Discover Amazing Fitness Deals at These 5 Discount Department Stores

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How many times have you found yourself at a discount department store searching for one specific thing, only to find yourself wandering the maze of aisles and randomly scanning the shelves or racks "just to see"? If you're like most, probably more than once.
While shopping can be a pain at times, the thrill of the hunt (and a good deal!) keeps many coming back for more. However, did you know that many of the health and fitness items you stumble upon at a store can also be found for the same price (or better) on the store's website, including items like weight-lifting gloves, yoga mats and even kayaks?  
If you're a savvy shopper that revels in the thrill of the find, you'll love these health and fitness items you can purchase at at discount.

1. T.J. Maxx

Perhaps one of the better-known and longer-running discount department stores in the country, T.J. Maxx isn't shy about advertising their low prices. Their offerings go beyond fashion and being a "Maxxinista," though—you can use their online store to search for the gear you need to take your fitness game to the next level. Plus, if you order online and the product doesn't work for you, you can return it to the store for free.
Our favorite items include a maze balance board that will challenge you to work your core while solving a puzzle, and yoga socks that will keep your feet steady while you work to master your poses. If walking is more your style, consider using a set of light, hand-held walking weights that can help strengthen your arms and increase your workout intensity. Or, consider the circuits you could perform at home by combining exercises using an eight-pound medicine ball with a hexagon grid set that helps you work on your speed and agility.  

2. Stein Mart

Similar to T.J. Maxx but with more upscale offerings, Stein Mart is another discount retailer whose merchandise covers the gamut, from men's, women's and children's clothing to kitchen and household items. If a bargain is what you're after, you can also peruse their online shop for fabulous fitness finds. We found a great glass-topped food scale to help you measure and manage portion control that would work well with these collapsible food containers for all your meal-planning needs. Picture yourself looking adorable storing your lightweight and compact yoga mat in this yoga mat carrier. You can do it all while listening to your favorite tunes, strapped securely to your arm with this smartphone sports armband.

3. Burlington

Yeah, we thought they only had coats, too. But that would be incorrect. Formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory,  store does sell coats, they also sell discounted merchandise in just about every department. For instance, if you're looking for a seamless sports bra, they have it. What about a pair of training gloves to help you get a grip while you work on getting gains? They have that, too. You can also find a pair of printed capri leggings for walking and an iTouch air fitness tracker to count all those steps.

4. JCPenney

JCPenney was early on the scene to begin offering an online retail store—starting way back in 1994. As you can imagine, their offerings have grown. Today, you can find just about anything on their website, from refrigerators and bath towels to heels and wedding bands. But what interests us the most is their huge line of health and fitness products. Their options are seemingly limitless, including a highly rated exercise bike for your home, a Fitbit or a 7-piece set of resistance bands. You can also order your own inflatable kayak or a set of pushup stands.

5. Kohl's

Even though Kohl's might not be what first pops into your mind when you think of traditional discount stores, they do offer great deals on merchandise that you can't always find at other mainstream retailers. While Kohl's started out as a grocery store, today you can find just about anything you need there—everything except for groceries, that is. Lucky for us, because we'll take their health and fitness items over cereal any day. Kohl's offers all sorts of products to keep you healthy, including smart scales to keep track of your weight-loss efforts, gym bags to tote all of your gear to your fitness class and popular skinny head ties to make you feel like a workout rock star. They also offer fashionable water bottles and snazzy cooling towels keep you from overheating during a hard workout.

What discount department store is your favorite for cheap fitness finds? 

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