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Find Out How Many Calories You Burn After Exercise

By , SparkPeople Blogger
We’ve always heard that the positive benefits of physical activity continue long after your workout session is over.  More energy, less stress and those “feel good” endorphins are some of the immediate effects.  But what about the mysterious “afterburn” that a lot of people talk about?  Do you really continue burning more calories after the workout, or is it really just during the workout that matters?  A new study finds that it’s possible to burn more calories throughout the day--in fact, up to 14 hours later.
The study, published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, took 10 healthy males and examined their energy expenditure under two different sets of conditions.  “During the first session, participants were mostly inactive, but they stood and stretched for two minutes every hour. They could also perform everyday tasks, such as washing their hands and brushing their teeth, as needed. During the second session, participants followed the same routine, but then cycled vigorously for 45 minutes.”
Researchers found that participants burned 190 additional calories while at rest throughout the day after vigorous exercise (defined in the study as a 73% max heart rate), compared to when they did no activity.  The increased calorie burn lasted for over 14 hours--and continued even into the first few hours of sleeping.  This is the first study to use a metabolic chamber (a highly controlled environment) to estimate calorie burned after vigorous physical activity.  
The number of calories each person burns during--and after--a workout will vary.  It depends on many factors:  gender, age, genetics, type of workout, etc.  But it’s something to keep in mind as you weigh the benefits of exercise, and whether or not the time and effort is worthwhile.  I think exercise is a key component of any healthy lifestyle, regardless of how much exercise you can do or how intense it is.  Previous studies have also shown that your body's metabolism stays revved after a workout and that generally, the more intense the workout is, the greater the post-workout "afterburn" will be. This study just gives one more reason to get off of the couch and get moving--no matter how much or how little time you have!
What do you think?

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I know for me i have been adding other things in when i exercise and I was at PF and I decided to do stomach crunches and I only did maybe 15-20 and I felt the burn the next day. I know that in time this will all get better for me. Report
RO2BENT 7/23/2020
Work it Report
LISAMARIE2015 7/23/2020
😁 Report
Great article. Report
MUGABI123 5/14/2020
Reminds me of Orange Theory that worked well for me before a back injury. Report
Awesome information. Report
Interesting article. Report
LIL-VIXEN 12/26/2019
Thank you for sharing all that good information. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thank you Report
Thank you! Report
Thanks for this great info! Report
Thank you! Report
It's interesting that studies were done on men, whose metabolisms are neatkyvaleays higher due to larger muscle mass.
Why aren't women included automatically? Report

Something to keep in while debating if you're going to exercise today. Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
How do we track these extra burns? Report
Thanks! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
This was very interesting. I am never sure how many I burn and it probably isn't as many as I think Report
Interesting, I will try to keep my workouts early and see how it goes :) Report
I also wonder if there is any more recent research on the subject, especially studies that include women. Report
I've seen this article a few times before. It's dated 2013 but the comments go back as far as 2011. Is there any new research on this topic? Report
Good to know. But it would be nice to start having studies that look at women too. We can't assume from this study that the same results are true for women because they didn't test using women. Report
I wear a heart rate monitor and when I work out for 1 1/2 hours show about 650 cals. If I wear it longer (like today for 5 hrs) I showed about 1400 cals and I didn't do much except walk after working out. Report
Like I always say no matter how little "work" you put in exercising its alot better than sitting at home flipping the remote. Report
how many calories you burn with an hour of bike riding. My bike saying I burn 1357 calories in 30 minutes riding 17 to 18 mph Report
I believe it! I've started working out at a gym and I'm seeing and feeling results way beyond what I would've expected for the time of the workout. Report
I had a good workout today and kept my HRM on for about 2 hours and it showed I burned just over 400 calories in that time period. I don't deduct it my calories in, but interesting to know. Report
I agree. I started working out during my lunch hour instead of sitting at my desk and my energy level has improved. I no longer get tired between 2 and 3. It has made a huge difference. Report
sleeping and burning calories?! Yeah, I like that idea! Report
I was hoping my Bodybugg would confirm this, but unfortunately it doesn't. I burn calories at the same right after cardio as before. Report
I love that somebody mentioned feeling revved up after a walk. I love intense exercise but a brisk 10 minute walk lifts my mood and energy level like NOTHING else! Report
I absolutely think it's true! I will find my body heating up for "no reason" after a work out, and feel more alive for some time afterwards. Report
I think it's true. I can tell that my metabolism is still revved up for some time after a workout, even a walk. Report
I know that the benefits of exercise are important to me both psychologically and physically. That's a given. I do wonder if similar studies have been done on women?
Nancy Report
According the the Body MediaFit I used to wear last year, this is a pipe dream. I didn't burn any more calories throughout the day after a bootcamp or a run or anything else intense than I did any other time of the day/any other day. Well, besides about the 10-15 min after, I burned a couple more. Not even the extra amount of calories in a stick of celery. HOWEVER, the calories burned doing HIIT bootcamps, kickboxing or running were amazing.

Wish this would apply to me! Report
If my hunger is any indicator this is ABSOLUTELY true. Report
If my hunger is any indicator this is ABSOLUTELY true. Report
I have a friend who totally believes in this, but as for me I feel I need to keep my cal intake to normal no matter how hard I work out. Maybe with that mindset I will be able to lose more weight, for my deflicte will be more in theory Report
According to the calories I track with my Bodybugg, this is a pipe dream. I burn no more calories after exercise than before. Report
Interesting Report
Thanks for the article i do not care about it. So long as I still feel energized and flexible. At 69 years young iI am feeling great. EXERCISE in the key.Pat in Maine. Report
Affirmation du jour: "I incinerate billions and billions of calories each nanosecond!" Report
Exercise is good but this was not a statistically viable sample. Report
Sorry, I took statistics in college. This is not a valid sample size to prove anything. And I bet it was funded by my tax dollars. Report
I would like to see more of these studies done on women past the age of 50. I am 63, reasonably healthy, but have a muffin top to get rid of. I don't burn calories the way I did when I was in my 40's. Is it possible to lose some of that fat?
It must have some credence because I've been able to maintain my weight since Autumn, 2012 with about 45 minutes of dancing (4 times a week) and regular housework. And I do not starve myself. Thanks for the update! Report