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Recently, I told everyone how new workout clothes motivate me to exercise, and most of you told me that you feel the exact same way! I've been sporting the same tank tops and workout pants (if you've been following my workout videos, you've probably noticed that, too). While I love them, they're becoming worn out from hundreds of workouts (and washes) and I'm ready for something new. I've been browsing online and in stores, but I hardly ever find something that's just right when it comes to material (soft, but sweat-wicking), fit (I like longer tops that don't bare too much skin), and—let's not forget about this—price. Workout clothes can get expensive, and most of us don't have a lot of extra money to spend on exercise gear. I won't spend that kind of money unless it's something truly perfect.

Lucky for me (and you), the SparkPeople store just added 5 new types of high-performance fitness apparel that each meet my criteria above. (I get to test all of them out before we decide to sell them to you; it's a tough job but somebody has to do it). But that's not all—we're also running a special FREE SHIPPING offer (read on for details) for the month of May!

Bamboo Racerback Tank Top: $25 (S-2XL)

This is by far my new favorite top! I love that it's made of 57% Bamboo, which is eco-friendly, super soft, and naturally wicks moisture away. It's a little stretchy, too, thanks to a bit of spandex, and it comes in 3 pretty colors: green, aqua and blue, with a SparkPeople logo on one side of the chest. This top has a great fit. It's flattering, form-fitting (but not skintight) and—my favorite—long! It comes down past my hips, which is stylish and comfortable. I tested this little baby on a Saturday morning run a couple weeks ago and was dry and cool when it was over. The racerback style is great for working out—gives you freedom to move but doesn't make you feel too exposed. Stepfanie tried one, too. "All the women in my yoga class kept touching it. They couldn't believe how soft it was—and that it was made of bamboo!" she said.

Sleeveless Performance Shirt: $25 (S-2XL)

This V-neck style shirt comes in two colors: Black (with grey accent) and navy blue (with baby blue accent). While somewhat fitted, this has generous fit through the waist area and it's longer than a standard fitness top (always a plus in my book). Stepfanie got to test this out during a two-hour yoga class. "For someone who's tall (5'10"), I appreciated the longer length, which meant no bared belly or tugging at the hem," she said. "Plus, the slimmer fit helped it stay in place—even during headstands. The shirt wasn't tight, but it did hug the body nicely. The fabric helped keep my skin cool and dry, and it allowed me to move freely without worrying about my shirt bunching or pulling."

Capri Pants: $28.50 (S-2XL)

I can't tell you how much I love these black Capri pants. They're mostly cotton (with 13% spandex) and fit great! I think they're very flattering for a lot of body types. They're fitted through the hips, but stretchy and comfortable. I love the roll down waistband and the cute embroidered "Spark" on the hip. Since they're cotton, they're ideal for lighter exercise, yard work or running errands—activities that won't get you too sweaty. Stepfanie also tested these ones and said, "These roll-top workout pants are my favorites! The adjustable waist allows you to decide how much coverage you need, and they are super stretchy and comfortable. I wear these during yoga classes and when I'm lounging around at home. I've even worn them to lunch with some friends. They're lightweight enough to wear during warm weather, but they offer full coverage!"

Unisex Performance T-Shirt: $21 (S-3XL)

For men and women who want to stay cool and comfortable while working out, but want something that's baggier, this gray performance T-shirt is perfect. It wicks away sweat and keeps you dry while you Spread the Spark.

Women's Fitted Performance T-Shirt: $21 (S-3XL)

This white T-shirt with a colorful SparkPeople logo is a cross between the fitted tanks above and the unisex shirt. It's more tailored to flatter a woman's body (with a tapered waist), but still provides a generous fit that isn't too tight or form-fitting. A great staple for any exerciser!

Special Free Shipping Offer for customers!
Now through May 31, 2009, every order over $50 will qualify for free shipping! Now's the time to revamp your fitness wardrobe for spring—hurry while this offer lasts!

Every purchase you make in the SparkPeople Store helps to keep our site free of charge so we can continue improving it for our members. Plus, branded products like these can help Spread the Spark to others, helping SparkPeople continue to grow and help even more people reach their goals.

What do you think about the newest SparkPeople apparel? What kind of "gear" would you like to see in the SparkPeople Store?

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Looks so nice. Report
Can you sell the SP patch or iron on so guys can put them on their workout clothing? Just an idea to help Spread the Spark, because when i am out or at the gym people always are asking me how I did it and it would be nice to have a patch or something to point too. Keep up the great work and again it was great to meet you Nicole at the conference. I also posted a video of Chris the "SparkGuy" talk on the SP book coming out December 29, 2009. It is with the other conference picture at
/ in case anyone wants to what it, I edited it a little to make the slide easier to read. It is a great "Intro to SP" 6 minute video about the book that is about SP. Enjoy! Report
I 2nd that... it seems they only short people are fat. I'm 5'8", with long legs, and shirts are too short, but can be as wide as a sail and long pants are capri's on me. So, give an option of at least 30" on a shirt. Report
Finally some good tank tops! I'm going to buy some right now :) Report
First I would like to say that I am glad sparkpeople is now adding new products . I find the prices equal to the quality of the product. Shop at Olympia Sports or Sports Authority, compare prices..Sparkpeople has them beat. Besides you are showing everyone how and where you have made you progress towards your goal Report
I can only imagine what they will cost (if we can even order them) in Canada. Report
I would really love some pants or capris with pockets! Since the weather is getting warmer its a bit too warm to wear a sweatshirt out on my walks and since I'm asthmatic I always have my rescue inhaler with me. Capris with pockets would make walks much easier instead of dealing with sweaty palms. Report
I love's so soft! I have bamboo sheets, a tee shirt and capris. If the tank was a tee, I'd snap it up immediately. I'm a little self conscious still, so I am not sure about the tank. Maybe I'll get it anyway, though, since I'm working out in my basement more often (perfect for layering!).

I second the comment about a water bottle strap. I bought an SP water bottle in San Diego, and I've had my eye out for a strap or something to carry it (maybe long enough to go across the body like a messenger bag?). Better yet, offer several colors so I can buy one for each person in my family for colorcoding. My 8 and 5 year olds can't keep their hands off my bottle!

BTW, can anyone tell me if the stainless steel SP waterbottles are dishwasher safe? I've been hand-washing it, but it'd be great to be able to add it to the dishwasher to get sanitized.

I live in my Old Navy yoga pants, and I'd definitely snap up a SparkPeople pair! Report
Great looks! =D Report
Was going to order a sleeveless Performance shirt yesterday and realized hubby had the CC. I love clothes that wick away moisture. And I'm prepared to pay a little extra for that. Although we can get clothes for less at Ross and TJ Max.
Mind you I have not seen a sleeveless top yet, and the SP top is very cute. Report
I also think that $25.00 is too much for a tank top and $28.00 for the capris also. Report
$25.00 is a bit much for a tank top don't cha think? Report
I am short, 5'3", so capri pants are like long pants on me. I'd like to see something for shorter women. Thanks! Report
I am short, 5'3", so capri pants are like long pants on me. I'd like to see something for shorter women. Thanks! Report
Love, love, love the sleeveless performance shirt! This is a GREAT price for a shirt that wicks. I just bought a Nike a few months ago, quite similar in style and paid $38!!! Now I can spread the Spark while doing my morning runs! Report
I love the clothes. I also like the idea you can wear them casual. What's not to like about them. Report
LOVE these and LOVE the idea of having the 'Lost X amount of weight with Sparkpeople" for a future clothing items! I am not familiar with the clothing that Spark currently offers, but shorts do sound like a great idea. I LOVE the capris and plan to save my money for them, but shorts would be great as well. Report
Definitely buying the bamboo top when my budget allows! I'd also love to see running shorts on here. And I agree with the commenter who suggested larger sizes. Report
I love this stuff. I've actually made the purchase of one of these items as a "reward" for reaching one of my first weight loss goals. I can't wait! Report
I would like to see brighter colors too! Bright new work out clothes always make me feel good, which is difficult in the gym. Report
Would love to see larger sizes. Report
I love SparkPeople!!!

I think the green tank is really cute. The price is higher than I would like,but, I will definitely buy one and only one.

I would like to see full length pants offered. When they are, I will complete my ensemble.

SparkMembers modeling their SparkClothes...Great Idea!

I would love to be one of them. I am five pounds away from fifty pounds gone and will reward myself with SparkGear:)

RacingSlug-I like your suggestion of the numbered shirts. I would buy a 50 and put a 100 on 'layaway'! Report
I ordered the pants and shirt yesterday, they are both out of stock until May 20. A suggestion though, please update the shopping site with the size equivalents for the pants. It would be nice to know exactly what a L, XL are. Report
Cute, Price Okay, BUT I think the sizes need to be larger. We can get these sizes in town, thought spark would think out of the box as usual and get them in BIG girl's sizes! Report
The prices arent that out of line to me, however, i think the sizing is a bit small for those that have more to lose. Has anyone seen the show 'biggest loser"? I dont think those people start out even in 2x or 3x's. You need larger sizes.
Had to laugh at the comments - I must be shopping in the wrong stores because I thought the prices were great for these
I would like to be able to find one of those mesh water bottle holders that goes around your neck. Someone grabbed my water bottle by mistake and drank from it at Curves last week and when I'm walking I sometimes drop it and then I have to break my stride to pick it up. Report
I am glad to see SP offering the workout wear in wicking fabrics - the bamboo fabric is one that I have been looking into and I plan to get one soon. I have been wearing the same workout clothes for a while and I am finally ready to retire some of my rattier stuff and find fun and functional items to replace them with. Thank you for your time and research. Report
I haven't tested these to see how the wicking action works & whatnot, but they seem a bit pricey to me, as well. Victoria's Secret (onilne/catalog) has great yoga pants very similar to the ones I see here frequently on special, 2/$40. Target has great workout clothes as well - I love their sports bras. As for tanks, old navy or forever 21 works just fine for me. Soft isn't worth paying 3x as much! Report
That bamboo top looks fantastic! My birthday is coming up soon and I am putting that on my wish list. Report
I don't think the prices are out of line. I have a few good things (shoes, padded bike shorts, running capris, sports bra) that are worth every cent that I've paid in terms of quality, longevity and ability to handle my sweat! I also have incredibly old, bleach stained sweatpants, t-shirts, and pajama bottoms I wear when my good stuff is in the wash. Which do I prefer? The good stuff, hands down.
Thank you (SP staff) for previewing the new workout stuff! When I am ready to make my next purchase, I will definitely consider Sparkwear! :) Report
I think they're very cute - especially the tanks. I can't afford to buy any new clothes while I'm still losing weight, but once I get closer to my goal weight then I'd like to. That way I can actually get some use out of it.

I do have a question though, do you think you could add some knee length shorts? Like some of the others who commented, I'm not a fan of capris, but I also don't wear shorts that hit above the knee. I think knee length shorts are perfect for exercising. Report
I have too many clothes as it is, and rarely buy anything these days. When I do, it's usually something perfect for me that I've found on a clearance rack for about 75% off original price. I like the bamboo thing, though. Report
I'm sorry, I wear ratty clothes to work out - always have. This works just fine for me ... I'd much rather save my money up for something I truly need: work on the house, shoulder surgery, my acupuncturist etc.

Great stuff but with no job at this time can't spend $$ Report
MALEFICENT1964: I respectfully disagree with you and Tim Gunn. I LOVE wearing capri pants, and I think they are quite flattering. One of my beefs with fashion "experts" is that they see our bodies as innately flawed and encourage us to morph into something we'll never be. Not everyone has long legs, and that's fine. Capris are far more modest than shorts, and they're a great balance between shorts and pants.

KAT573: The waist rolls down, which means they're great for most body types. You can decide where the waist starts and stops. I can't wear most low-rise pants because I'm so tall, so roll-down pants are quite helpful. The added fabric helps camouflage my middle and allows me to adjust the waist depending on the length of my shirt. Report
I'm in agreement with the statement "burn the capris". They even make a slim woman look heavier. The eye stops "short" and everything looks squashed. And I especially dislike the ones that flare out at the bottom. To-the-knee bike shorts would be great. Report
I love the bamboo shirt! Too bad I'm broke right now.

To answer your question about what kind of gear we'd like to see in the SparkPeople store, you know those user avatars that say, ''Lost 30/50/80 pounds with SparkPeople''? You should make those into a shirt. I can't think of better advertising. Report
capri pants are so unflattering on 99.76 percent of all women.. they make women look short and stocky... Long pants or shorts please.. Follow Tim Gunn's advice -burn the capris :D Report
TCHANN: To echo Coach Nicole's comments, we test all the products. I wore the black and gray sleeveless workout shirt to the office on Monday.

If you have a question about sizing, I can tell you that I wore a L in the shirts and a M in the pants, and I wear a size 8-10 in pants and a M-L in shirts. (I'm 5'10" and broad in the shoulders.) Report
These prices are a little much for me personally!
But I'm a cheapie! :)
I can buy racerbacks for less than $10...they might not say Spark but at least I'm saving well over $10. Report
Let me know when you get capris for older women who know it is not hip to wear hip huggers with our trouble areas most likely being right there! and I would be happy to support Sparkwear.
Kat Report
very cute. i like the green racer Report
As I stated in my post, we receive and test every product before we decide to sell it. Report
Assuming, then, that you can get past the popular opinion that the prices are a little steep. I see them as just right for a small business selling online and outsourcing the manufacturing.

If the pictures being used are the ones from the manufacturers, does that mean that SP hasn't even seen one of these new shirts in person yet? :( Report
These photos come from the manufacturers of the clothing. If you can imagine, our small team doesn't have the resources to take photos of every product ourselves. Rather, we try to spend our time directly improving the site's content and tools as much as possible. However, we DID have a great idea we hope to incorporate into the store soon: photos of members in/with the products they buy! Report
I have to agree with most that that prices are very steep. I know that the site is free and probably the proceeds go back to the site...maybe I'll reward myself with one soon. Also the majority of us dont have nice flat stomachs yet so its hard to invision what a heavier person would look like in the tanks :( Report
For these kind of prices, I'd rather go to REI and get my yearly rebate bonus, plus when they have a sale, I can stock up on items that are normally more expensive. Additionally, I tend to buy biking wear.
Thank you for offering this other option Report
It's a little sad to see SP follow the popular trend of modeling clothing on people with 'ideal' bodies. I'd love to see how these clothes fit on us real women, before I went and bought it through the internet (not the most friendliest of venues for returns!). Report
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