Don't Be Tricked by This Sweet Halloween Treat!

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Halloween candy can be downright scary. All of those colorful ''fun-sized'' bars may tempt you to have just one piece, but beware—those tiny, innocent-looking treats can add up if you're not careful! Some people forgo the chocolate candies altogether in favor of low-fat choices, such as Starbursts and Twizzlers, thinking that they are doing their waistlines a favor. But does low-fat always mean low-sugar? If you were to choose between a chocolaty fun-sized bag of peanut M&Ms and a serving of Twizzlers, which one would be the least sugary choice?
The Winner: Peanut M&Ms!
One fun-sized pack of peanut M&Ms clocks in at 90 calories, 5 grams of fat, and 9 grams of sugar. In comparison, one serving of Twizzlers (3 Twizzlers) has 120 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 15 grams of sugar. (As a bonus, you'll get 1.5 grams of filling protein from the M&Ms, whereas Twizzlers contain zero protein.) It just goes to show that low-fat doesn't always mean low-sugar! And remember, if not used up, that sugar is still going to get stored as fat in the end.

Of course, candy is still candy, no matter how you slice it—it's all sugar, fat, and food colorings. Obviously, choosing not to eat any candy would be the best choice, but let's be real: It's Halloween. You might want to indulge in some festive treats. And you can! There's no reason to deprive yourself of your childhood favorites. Just remember that moderation is key. As long as you can fit your treat into your eating plan for the day, enjoy it—whether it's a fun-sized candy bar, Twizzlers, or something else. If you're the kind of person who can't stop at just one treat, make smart swaps instead of reaching for the candy. Sip on low-sugar apple cider, chew gum, or whip up a healthy baked apple to munch on during the festivities.

But above all, relax! Are you really going to let a little fun-sized candy bar be the boss of you? Remember: YOU are in control. Instead of worrying and fixating on all that candy, focus on all the other wonderful moments that are going on around you. Have fun watching your kids play in their costumes, breathe in the crisp fall air, and enjoy all that the fall season has to offer. Happy Halloween!


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SDANLSON 10/22/2019
From the time I was about 4, I would keep my holiday candy and treats in "my" area in the refrigerator. As long as no one else bothered it after they finished off theirs earlier, my "stash" would last for weeks of small servings instead of days. I'm still doing it many years later. I still like small servings. I'm just a bit pickier on my selections. Report
DEE107 6/14/2019
thanks for sharing Report
I don't celebrate halloween. Report
I've always loved candy corn, but I bet it's been over a couple of years since I've bought any. I don't miss it! I ate way too much of it. It's best not to have it around. Report
Interesting, I got many of those choices wrong. Thanks for sharing. :)
Great article. Thanks for sharing. Report
We give cans of soda to the kids. Still not a healthful treat, but at least it's better for their teeth than sticky candy. I don't condone it....but it's once per year and a time-honored tradition to go trick-or-treating. I love seeing all the kiddos in their costumes. :) Report
Tip: If you give out things like glow sticks, pencils, small toys (vampire teeth, spider rings, stretchy skeletons, pumpkin erasers, etc), or even quarters you will be a favorite house for both kids and parents. Plus, it's not tempting candy you'll want to eat!

For the older kids, on Halloween day get just 1 or 2 small bags of candy that is not your favorite then at the end of the night take the remaining out to the car to give away at work or somewhere else that they put out candy at a counter. You'll be less tempted to eat the leftovers if they're out of sight.

On Halloween morning and afternoon be sure to plan ahead with filling and nutritious foods that will help curb your hunger. Have dinner planned in advance and eat it earlier in the day so you will be too full to stare longingly at the candy. If you still crave sweets, have some fruit or buy yourself a small amount of dark chocolate and savor it. Report
Wow! I should have read this article before I shopped. Bought granny smith apples a Kraft traditional caramels to make candied apples for Halloween. Also got a bag of Brach's candy corn. I worked out the nutrition in my favorites so when I have some with my daughter and grandma, I can only have 1/2 serving. Not ideal, but a step in compromise during Halloween. I will improve! Report
I enjoy twizzlers and mm peanut candy. I only buy enough candy to give away for Halloween. Fortunately, my kids are not big candy eaters. Therefore, all the candy they receive are given away to the teens at my work. Report
Just returned from the store. Bought minipacks of Hanover prezels to give as Halloween treats. That way I don't feel guilty when I take leftovers into the office. (Also, my husband asked me to not buy anything that he would be tempted to eat -- like mini Snickers or M & Ms.) Report
moderation is always the key to success!
I love Halloween, mostly because of the kids, their costumes, their imagination and their purest pursuit of what they admire. Enjoy the escape, the fantasy of it all and dont make candy such a big deal...remember the little grimlins are watching for your cues!!! Report
"low-fat doesn't always mean low-sugar" ??

Low-fat NEVER means low-sugar!

They are entirely different, unrelated nutrients! Many, many foods a re high in one and low in the other.
Read the WHOLE label to get the info you need Report
Never tasted a twisler and now I never will. Unfortunately, I LOVE peanut M&Ms!!! Report
Of course, peanuts have protein so less room for added sugar, Twizzlers are just the sugary treat.

By the way Halloween is NOT asking kids to worship the Devil, it's just a fun holiday for kids to dress up, have fun with friends and eat candy and treats. Good grief! Look at most of their costumes: Super heroes, cartoon characters, lady bugs, princesses, etc. It's the adults that are silly ones that get out of hand, as usual. Kids are just kids, let them have fun being innocent.

:) rumbamel Report
I loved this articular be real make go choices and Its only candy thanks for keeping it real SP Report
I buy small bags of chips - started this when I was in W.W. I have a terrible sweet so can not have candy in the house.My hubby will eat the leftover chips Report
Glad to know the fun size bag is the way to go, in this situation.

I find it very interesting that a few Christian holidays celebrated today were first celebrated by Pagans. Report
I don't believe in halloween and I don't encourage children to beloved. I teach them what a lot of people so that day about paganism believe. I try to teach them and when they are grow; they could do whatever they want; but I happy because I taught them what to believe in their future. Report
I plan on passing up the candy all together and just enjoy fun. I have party to go to. Report
Unfortunely were are gonna have to not do halloween this year( first time ever) because money is to tight. : (
I will probably cry watching all the kids pass up my house this year. Figured if I even made something like popcorn balls, they would get thrown away. Because most smart parents will not allow their children to eat unpackaged treats. Report
I'm reading "THE SUGAR FIX" by Richard Johnson M.D. and learning about Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance, so avoiding fructose/sugar is a goal of mine. Do have to say that Halloween is all about CANDY. LOL Report