Gear Up: SparkPeople Fitness Apparel

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Recently, I told everyone how new workout clothes motivate me to exercise, and most of you told me that you feel the exact same way! I've been sporting the same tank tops and workout pants (if you've been following my workout videos, you've probably noticed that, too). While I love them, they're becoming worn out from hundreds of workouts (and washes) and I'm ready for something new. I've been browsing online and in stores, but I hardly ever find something that's just right when it comes to material (soft, but sweat-wicking), fit (I like longer tops that don't bare too much skin), and—let's not forget about this—price. Workout clothes can get expensive, and most of us don't have a lot of extra money to spend on exercise gear. I won't spend that kind of money unless it's something truly perfect.

Lucky for me (and you), the SparkPeople store just added 5 new types of high-performance fitness apparel that each meet my criteria above. (I get to test all of them out before we decide to sell them to you; it's a tough job but somebody has to do it). But that's not all—we're also running a special FREE SHIPPING offer (read on for details) for the month of May!

Bamboo Racerback Tank Top: $25 (S-2XL)

This is by far my new favorite top! I love that it's made of 57% Bamboo, which is eco-friendly, super soft, and naturally wicks moisture away. It's a little stretchy, too, thanks to a bit of spandex, and it comes in 3 pretty colors: green, aqua and blue, with a SparkPeople logo on one side of the chest. This top has a great fit. It's flattering, form-fitting (but not skintight) and—my favorite—long! It comes down past my hips, which is stylish and comfortable. I tested this little baby on a Saturday morning run a couple weeks ago and was dry and cool when it was over. The racerback style is great for working out—gives you freedom to move but doesn't make you feel too exposed. Stepfanie tried one, too. "All the women in my yoga class kept touching it. They couldn't believe how soft it was—and that it was made of bamboo!" she said.

Sleeveless Performance Shirt: $25 (S-2XL)

This V-neck style shirt comes in two colors: Black (with grey accent) and navy blue (with baby blue accent). While somewhat fitted, this has generous fit through the waist area and it's longer than a standard fitness top (always a plus in my book). Stepfanie got to test this out during a two-hour yoga class. "For someone who's tall (5'10"), I appreciated the longer length, which meant no bared belly or tugging at the hem," she said. "Plus, the slimmer fit helped it stay in place—even during headstands. The shirt wasn't tight, but it did hug the body nicely. The fabric helped keep my skin cool and dry, and it allowed me to move freely without worrying about my shirt bunching or pulling."

Capri Pants: $28.50 (S-2XL)

I can't tell you how much I love these black Capri pants. They're mostly cotton (with 13% spandex) and fit great! I think they're very flattering for a lot of body types. They're fitted through the hips, but stretchy and comfortable. I love the roll down waistband and the cute embroidered "Spark" on the hip. Since they're cotton, they're ideal for lighter exercise, yard work or running errands—activities that won't get you too sweaty. Stepfanie also tested these ones and said, "These roll-top workout pants are my favorites! The adjustable waist allows you to decide how much coverage you need, and they are super stretchy and comfortable. I wear these during yoga classes and when I'm lounging around at home. I've even worn them to lunch with some friends. They're lightweight enough to wear during warm weather, but they offer full coverage!"

Unisex Performance T-Shirt: $21 (S-3XL)

For men and women who want to stay cool and comfortable while working out, but want something that's baggier, this gray performance T-shirt is perfect. It wicks away sweat and keeps you dry while you Spread the Spark.

Women's Fitted Performance T-Shirt: $21 (S-3XL)

This white T-shirt with a colorful SparkPeople logo is a cross between the fitted tanks above and the unisex shirt. It's more tailored to flatter a woman's body (with a tapered waist), but still provides a generous fit that isn't too tight or form-fitting. A great staple for any exerciser!

Special Free Shipping Offer for customers!
Now through May 31, 2009, every order over $50 will qualify for free shipping! Now's the time to revamp your fitness wardrobe for spring—hurry while this offer lasts!

Every purchase you make in the SparkPeople Store helps to keep our site free of charge so we can continue improving it for our members. Plus, branded products like these can help Spread the Spark to others, helping SparkPeople continue to grow and help even more people reach their goals.

What do you think about the newest SparkPeople apparel? What kind of "gear" would you like to see in the SparkPeople Store?