FREE Workout and Winning Words from Jillian Michaels

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Jillian Michaels, hard-core trainer extraordinaire, is gracing the cover of SELF's July 2009 issue. As a fitness professional, I'm always interested in what she's up to—on TV, in her workout DVDs and everywhere else. So I grabbed this issue when it hit my desk and turned straight to page 36 to read her story.

In the article, Jillian lets the readers in on a few behind the scenes secrets about "The Biggest Loser," and in her own life—like how even she enlists the help of a personal trainer to keep her in tip-top shape. (Who knew?) Some of her words, reflecting on how she helps clients and contestants on "Loser" were truly inspiring, so I wanted to share them with you. Plus, I'm sharing a new FREE workout video from Jillian Michaels and SELF with you!

On the topic of making time to exercise and get your health under control, Jillian says:

"It's OK to put yourself first. Selfish isn't a dirty word. It we were all selfish, it would mean we would take care of ourselves and be able to give back to our loved ones."

Most of us are guilty of being people pleasers, especially those of us who are parents, caretakers, and busy professionals. How often is everyone else at the top of your to-do list while you're at the bottom—or not even on it at all? Jillian talks about how she tries to give people permission "be awesome" (love that!) and take care of themselves, saying that selflessness is NOT a good trait—nor is it a positive example for your kids. "Would you treat your kids the way you treat yourself?" she asks. "Would you deprive them of playtime and adequate sleep? Would you not make their doctors' appointments? No!" Sadly, this is often how we treat ourselves, even though we deserve fun, downtime, and personal time—like to exercise. These are some wise words that most women cannot hear often enough.

When talking about fitness, she says it's not about looking hot in a bikini:

"To me it's not about building a better body. It's about building a better life."

I love this and I agree wholeheartedly. I've taken flack for my imperfect figure—I don't look anything like Jillian Michaels, and to some onlookers, that must mean that I'm not "fit." But my goal is not to have the body of the fitness model. Sure, that'd be awesome in a lot of ways, but like most of you, my life is multidimensional and I want to spend my time on other things. Being fit and healthy is what allows us to do that. My goal is to be fit enough to remain strong, capable, and healthy, and live a long, independent life—one that's rich with family, friends, fun and memories—not hours clocked in the gym. Isn't that what we all want? Isn't that WHY we're trying to be fit—not just for the sake of doing it, but to enjoy life more fully? "And if your health is your platform for life," she says, "it's got to be rock solid. If you want to take on the world, you need a good foundation." I'll drink (water) to that!

Overall, Jillian really gets personal in this story—not at all like her "angry trainer" persona on TV (which she also talks about in this interview). I highly recommend checking it out!

Now that you've been motivated by Jillian's wise words, how about a new workout? She has teamed up with SELF as a contributing editor, and has lots of tips and videos on their website. That's where I found this KILLER workout routine, which is part of SELF's great one-month slim down! If you're looking for some new multitasking moves to add to your strength routine, you will love these! If you have trouble seeing the video below, click here to see it on YouTube.

Are you a Jillian Michaels fan? Do her words motivate you to work out and commit to a healthy lifestyle?