The Importance of Celebrating Every Milestone

By , SparkPeople Blogger

How do you know where you are going? You have a destination. How do you know how far you’ve gone?  You have milestones.  In my weight loss journey, I have chosen to mark my milestones with different things. For losing 100 pounds, I got a ring; for halfway to goal, a porch swing; for 150 pounds, a trampoline; a bracelet for my first 5K; and now I eagerly await a sandal charm for crossing over into the 200s from the 460s.
My ring has an open heart on it to remind myself to keep my heart open.
The porch swing helped me rock off some weight, as I used it to rock fast for that purpose.  The trampoline provides a soft surface for my low-impact needs in exercise.  The bracelet reminds me that I can do anything I set my mind to do.  The sandal will remind me to walk and of my dream of someday walking on a Florida beach with my husband again. 
Jewelry is a really easy mile marker, especially a charm bracelet. It allows you to customize your milestones.  There are so many charms out there from the very inexpensive to the expensive.  Each one is a character, item, animal, activity, tag, or shape to fit any achievement.
I also like fitness equipment as a mile marker.  For example, when I weighed more than 350 pounds, I could not use a trampoline according to its manual.  Much of the fitness equipment out there has a 300-pound weight limit. Fitness equipment shows off your new abilities and helps you hone more.
Many people like new clothing for their mile markers. The new sizes show progress and the old sizes remind them of where they have been.
Some people have mini milestones that help them reach major ones.  These mini milestones are very important, especially if you have a long way to go.  Breaking down a large goal into mini goals helps make it achievable.  Celebrate every win!
Celebrating every milestone is important to your weight loss and fitness efforts because it affirms you.  It keeps you looking at how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go. The trick to celebrating every milestone is finding out how you want to celebrate and remember your achievement.
What motivates you, personally, to change?  What would help you remember your new positive lifestyle?

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