report
NIKO27 4/22/2020
Great Article
KHALIA2 12/24/2019
Just love to exercise! Report
YMWONG22 12/3/2019
Good article. Report
There is nothing wrong with mixing exercising and fun Report
Very helpful advice! Report
good info Report
I love dancing videos/dvds, especially the Just Dance series, also Zumba and Jane Fonda's fit and burn dvd. All those along with kettlebells, walking and eating healthily have lost me a lot of lbs and are all I need to stay fit and healthy! Report
An unorthodox yet fun way I have found to get some cardio exercise is Dance Dance Revolution. Most of the games you can buy for your home system have exercise mode where it will tell you how many calories you burned. It's pretty cool. I have a dance mat and Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 for my PS2 and it's great. I don't know about the workout programs on any of the newer systems. I would look at reviews before purchasing a game because some of the games have a crappy workout program. Report
Good ideas. I need to find my interest. Report
I do Curves and love it! I also like to walk. Got some ideas from all you active members. Report
I would say dance too. I just hold on to the middle and let everything else jiggle -- dancing to the beat. :) Report
Martial Arts! I started taking taekwondo classes a few months after my kids started - it looked like so much fun. Now, 8 months later, I am a level 3 green belt and I've dropped a clothing size without changing my diet or doing anything but attending class 2-3x a week. This is the longest I've consistently stayed with any "workout program", and it's precisely because I'm working toward a goal other than "getting fit". Classes aren't a slog, or boring, or a chore - they're so much fun that I'm often surprised when it's time to go!

I'm stronger and more toned, and my self-confidence is higher - few things are as empowering as successfully breaking a board or scoring a point in sparring on a more skilled martial artist. Report
I always loved to dance, Zumba seems interesting to be but I have problems with balance so I wonder if I would be able to do that or not but it does sound like fun. Report
Loved the article! I love to go out walking around with our goat herd, that way I can check them out health wise and get some good hikes in too.,Also love to dance around the house and play wii games. Report
There is this saying " Eat like a King for breakfast, a Queen for lunch and a Pauper for Dinner." I found it to be kind of interesing and it stayed in my head , since I am not a morning person period. But I found that if I eat oatmeal as most say is the best for breakfast, it keeps me from being hungry for hours, and by the time I look up its almost time for dinner. And since I don't like to sleep on a full stomach I do eat light for dinner. But I also heard its best to eat (5) small meals a day, and since I don't like to eat a lot of food at once this works for me too. The only problem is that if I eat breakfast I am always to full to eat lunch or anything else for at least a few hours even if its only a couple of spoonful of Oatmeal. But, I think that it does help me because when i don't eat breakfast I have a bad habit of eating whatever is handy and fast, usually something sweet.

But, all in all I have found that the (5) small meals is best as you keep yourself to full to eat anything else that is fast and quick like a bun or piece of toast. I am finding that its all a piece of the puzzle (eating right, excercising, and making yourself drink lots and lots of water!), and if you leave anything out, then you won't learn how to replace your old habits with new good ones, and thats what got me in the situation I'm in out, trying to learn how to get healthy. So, thats why I make myself eat the way that I do now, I'm learning a new life style, not doing another diet. And I can see the difference and its a good for me, and that's the real goal I try to keep in mind. Its not about should you eat it I think, as much as what am I putting into my body each time that I put something in it, how will it benefit my body. Report
Enjoyed your article! We should enjoy our exercise in order to keep doing it. I do my basic workout which consists of walking, weight training and the machines in the gym, but the most fun thing for me to do is to play tennis! http://fitandfabulousblog.com Report
Any kind of dancing I find great fun. I also really enjoy Wii Fit. Report
golf is it baby, it's a special day when I have 3 hours to devote to just being outside chasing around a silly white ball, no phone, no chores! Report
Water aerobics is totally fun for me. I love it and it doesn't even feel like I'm exercising. I'm just "having fun"!!!
Most fun when I do a bit of imagination while I workout. Such as elliptical machine, as if I'm skiing, haha. Jump rope always great for me, especially when I'm learning new moves and keep messing up, haha. Report
I have become almost obsessed with walking - but I love it! The other day a city worker referred to me as a "walking fool" and I took it as a compliment. Report
Doing Bloomsday! Report
I recently have tried ZUMBA and love it! I've never been much on exercise or I lose motivation, but this ZUMBA is so fun. I'm not to coordinated, but it is getting easier. I almost makes you feel sexy!!! Report
I guess I must be a more sollitary person, but I really enjoy working out alone. It's something that I do fo myself and for once I get to focus on me. Probably because my job involves working with customers all day. So to me it's not surprising that my most fun workout was riding my bike 20 to 30 miles on this really great biking/hiking trail where I used to live. The scenery was beautiful, the air was fresh and the hills were challenging. Its a great memory. Today on the elliptical machine I thought about it and told myself I wanted to find that again-that feeling I got when I did that workout, and hopefully that level of fitness. Report
I know what DOLMADEZ means....I love working out but it's such a drag when I'm doing it alone...I thought by joining a gym I could meet like minded people. But so far no one is very friendly so I'm still on my own. Report
playing with my 4 year old son. he is the most energetic being i know! he helps me to be energetic Report
Dancing with the Dog! check out the ideas by searching on utube videos - there are some really fantastic dog dancing routines. Its a great way to teach the dog and build confidence, flexibility, and coordination (person and dog), exercise indoors when the weather is awful or its too dark out for hiking. And there's nobody laughing at you, just with you. Report
I really enjoy pilates and yoga and tennis. However most of all I love dancing - i am not great but I've noticed after a night on the town, at a wedding or wherever I'm delightfully sore the next day and feel energized, just wonderful! Report
I loved my old aerobics class. We used to do the same choreography for a few months, and after 3-4 weeks I'd nailed it and could really concentrate on going longer, higher, deeper, faster or switch to more complicated hand movements. The instructor was really encouraging and always had the most interesting music choices from old disco tunes to latest hits. Report
I've rediscovered my old love of tennis and my teenage son enjoys it too. So, we get exercise and get to spend time together doing something we both enjoy. And since he's just learning, I can actually beat him! I've heard him bragging on me to his friends that his mom can beat him at tennis. Report
Zumba...hands down! Dance aerobics is a close second. Dancing doesn't feela t all like exercise, but I sure do work up a sweat! Report
I love dancing but since they don't offer dancing except in the bars, which I quit 10 years ago, I don't dance anymore. However I do swim on occasion like I did when I was a kid and it takes me back to the good old days when all us kids would go to the swimming pool to get our exercise in. We walked a mile to get there and a mile back. Mom never worried about us. Usually we all stuck together. Report
I got up on stage with Richard Simmons and dance and exercised with him while he was promoting his new video about 10 to 15 years ago. I also love to exercise on my Wii. Report
So far, bike riding. Especially, after the rain.. zooommingg.. through those puddles. Fun! Let's you be a kid again.

I'm new though, so hope to experience something even better! Report
BELLYDANCING!!!! They started offering a class at my gym about a month ago. I wasn't sure I wanted to do it initially but then they offered 2 FREE classes. I took them and I LOVED IT! The best part... because there were only about 5 of us that actually took the bait, they've included it in our membership so now I don't have to pay regardless :). I would love to do it twice a week but unfortunately the Sunday class is at 10:15am and I have church at 10:30. But I am there every Monday evening and it's entirely too much fun! Report
I love walking and exercising to Hip Hop Abs! Report
Marathon contra dancing! Report
I love riding my horse and competing on her in Barrel Racing events Report
I LOVE SOCCER!! I started playing again a year and half ago, and now I play 2-5 games a week. I'm not one to just run for fun, but if you put a ball in front of me, I'll do anything to get to it! I also enjoy biking around, exploring my neighborhood and those around me. Report
almost everyday of my Hound Wogs theres someone or something new to meet & greet- most I would never have known without it. Not to mention I've run into a Spark member I didn't know lived by. Report
I never enjoyed the gym much. At one point, I started a Couch to 5k program just as a specific challenge to keep me motivated. Then my gym had a competition and to earn points you had to go to classes too, so I took a Zumba class. The rest is history! I started only in late November and by January I wanted to become an instructor, just so I could do even more Zumba! I love to dance - I have already lost 17 pounds doing just that!

If you enjoy dance, check your area for these classes! They are SO MUCH FUN! Our gym has 12 classes a week and almost all of them draw a fully packed classroom! Report
What's the most fun I've had while exercising??? Flying my kite!!! Not just any kite - I'm talking 22 feet of pure power that can drag me through the water for miles!!!! I think every single muscle gets a workout, and because it's so much fun, I'll do it for hours.

Deb Report
Years ago I worked out to Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies....It was fun. Recently I joined a beginner Dancercise class...we all go "No"!!! when it over ...because it is so much fun. We are using our brain and our bodies. We spend a lot of time laughing at ourselves. We would probably stay for two hours if we could hold out that long. One girls pedomiter read we go two+ miles. Report
I love working out and I love the fact that I have passed this onto my daughter. Many of my friends view it as a struggle so I try to be encouraging, hoping that they will "catch the bug".
Every year (except this last one ~ due to injury) I've enrolled myself and my daughter in a 10km hospital charity run held on Mother's day. She didn't always want to go so I gave her the choice of either running the 5 km or riding her bike for the full 10 (which she loved). She now enjoys running the 10k with me.
I am also now married with 2 additional step-daughters and all 4 of us run together. It's great! Report
I would say I have a friend I go and workout with sometimes at 530 am. I love to workout early in the morning it gets me motivated . I also workout by myself i like to do that too sometimes to get away from it all and just focus on some me time. Report
My youngest son and I are getting ready to complete Trek across Maine for lung cancer. I love doing anything that involves my kids, very motivating. Report
I, too, have discovered contra dancing (and English Country dancing, its much older cousin). Even at my age and weight (60+ and 250lb+), I can do it and enjoy the heck out of it. I haven't found any other exercize I can engage in for over 2 hours at a time. Right now, our group only meets once a month but I am looking for more frequent opportunities to dance. It is a fun addition to my 5 x week Curves workouts. Report