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Recently, I told everyone how new workout clothes motivate me to exercise, and most of you told me that you feel the exact same way! I've been sporting the same tank tops and workout pants (if you've been following my workout videos, you've probably noticed that, too). While I love them, they're becoming worn out from hundreds of workouts (and washes) and I'm ready for something new. I've been browsing online and in stores, but I hardly ever find something that's just right when it comes to material (soft, but sweat-wicking), fit (I like longer tops that don't bare too much skin), and—let's not forget about this—price. Workout clothes can get expensive, and most of us don't have a lot of extra money to spend on exercise gear. I won't spend that kind of money unless it's something truly perfect.

Lucky for me (and you), the SparkPeople store just added 5 new types of high-performance fitness apparel that each meet my criteria above. (I get to test all of them out before we decide to sell them to you; it's a tough job but somebody has to do it). But that's not all—we're also running a special FREE SHIPPING offer (read on for details) for the month of May!

Bamboo Racerback Tank Top: $25 (S-2XL)

This is by far my new favorite top! I love that it's made of 57% Bamboo, which is eco-friendly, super soft, and naturally wicks moisture away. It's a little stretchy, too, thanks to a bit of spandex, and it comes in 3 pretty colors: green, aqua and blue, with a SparkPeople logo on one side of the chest. This top has a great fit. It's flattering, form-fitting (but not skintight) and—my favorite—long! It comes down past my hips, which is stylish and comfortable. I tested this little baby on a Saturday morning run a couple weeks ago and was dry and cool when it was over. The racerback style is great for working out—gives you freedom to move but doesn't make you feel too exposed. Stepfanie tried one, too. "All the women in my yoga class kept touching it. They couldn't believe how soft it was—and that it was made of bamboo!" she said.

Sleeveless Performance Shirt: $25 (S-2XL)

This V-neck style shirt comes in two colors: Black (with grey accent) and navy blue (with baby blue accent). While somewhat fitted, this has generous fit through the waist area and it's longer than a standard fitness top (always a plus in my book). Stepfanie got to test this out during a two-hour yoga class. "For someone who's tall (5'10"), I appreciated the longer length, which meant no bared belly or tugging at the hem," she said. "Plus, the slimmer fit helped it stay in place—even during headstands. The shirt wasn't tight, but it did hug the body nicely. The fabric helped keep my skin cool and dry, and it allowed me to move freely without worrying about my shirt bunching or pulling."

Capri Pants: $28.50 (S-2XL)

I can't tell you how much I love these black Capri pants. They're mostly cotton (with 13% spandex) and fit great! I think they're very flattering for a lot of body types. They're fitted through the hips, but stretchy and comfortable. I love the roll down waistband and the cute embroidered "Spark" on the hip. Since they're cotton, they're ideal for lighter exercise, yard work or running errands—activities that won't get you too sweaty. Stepfanie also tested these ones and said, "These roll-top workout pants are my favorites! The adjustable waist allows you to decide how much coverage you need, and they are super stretchy and comfortable. I wear these during yoga classes and when I'm lounging around at home. I've even worn them to lunch with some friends. They're lightweight enough to wear during warm weather, but they offer full coverage!"

Unisex Performance T-Shirt: $21 (S-3XL)

For men and women who want to stay cool and comfortable while working out, but want something that's baggier, this gray performance T-shirt is perfect. It wicks away sweat and keeps you dry while you Spread the Spark.

Women's Fitted Performance T-Shirt: $21 (S-3XL)

This white T-shirt with a colorful SparkPeople logo is a cross between the fitted tanks above and the unisex shirt. It's more tailored to flatter a woman's body (with a tapered waist), but still provides a generous fit that isn't too tight or form-fitting. A great staple for any exerciser!

Special Free Shipping Offer for customers!
Now through May 31, 2009, every order over $50 will qualify for free shipping! Now's the time to revamp your fitness wardrobe for spring—hurry while this offer lasts!

Every purchase you make in the SparkPeople Store helps to keep our site free of charge so we can continue improving it for our members. Plus, branded products like these can help Spread the Spark to others, helping SparkPeople continue to grow and help even more people reach their goals.

What do you think about the newest SparkPeople apparel? What kind of "gear" would you like to see in the SparkPeople Store?

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Could they possibly display a skinnier model to model the capri pants??? LOL Report
it would be nice to be able to leave reviews for the items in the sparkpeople store...especially on clothes so you know what other users think about the sizing, material, quality, etc. Report
I would love to buy some SP clothes but I were plus sizes and you don't offer them. It surprises me that you wouldn't offer clothes to plus sizes, I am sure there are many of us on the site. Report
Some good looking kit for sure.
Nice stuff! I would like to see a long sleeved shirt with a larger neckline or a v-neck. cooler and more flattering. warmer arms for the cold floors of winter for yoga! I prefer long pants. Thanks for asking. Report
I love to shop and I especially love to buy new workout clothes. Since I started working out, I've been rewarding myself with new outfits! Spark has a nice selection and I'll be trying the bamboo tank. Thanks SP! Report
I do love the new tanks, but I need them in 3X or 4X, those t-shirt have the collars that are just to tight about big necks. Big people do exercise and want stylish clothes too. I figured out of all the places in the world the place would know that. Report
I just received my bamboo tank and it is true to size. I was concerned that it might run big but it fits just right. The material is thinner than I thought it would be, as long as I don't get those tiny little hole that you get with the real thin shirts they have now. I don't know why this happens? Maybe it's my dogs nails when she sits with me because it's only at the bottom of my shirts. Report
Really like the more 'styled/hip' yoga wear- that ought to enspire to lose weight & look great in Sparks too! Report
I would wear these if I didn't look fat in them because they show all the rolls in my middrift. No not a good thing for me!! Report
I love bamboo clothing, but right now these all are beyond my budget. Report
I'm hoping to stock up while there's still free shipping (definitely picking up a tank, some capris and the starter kit!), but is there a size chart for the new items? The chart I found doesn't seem to include them. There are so many versions of S/M/L/XL out there that it doesn't really tell us much anymore! Report
Since I've been going to the gym, my family has been giving me workout clothes. I am the first to look for a bargain, but when it comes to workout clothes, I prefer quality. Just think about it: When you workout you want clothes that fit your body, clothes that move with you, clothes that don't irritate your skin or have a tag that is nagging the back of your neck, clothes that can hold up to the sweat, clothes that can withstand being washed over and over again. I have worn one of the top name (expensive) brands and I've worn the cheaper discount store clothes. Believe me the name brand was much more comfortable and has lasted longer. Sometimes you get what you pay for. I haven't tried any of the Spark clothes, but the prices are comparable to what you would pay for quality workout clothes. My only comment is the length of that tank top. Most of us don't have the straight figure of your model (at least not yet). Report
I sure wish I could see what the other colors looked like so I could choose wich one to order... Report
For some people it's too much simply because they don't have that much money to spend on one item of clothing, not because they're cheap or don't want good quality, durable clothes. If I had the money I'd buy a few different sets, but if it comes down to lunch for a week or workout clothes (like it is now), then here I come Gabriel Brothers where I can get an outfit for less than $5. So what if it only lasts a few months when it's that cheap. Report
Which is better...the Bamboo Racerback Tank Top or the Sleeveless Performance Shirt?

Now that I am down so much weight I need to replace my shirts. I work out 3 times a week and my husband and I ride our bikes at least once a week during the good weather. Report
Why is it too much? Tanktops and capri are bamboo so it's super breathable. I just bought whole bunch of workout clothe from and got a great deal because majority of the things were on sale, but still, if you buy a Dri-Fit tank-top to absorb sweat and keep you dry during a workout they run from $20 to $55.

I get that this is a free web-site but I'd rather spend my hard-earned money on something of a good quality that will last me a while than on something I'm not even going to want to wear because of its average quality and comfort. Report
I will buy the roll down capri pants and the bamboo tank! Yes their a little expensive but you do get what you pay for! I bought two pairs of cheap capri (yoga) pants and they started to show wear really bad fast! I will also wear them out. You can't beat the free shipping and this site is free so I'm going to support them. Thank you Sparkpeople! Report
Why in the world do you not have some bigger sizes? There are several things I would like but all to small. Shoot! Report
At 196 pounds, I wouldn't feel comfortable or look good in tight capris. If Sparkpeople made some nice loose cotton pants, that would work for me. But I also agree with most of the folks above; 21 or 25 dollars for a T-shirt is a bit too pricey for my budget. I hope that SP will look at this feedback and maybe offer more variety in their workout clothes. Report
That's great, but a person has to have a credit card to do that and plenty of money and many on here can't afford such things due to disability pensions etc. I know I'd love to wear them, but I get $50 a week. There is no way I can afford Sparkpeople clothing. Report
I put my order in the other day for the Bamboo Racerback Tank Top, I hope it will fit. It may be a little small but I'll have it when I get to that size. I had to return clothes the other day as they were too big. Nice feeling. As you all know, sizes are so different from different companies. Report
Wow those tops are a little expensive. I actually just bought a new tank from Victoria Secret's exercise line for 18.00 That was a great buy! It even has cool sayings on the back related to fitness! Report
bamboo yoga pants! i'd love to buy the tanks but they are pretty expensive. Report
Bigger sizes would be nice. It is so hard to find clothes to work out in above a 2x! Report
I'm also tall and appreciate Stephanie's feedback, as well as your experiences wearing each for running and/or yoga. Having purchased lots of workout clothes through the years, I find you get what you pay for. So, I'm surprised SparkPeople is able to offer these at such low prices. I'm shopping from home today! Report
How is the sizing? Do they run small or large? I ask because sometimes I can wear a small and sometimes the large is too small. I own some wonderful pants made by prospirit that run large and they are similar to the pants you are offering here...Before I drop the $$--- what's the scoop on sizing? Report
They look cute and comfy, but $25 is very high for a tank. Need to bring the prices down on all items before I can afford SparkPeople attire and help spread the spark. Report
I don't care for capris, but the tanks look great. Maybe I'll reward myself with one when I lose 10 lbs.! Report
Love it - I need to replace some of my stuff. But I'm 6' tall so while I love the idea of the capris I cannot wear those - they wouldn't be fit right. I like that one of the tops runs long - but it would be nice to see Tall (and I'm sure petite) in the shirts too. It really does make a difference! Since I've been taking care of my body the past 3 years I now refuse to spend $ on things that don't fit right. No more 'it's almost long enough' for me. So help a girl out! Report
The clothes look great, but most are not my style. (maybe because I'm really not looking right now) I like a looser pant with pockets, nice deep ones. I found some pants several years ago by Athletic Works that were great, but the next year they changed the style, became tighter and pocket free. Oh well, back to keeping my eye out for what I like. Report
Oh I really want the pants and bamboo top. Can't afford them now, but maybe later this summer. :-) Report
These are nice close and it would be nice to wear them out and have someone recognize the sparkpeople name! Report
I dont mind paying a little more for something like workout clothes, especially when I know that it's the things that they sell that keep this site free. Report
I would love to get these, but the prices are a bit high for me... for someone who was laid off and can't find a job anyway. Maybe it's different for others. I went to Walmart and got an outfit for $20 total. It's not as fashionable as these, but it's something for now. Report
Although I work out in whatever....I have looked at prices of similar items at Champion and I was looking at some stuff yesterday in a local store and the prices were higher than sparkpeople....course that still brings me back to the fact that I don't spend money on work out clothes. Report
Speaking as someone who has spent $$ for plus-size (and regular size) performance wear, Sparkpeople's prices are pretty reasonable!! Also, it's a great way to support a great resource! And trust me, wicking fabrics are worth every penny - they're so much more comfortable than cotton and a blessing if you exercise during your lunch break. I'd love to see Sparkpeople add extended sizes. One of the major frustrations I had when I was heavier was finding good quality workout gear that didn't break the bank. If you're already self-conscious about exercising, not having comfortable, well-fitting, well-priced plus-sized clothes to work out in can inhibiting and a roadblock. Report
I have been highly disappointed that the new vendors SP is using for the store do not offer t-shirts and other workout apparel in sizes 4X and 5X as the previous vender did. It will be awhile before I'm into a 3X and I'd like to be able to wear the SparkPeople logos on my t-shirts. There are several members of my SP team that would appreciate the opportunity to proudly wear some workout clothes from the one place that is making such a big difference in their lives. We don't even object to spending a couple of extra bucks to get the extended sizes if that is the issue. We just don't like being excluded. Being excluded from things because of our size is something we have been battling with already and would expect some place like SP to be considerate of that fact. Report
Ha, the capri pants are fitted through the hips? I'd love to see some workout clothes for those of us who are curvy in that area, it's nearly impossible to find nice workout clothes for my body type. Report
I would love to see some yoga pants in the store Report
They look great but I still think $28.50 for a pair of Capri work-out pants is too expensive. Report
The idea for the SparkPeople patches is a good idea. I can't afford to be buying clothes at that price (and I live in Canada, so the exchange rate would make them more expensive), but patches or iron-on transfers would be a great and affordable way to spread the spark! Report
I am glad that the tops are wicking- I already have a bunch of the regular T-shirts which I LOVE! but they are soaked by the time I get off the elliptical. As far as the price goes, I figure I've saved $40.00/month since I started SparkPeople because I don't go to Weight Watchers anymore, so I'll take some of that money & get some new tops! Plus I love the fact that they say SparkPeople on them-an easy way to spread the Spark! Report
Yeah for Sparkpeople! Report
Woo hoo! I've been waiting for clothes other than baggy T-shirts in the Spark store. I'd love to order some. Wonder how the capris would fit on a short girl (5'2"). Usually capris are almost like pants on me. I'll probably stick with the tops. I like both that are featured here. Report
Nice stuff, but I'm not much of a clothes horse. I typically wear footless tights or kids knit pajama bottoms and shorts, tshirts and tanks. Because I have an abnormally low body temp, I don't sweat much, so the wicking stuff just isn't something I need. I rarely pay more than $5 for workout clothes. The exception is sports bras and shoes which I am more picky about. Report
I'll second the request for pants with a pocket. I always have to carry my house key with me. Sticking it in the bra works, but a pocket is so much better. Report
I'm a little self conscious, if the bamboo tank was a tee, I'd get two. For the winter, long sleeves would be great. I love the longer length, cuz my tummy won't show when stretching.

I would really love some long pants and shorts with pockets! Report
I agree on the bigger sizes, although I'm happy to say that I can now fit into a 2X. Stores all carry fitness clothes in small sizes, totally neglecting the people who REALLY need them! I'm glad SP has a 2X and will have to save my pennies to order one or two shirts. Report
Oh goodness! I thought that unisex performance shirt was supposed to fit tighter! LOL! I was so excited to "get into" a size L! HEhehee. Oh well! I like it, but felt a little warm when wearing it during a recent intense workout. Maybe it'll be more comfortable when I shrink into it - a little looser might allow more air to flow. ;) Report
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