16 Wardrobe Staples Guaranteed to Keep You Cool on Hot Days

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If you could graph your exercise motivation during the summer months, we imagine it would look something like this: As the temperature rises, your motivation plummets. But there's no reason you can't buck the trend and get outside for some exercise, no matter what the thermostat says.
In addition to taking extra precautions when exercising in the hot weather (such as aiming to exercise in a cooler time of day, making sure you bring along plenty of water and stopping if you feel faint or light-headed), there is a great selection of clothing and accessory items that can help to keep you cool and motivated so you can hit the great outdoors without overheating.

Warm-Weather Workout Wear for Women

Two-in-One Tank (starting at $7.92)

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This versatile tank from Danskin Now is a sleeveless, V-neck tank that leaves plenty of room for freedom and flexibility during workouts. The built-in bra provides extra support, while Dri-More technology coupled with mesh accents help you stay cool and dry when your workout heats up.

Go With the Flow (starting at $18.99)

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This sleeveless tank from Cestyle has a loose, flowy fit and a longer length for worry-free workouts. Available in 10 colors and five sizes, this tank will become your go-to on hot days.
Built-in Sun Protection (starting at $15.95)

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Stay protected from the sun's harmful rays all day long with this T-shirt that features built-in SPF. Made from fabric recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, Vapor Apparel's shirt is made with 100 percent microfiber, plus SPF 50+ UV protection built right into the material. You'll also love how lightweight and breathable this moisture-wicking shirt is.

Work Out in Comfort (starting at $17.95)

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Featuring a looser, flattering fit, this technical shirt for women is made of lightweight, stretchy fabric that wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry during hot runs, hikes or workouts. The tagless feature keeps the shirt from having any unaccounted-for annoyances. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes up to 3X.  

Mesh Shorts (starting at $10.75)

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These adidas workout shorts have an elastic waist for comfort and come in five sizes. Made of a breathable material, they're great for everything from a jog around the neighborhood to a pick-up game of soccer. At this low price, you can buy more than one pair so you can stretch out the time between laundry days!

Functional and Feminine Skort (starting at $45)

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It might seem strange at first to work out in a skort, but we promise you, once you try it, you'll love it. Skorts are a nice, cool option for those long, hot workouts outside, and this one by Kosher Casual is knee-length so you don't have to worry about bending over to tie your shoe and revealing too much. The shorts under the skirt won't ride up and the handy zipper pocket in the back is great for carrying a few necessities with you.

Keep Sweat and Hair at Bay ($15.99)

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These workout headbands are a popular accessory to keep the hair out of your face and sweat out of your eyes on a hot summer day. A non-slip backing guarantees that it will stay put for your whole workout, no matter what. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, buy a bunch to complement any workout attire.

Cool Duds for Sweaty Dudes

Sun's Out, Guns Out (starting at $4.50)

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This sleeveless men's tee from Champion is made with ring-spun cotton for extra softness against your skin and an athletic cut for more comfort during your workout Choose from a variety of colors and sizes, all at a great price.

Keep Dry With a Tech T-Shirt (starting at $18.12)

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This fitted men’s T-shirt from Nike is a staple of any workout wardrobe. Lightweight with an athletic structure and a mesh panel down the back, this versatile shirt with Dri-FIT Technology will wick away sweat for those days when the sun is especially harsh. 

Shorts With Storage (starting at $14.99)

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These 11-inch men's athletic shorts from Soffe come with side pockets for convenient storage of keys, phone and other necessities. Peppered with many holes thanks to the mesh fabric, you'll be able to feel the cool breeze throughout your hot workout. The internal drawstring also allows for easy size adjustments.

Athletic Shorts That Withstand the Heat (starting at $14.88)

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These budget-friendly 9-inch Nike shorts come in 12 shades of blue, black and gray. Mesh panels on the sides, Dri-FIT material and a built-in liner keep you cool, comfortable and dry. If you're looking for a longer short that won't break the bank, this is it.

Hot-Weather Accessories for Everyone

Keep the Sun Out of Your Eyes (starting at $16.02)

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This running hat from Under Armour is lightweight, well-ventilated and protective against the sun's harsh rays. It's low-profile look and four-way stretch help it fit comfortably to your head, while the reflective logo works to increase your visibility when you're out in the dawn or dusk.

Stay Cool With a Visor ($13.46)

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This popular visor from adidas comes in four neutral colors for anyone who swears by a more monochromatic look. Lightweight with an elastic band on the back, it will help reduce glare and keep sweat out of your eyes without trapping in heat. Climacool mesh panels help control air flow while wicking away moisture.
Get Sleeved (starting at $19.21)

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For those days when you'd rather not mess with sunblock on your arms, these sun sleeves from Outdoor Research are your free pass to skip the SPF. Slip on these sleeves with SPF 50+ plus wicking and quick-dry technology and stay cool, dry and sunburn-free.  
Stay Cool and Hydrated (starting at $44.95)

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Although these Hydro Flask water bottles are a little on the pricey side, they make up for it with double-walled, vacuum-insulated TempShield insulation, which ensures your cold water will stay cold for up to 24 hours. Drink right from the easy-access wide mouth or use the straw cap for drinks on the move. The Powder Coat on the outside of the bottle prevents condensation and provides a no-slip grip.
Cool Off in a Snap ($11.97)

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Whether you're recovering from a hot workout or find yourself in the sun-soaked bleachers at your daughter's softball game, these cooling towels from Chill Pal are a must-have. Simply soak in water, wring out and give it a "snap" to activate its evaporative technology that keeps the towel cool. If it starts to warm, simply repeat the process—as many times as needed!

What kind of gear do you use to stay cool and comfortable in the heat?

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Will stick w/cotton! Breathable, wicks and comfy! Report
Recently had some hot 100+ weather & not even cooling off at night. So working out needs to be in a gym w/ AC or swimming pool. At my age I no longer can handle hot weather. However I do have some scarves that you soak (they contain something that swells up & feels like gel) then tie around the neck which help keep you cooler. Bought at an outdoor fair years ago & help w/ a straw brimmed hat. 🐨

Love wicking materials on a hot day! Report
thanks Report
Great information Report
nice but they are for skinner people Report
Unfortunately, the things I like don't really come in larger sizes like a 2x. Cal is not the same thing. Good to know these things are available when I get down to lower sizes. Report
The fitted tank at the top is cute. I'd be happier if athletic wear designers would start making more realistic pockets for women... Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I've gotta find that headband!! It's no fun dancing in zumba with sweat dripping into your eyes and stinging...I need that headband!! Report
They are some excellent suggestions.
These are some great suggestions. Report
Love these ideas! Report
Beyond gardening, I don't really exercise outdoors. Heat, but more importantly skeeters are not my friends. Report
Sunscreen sleeves! What a terrific invention and investment. As a pale redhead, I go through so much sunscreen... and I am allergic to many so must stick with thick zinc and titanium oxide ones. Now I slather sunscreen above my neckline, and slip into sleeves, needing only a dab for the backs of my hands. Yay! I was surprised by how comfortable they are.

I despaired trying to find loose, lightweight, long-sleeved tops and blouses. I don't like clingy clothing, especially in warmer weather. I continue to look or long-sleeved tops, but am happy with the sleeves. I just wash them out and let them dry overnight. When I am indoors for a period of time, I can easily slip them off and just pull them back on before I head out. Report
I love wearing the tank in ones. Less layers. Report
I recently purchased some Temple Tape bands, and as a woman who sweats at the least amount of exertion, I find they are now a must have. Check them out. Report
I recently purchased some Temple Tape bands, and as a woman who sweats at the least amount of exertion, I find they are now a must have. Check them out. Report
Thanks for sharing this blog. Report
thanks Report
wow. good thoughts. find a lot of this same stuff on amazon, just as good, but not name brand. Report
I agree. More choices for larger sized folks would be welcome! Report
I am yet to find a sweat ban that keeps the sweat out of my eyes. Report
I am yet to find a sweat ban that keeps the sweat out of my eyes. Report
I have a chill its dew rag I bought years ago and its great for hot weather. Report
Thanks. Report
I like to work out at dawn, but before the sun rises, when it's really warm weather.

I like to wear my workout shorts that have built-in panties. I'm going to be looking for that Danskin top with the built-in shelf bra. That looks like a good workout top, to go with my shorts! Built-in bras and panties can really simplify dressing as well as the laundry. Report
It would be nice to feature hot weather clothing for women with a bust size larger
than a relatively small 43 inches, especially when the Amazon reviews indicated
the shirts that were even available at that size ran small. Smaller women have hundreds of choices for work out clothes (and are usually the ones complaining
that they are cold). Report
The headband may be worth looking into. Report
Thanks I love the outfits. I have some of them Report
Pure cotton or cotton blend is the best for wicking. These expensive garments may breathe some, but cotton is always the coolest. Report
thanks Report
good info Report
I am now keen to try a skort, and I need a visor! Report
Need the cooling towel, thank you for this article. Report
Thanks so much for posting this article! Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
This is pretty awesome to know for when I exercise outside! Report
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links still work. liked the range on price and size. Report
I love the outfits and the prices! Report
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Some nice ones here. Report
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Oh nice activewear for men. For girls Stripe Swagger Skort (sizes XXS-XL) is hot.

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Take a look https:// www.bombshellsportswear.com/collect

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