Food Showdown: How Do Sorbet and Sherbet Compare?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
If you thought that sorbet and sherbet were the same things, think again! Here's the quick lowdown: Sorbet is made of pureed iced fruits, along with other ingredients (like sugar), but doesn't contain milk. Sherbet is made of fruit juice and sugar, plus some milk, egg white, or gelatin (or all of the above). These two iced treats are both low-calorie and often fat-free alternatives to ice cream and are sold at most ice cream shops. Which cold and fruity treat is lower in fat: Cold Stone's Sinless Raspberry Sorbet or Baskin Robbins' Strawberry Lemonade Punch Sherbet?

The Winner: Cold Stone's Sinless Raspberry Sorbet!
Cold Stone's sorbet wins by a nose! This creamy raspberry dessert contains zero fat and a moderate 160 calories for a 142-gram "Like It" size (the smallest size offered).  That's a great treat for any dieter who wants the sweet, cold taste of ice cream but can't afford the fat and calories. Watch out for the sugar content, though--even this small size contains 36 grams, which is equal to about nine teaspoons!

Two small scoops (142 grams) of Baskin Robbins' Strawberry Lemonade Punch Sherbet contain the same amount of calories as the Cold Stone sorbet (160). The sherbet contains a bit more fat than the sorbet, but it is still a low-fat choice with just 2 grams. However, it also contains 34 grams of sugar--2 grams less than the sorbet, but still quite a bit!
Both of these fruity options are much healthier than most choices offered at ice cream shops, but an even better option is to make your own sorbet at home using natural fresh fruit. Try making this pina colada sorbet for a splash of island flavor, or this simple fat-free and no-sugar-added blueberry sorbet. Check out SparkRecipes for more simple and better-for-you sorbet recipes to make all summer long!

Do you eat sorbet? What's your favorite flavor?