Spring Into Shape with a 20-Day Challenge!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
It's almost March, which means we've made it through the worst of winter (knock on wood!). Can you believe that spring is less than a month away? Although the arrival of spring promises warmer weather and better conditions for exercising outdoors, it might also make some of us realize that we hibernated a little too much over the winter. Maybe you skipped a few workouts due to bad weather or the flu, or the winter blues derailed even your best efforts to stay consistent. It can be hard to get active again after a lull in your exercise plan, but it's entirely possible to get back on your feet. And we're here to help you do it! 

From March 1 through March 20 (the official first day of spring!), we're challenging YOU to ''Streak into Spring'' with us. For these 20 days, make a point to fit at least 10 minutes of exercise into your day, and keep the streak going right up until the end of winter. You can do whatever you'd like—running, walking, strength training moves, intervals, etc. As long as you're moving and getting your heart rate up, anything goes!

The best part? We'll be there to support you along the way. Each day of the challenge, TweetPin, +1 or comment on our Facebook page using the hashtag #StreakIntoSpring to stay accountable and let us know how you're doing. Then, we'll serve up tips and encouragement to keep you headed in the right direction! We will also be posting daily on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to check in with your progress using the same #StreakIntoSpring hashtag. If you don't use social media, start a SparkStreak and update your SparkPage status or blog every day to keep yourself accountable! 

At SparkPeople, we've seen time and time again how our members have made small, consistent actions that snowball into bigger lifestyle changes. We KNOW that making an effort to spend a daily chunk of time on your fitness (even a tiny chunk) will help you revamp your goals and step into spring on a healthier, happier and more energized note! Are you up for the challenge? Let's start streaking!

What do you think? Will you "Streak into Spring" with us?

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Ginny 1066 I just read this @ 850 PM-I started my day with a healthy breakfast & exercise, will try to continue.Good Luck to everyone.Ginny Report
I'm in! I didn't do the challenge in March because I didn't understand how to get started. (duh!) Now, I do and I'm in. I love social media but I'll post my fitness activity on Spark page instead. Report
This challenge sounds really good to me but I just found it for the first time tonight. It has only 4 days to go. I hope I get in on the next challenge. But I also don't use social media. Report
Excellent idea! I also don't participate in the popular social media (facebook, Twitter, etc.), but I will update my SparkPage daily to stay accountable. Good luck, all! Report
I want to join, but I don't want to be posting on social medias. Is there a page on sparks people? Report
I'm in but can't find where to add this streak to my sparkpage, can anyone help?
I'm all in!!! #StreakIntoSpring Report
"Each day of the challenge, Tweet, Pin, +1 or comment on our Facebook page using the hashtag #StreakIntoSpring to stay accountable and let us know how you're doing."

Is there a page actually on SparkPeople for this? Can you use hashtags when updating your status here? (I haven't been too active the last couple months. I may have missed some updates. . .) Report
I am in! Report
I'm in! Report
count me in
I am in. Report
Don't have Facebook or other social medi so I tried to add "#StreakIntoSpring" to my SparkStreaks. Didn't know how. Went to "Manage my Streaks page" but was as unable to add it. Can anyone help? Report
I've tried joining several of these challenges but never get the points. Report
This will fit in PERFECTLY with my plan to look better for my outing on the 22nd with my "man-friend"! Report
I'm in! I've never participated using Social Media, so for Pinterest do I add a board and Pin to my page or will there be a #StreakIntoSpring board on Sparkpeople's page that I pin to? Report
What a great idea! I'm in! Report
I am so looking forward to starting this challenge. Not only and am I attempting to start school on March 3, my son and I also are going to a week long vacation to see love one's and friends that we have not seen for 4 years. Report
I love these challenges! They keep me moving. I'm in!! Report
Just what I needed to help me make it to my 1 yr. anniversary of the day I started my journey! What a year it has been! I have lost 59 pounds so far, walked in my first 5k, and improved my health. I have started to live life again! Looking forward to the challenge. Report
I'm in! Report
Count me in too! Report
I'm in! Let the fun begin! Report
I am in!! Report
Count me in! Report
I am going to give it a try. Report
Count me in! I am just finishing the #2fit2quit challenge this morning! Report
I live in michigan and I'm not sure winter will ever be over!!!! Report
I'm in! Let's do this! :D

ps. There's no shame in my game! I use FB, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to share my weight loss struggles and my victories and to connect with others going through similar situations. If you have people in your life that don't support you in your weight loss/gaining health journey, it might be time to reevaluate their place in your life. If you're looking for a motivated friend, find me online! :D Report
I am definitely in. Even though Wii fitness told me to reevaluate my goal! A little disappointing after working out for a week . Ugh!! But I am still hanging in there!! Report
Always so disappointed when you choose to use social media for streaks. Personally I have FB page, with 3 friends (all related), I don't tweet, or pin, or any other... very sad:(
Joan Report
I just added my #StreakIntoSpring goal... ready for the challenge.
got to get something started soon or else the flab is going to start swinging. I have lost 8lbs in the last month. Report
Back when SP did the first social media blitz, we created a team for those of us who wanted to get back on track but didn't want the social media bit. That team is still going, and you are welcome to post about your streak there. BACK ON TRACK is the team name, and if I was really with it I would post the link...but I'm not, hence the need for a non social media team. Report
This is exactly what I need!! This winter has been brutal and I definitely went into hibernation! Time to get back on track!, you don't lose weight as a couch potato! Report
I'm in. Just emailed family to join me. Report
I am in...I will post on my Sparkpage!! Looking forward to challenging myself to step up my activity!!! Report
Hey Misty, thanks for both proving our point and missing it altogether at the same time. Report
OMG people...If you wanna post on social media...post, if not, please by all means keep yourself "private"...why does everything have to be a debate?? I joined this site at 5ft 3in and 105lbs...so I am in no shape, form, or fashion obese...I joinned because I like the exercises, I wanted to "tone" not lose for summer, and the recipes are FABULOUS...get a grip...the social media thing is for those who want and need the support of other memebers to stay motivated. I understand. I work a full time job, go to school, a single mom, and help take care of a disabled dad. Some weeks are harder than others to eat healthy and exercise. Bottom Line: put the hamburger down and take care of yourself. Report
I know SP wants to get their name out, spread the spark, and whathaveyou. But guys, you're really going to need to stop trying to force the issue. You created a site geared toward weight loss. This is a topic about which many people feel shame or embarrassment. Should we? Maybe not, but that's just how it is. It's not something everyone wants to share with their broader social network. Google the term "context collapse." There was an interview just this morning on NPR about it. Furthermore, I'm sure i am not alone in thinking SP itself IS social media, just a blessedly insular form of it. So please just stop with the Facebook and Twitter already. Give those of us who value our privacy some better options. Report
Like the first several posts, I will not access through social media. I feel like SP is a "safe" place, but twits, FB and those "pin"heads are not necessarily going to be as supportive as this place. Report
I would participate in this streak on SparkPeople, but will not do this on social media. I understand SP may be trying to capitalize on free advertising by its members to their friends, etc., but leaving actual SP community members behind in favor of only social media users feels like a slight (sorry, but "start a SparkStreak" and "blog to keep yourself accountable" is really lame compared to the other interactions, reminders and daily support being promoted/offered to social media zombies). Report
If you're going to re-post blogs from year to year, why not at least offer the points again for reading the blog or delete the 'get spark points' box?

And I agree with the comments about putting SP challenges on social media. Why social media? Isn't SparkPeople good enough? I'd rather join a team on SP than deal with social media. Report
I agree with the comments about 'social media'.... pfft. Not everyone lives on social media in these days of hacking, and security breaches

and when I tried to get points for reading this.. it said points already awarde, but they werent. Report
I'm in!! I'm going on a cruise from March 17th to March 22nd. It'll be great to challenge myself to workout in those circumstances! Report
I will join you all to the challenge. Better late than never! :)
I have been trying to loose 50 pounds since forever :/ and now I am pre diabetic so I have to be serious about it. It's hard to motivate yourself. So I thank you all. Report
I agree with everyone about the whole social media thing. A lot of us don't want to post our fitness goals and actions to social media; we'd prefer to keep it amongst the Spark community. So how about just setting up a "spark page" for this challenge and letting everyone post there. Report
I agree. Why does it all have to be done on the social media sites? Why can't we have a team here at Sparkpeople for those of us who don't use Facebook, or Twitter? Report
I'm in! Report
ANOTHER REPOSTED BLOG FROM 2013 Why does everything have to be done on Facebook, twitter or the other outside stuff, WHY CAN'T IT BE DONE ON SPARKPEOPLE?????? Report