Burn 100 Calories in 10 Minutes!

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People often say that they don't have time to exercise, but I disagree. Everyone can spare 10 minutes a day to work out. One of my personal goals is to do something active every day, even if it's just for 10 minutes. So even on my busiest days, I won't make excuses. And I definitely won't convince myself that 10 minutes is too little to really matter. Ten minutes DOES matter—and it really does add up to big benefits for your body. If all you only did 10 minutes of exercise per day, that's 70 minutes and potentially 700+ calories that you could burn over the course of a week.
So when you're short on time and can only muster a short workout, intensity is key. Work harder for the most benefit and the biggest calorie burn for your buck. Really make those minutes count! Here are tons of workouts that burn around 100 calories (or more) in just 10 minutes, while also strengthening your heart and lungs and helping your blast stress. Now THAT is a worthwhile way to spend a few minutes of your time.

20 Ways Burn 100 Calories* in 10 Minutes
  1. Cycling (12+ mph) or mountain biking
  2. Racquetball
  3. Running (at least 12 minutes per mile)
  4. Swimming laps or treading water
  5. Playing basketball
  6. Spinning class or stationary biking
  7. Rowing
  8. Boxing
  9. Martial arts
  10. Digging (heavy yard work)
  11. Jumping rope (continuously)
  12. Jumping jacks
  13. Rock climbing
  14. Walking on the treadmill (at least 4 mph with a 5% incline)
  15. Water jogging
  16. Kettlebell training
  17. SparkPeople's Jump Start Cardio workout
  18. SparkPeople's Bootcamp Cardio workout
  19. SparkPeople's Kickboxing workout
  20. SparkPeople's Jump Rope workout
*Calories burned estimates based on a 160-pound woman. Men and people who weigh more will typically burn more calories for the same activity.
What's your favorite way to burn a lot of calories in a little bit of time?

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https://bit.ly/3f733Cd Report
:) Report
CATNAP6291 2/8/2020
thanks Report
CECELW 1/23/2020
Jumping jacks? No thank you Report
PATRICIAAK 11/13/2019
:) Report
Thank you, besides cycling, stationary only and water jogging, I can’t do any of these, but it is really good,information!

All great suggestions. Thanks! Report
Can be difficult to find racquetball Report
Sounds great! Report
Great suggestions! Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
I walk 2-4 miles each time I walk depending on how I feel. I never walk less than 2 miles! I’m not at the stage of running yet but I Jog sometimes. Report
thanks Report
Great suggestions!! Thanks! Report
What great ideas Report
I walk for 15 minutes 2 times a day & I do a stationary bike 15 minutes 2 times a day, & I clean my house everyday for at least a hour or more. Linda Report
Breaking exercise down into small chunks definitely makes it easier to fit into a busy schedule! Thanks for the great tips! Report
Great ideas Report
Great ideas! Report
Great article! Report
I will take my bicycle out of the garage and start pumping away for 10 minutes.. Report
great Report
Great tip and suggested exercises Report
We have an Elliptical here at home. I was on it a total of 169 minutes this week! Yee-haw. Week four is looking good. Report
This makes me feel like crap all those years I should be skinny as a rail (14 years + of karatedo). Report
While I wait for my gym membership to come in the mail, I'm going to resort to Coach Nicole's videos on here. :) Report
For me, committing to 10 minutes was what got me started. Figured I could always find 10 minutes and started walking to the end of the block and back before I got in the car to go to work. Became a habit and as time when I added more 10 mins walks during the day until I became a committed exerciser. Report
YEP turn on the Pandora and start dancing! That's my 10 mins :) Report
I work as a bookkeeper at a truck stop so I could do nothing all day long and sit at my desk. Instead I make sure I get up and walk around every 2 hours(if not more!) I also don't take the elevator anywhere, ONLY STAIRS! Also, we have a workout room for the truck drivers that gets no attention at all, so on my 1/2 hour lunch, I get on the elliptical. Then i just eat at my desk later while working :) Report
Loved this! Thanks for posting it. Report
I want to start this program but at this time I am working with my DR. to find out why I get sever leg cramps with any walking. Report
Day one: 40 minutes aqua jogging, 5 minutes crawl (laps), 10 minutes exercise bike (recumbant) and 10 minutes elliptical trainer. Sore muscles, hope I can do some exercise tomorrow. Report
I have a desk job at home, so to get some actvity in, I run up and down the stairs a few times before work. Then I do several modified pushup off the 3rd step from the bottom. Once at desk, I do an ab exercise with arms straight up next to ears, suck in gut and bend at hips towards computer screen and hold. Butt squeezes, thigh squeezes, and toes raises while seated complete my workout. When I take a break from work, I use the downstairs bathroom but first go outside, walk around the house 2 times and then go inside and finish my break, and do a few more push-ups before running up stairs again. I can't believe the difference in my arm muscles in just 6 wks. Report
Just started today I am walking 1 1/2 laps of the parking lot every hour on my 12 hr shift The lap is a quarter mile so I hope this will help get my stregnth up for more
I have twin boys that are 5 months old and a 3 year old daughter so " no time for workout' was my excuse. def. gong to try some of these.
How many jumping jacks in 10 minutes. Report
Walking is my favorite way to burn calories, followed by elliptical trainer, and then Zumba. Report
Every morning I walk with my daughter down the driveway to meet her schoolbus.It takes me 16 minutes there & back,then I do a bit of gardening.By the time I get tired of that there is always something else to keep me on my feet.At least I know it is all good exercise that I enjoy. Report
10 minutes of intense exercise for my weight only burns about 30 calories. Report
Any movement is better than no movement! :-) Report
Help! I can not find the answers. I do not have a left hip and most exercising is impossible. Any suggestions.
My 16-year old Grandson is helping me to lose my 35 pounds by June 13th!! He is teaching me how to use his XBox360 (?) to play tennis, do bowling and even Zumba dancing right in the living room with the TV!!! He does some of the activities with me, which is making it a WHOLE lot more fun. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this FREE site to receive the encouragement and instruction that I so desperately needed from someone. I am looking forward to accessing the LifeCoach, too. God has truly answered my prayers by allowing me to find this website. My mantra now is: "LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!" Report
I do 10 minutes on my elliptical and I also try to dance while i'm getting ready for work in the morning-- it's usually only 5 minutes but it's movement and stretches my muscles to get ready for the day. Report
Great ideas Report
O EM GE!!! this is amazing!!! 10 minutes of super easy workout (although my arms and legs are going their separate ways) and worth 100calories!! Im loving it!!! I did it twice today!!! and Im thinking about making it a 10 minute daily routine (plus 2-3 times a week weights and long walks)....

I love this Nicole girl! Love the workout!!! Im positive this will help me impact even more on my getting healthier routine!! :)

Thank you!!!!! Report