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The power of community is strong in many ways, but when it comes to weight loss it's the secret weapon to success. According to a Northwestern University study, people who actively participated in online social communities lost more than eight percent of their body weight over the course of six months, versus just five percent in those who did not connect with others.

The Community Feed: the Best Place to Meet Someone New!

Lucky for you, the SparkPeople Community Feed has been out for awhile now and you—our members—are using it more and more every day. Some of you use it to show pictures of your progress, while others use it to give and get motivation, and some share photos, observations or memes that gave you a giggle.

The Community Feed is a tool for success and fun, but there is yet another option available,too, one which you might not have thought about: finding new workout and accountability buddies that can help you on your path to reaching your goals.

Community is a big reason we come to work every day, and it’s the grounding for so many of your successes over the years. The action of tracking your fitness and diet, and reading our latest tips about how to make small changes aren’t difficult to do on your own. But sometimes it can be incredibly hard to follow through with those tips on your own; it can be easy to give up on your tracking and give in.

That’s why SparkPeople isn’t just a diet and fitness tool website, but rather a community of like-minded people who help each other each day to take small steps towards success. We can give you the advice and the technology, but you give our members the motivation to reach their goals.

We’ve known for years that members who are more active in our community are more likely to reach their goals. Why not use the Community Feed today to meet someone new who can help you reach yours? Be proactive with these three tips that will lead you to a new SparkFriend today.

Filter your feed for “Goal Posts” and find people who have similar goals.

Not everyone in our community is trying to achieve the same thing. Some members want to lose weight, while other want to maintain and others are just looking to make healthier lifestyle choices. While you don’t have to interact with people who are exactly like you, finding members who are working toward similar goals as your own will give you the opportunity to find and share advice on some of the challenges that you face together. A quick scan of the Goal Feed should give you an idea of members who are facing the same struggles as you.

Filter your feed for “Trending Posts” to find members who motivate you.

The Trending Feed is where we show posts that have motivated our members most. Sometimes, you might not need to make friends with someone on the same journey as you, but you just want a little motivation. The Trending Feed is made up of posts from all kinds of people who only have at least two things in common: they’re a SparkPeople member and they’re taking steps to become a happier, healthier version of themselves. You never know what kind of inspiration you might encounter. And who knows, maybe your inspiration today will become your good friend of the future!

Check out the #firstpost hashtag to find new members and give them encouragement.

We all have to start somewhere. Think back to the first day you admitted to yourself that you had to make some changes. It was exciting, but a little scary too, wasn’t it? We all go through a range of emotions when we decide to make lifestyle change for the better, and it isn’t easy. Click on the #firstpost hashtag and you’ll see posts from members who are finally taking the plunge and jumping feet-first into our community. Get in there and give them a little support now and they’ll be grateful. You just might meet someone there who will give you the support you need when you need it most, too!

Remember that these are three of our favorite ways to find new buddies in the Community Feed, but this list isn’t exhaustive. We hope that the feed is a place where you can find people just like you that make your journey easier and more fun. If you can think of any other ways to make new friends using the Community Feed, we’d love to see them in the comments below!

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ROBBIEY 7/25/2021
Nice Report
ROBBIEY 7/25/2021
Nice Report
ROBBIEY 7/25/2021
Nice Report
ROBBIEY 7/25/2021
Nice Report
ROBBIEY 7/25/2021
Nice Report
RACHAEL2020 4/30/2021
Thanks. Report
ok Report
CECELW 2/20/2021
I love this idea Report
ROBBIEY 9/24/2020
great Report
have to keep on with finding what works for me Report
Great article! I'll give that a try. I really like this community feed. It keeps things fresh and moving, and we're able to see new posts here that we wouldn't necessarily otherwise have a chance to see, particularly if made by folks with whom we don't share a team. I love scrolling through the community feed to get my day moving! Nice job. Report
the community feed is pretty useless. i haven't made a single friend there. i've been on sp for something like 10 years and i'm starting to not love it like i used to. i did not join to be on another facebook. community is great, but i'm more interesting in finding a real life workout buddy than another person to tell me what they did and remind me of what i (already know i) need to do. Report
Keep trying to find what works for you! Report
Spark teams are a much better place to find friends, you have something in common with them, not so with a feed full of strangers that you know nothing about, sounds unsafe to me. Report
Wish we could filter by geographic area so we could invite local people to our local SparkTeam and link up buddies IRL easier. Report
great article Report
Great article! Report
Spark teams are also a good way to find people in the same area or with similar interests or goals. Is Spark abandoning that tool in favor of the random feed? Report
Great article Report
loved it Report
helpful Report
I like the article, but have yet to find a walking buddy in my area Report
Great! Report
Good article, and I have found that with a buddy, I stay on track. Report
Liked the article. Report
great article Report
Great idea! Report
Thanks for reminding people to GIVE support as well as get. Report
I like the idea!!! Report
HATE the feed. Report
My favorite place to find fitness buddies is at the swimming pool in our fitness center Report
Great article...............I have 2 workout partners right now. Report
Thanks for the article. Since I live in a remote rural area, my dog Sadie is my workout buddy right now. Report
My DH is my fitness bud. Report
it is more fun to have a work out buddy Report
I agree i have found some great tips for the journey ways to get my water in enjoy using the tracker a little more each time i use it. found a friend on the East coast we figured out where the middle is and are each walking to meet their soon another friend and i dance every Friday evening she lives in the central time zone while i live on the west coast after wards we enjoy a banana treat and visit . at first i did like the community feed now i love it and its the first place i check out. Report
Love it Report
The community feed is nice... for the mobile app. I don't necessarily like it taking up my entire front page on desktop. It should be optional to turn it off, move it down, etc. It's more annoying than it is helpful as I enjoyed logging in and going over what "I" need to do for the day first before I engage with the community. I don't want to start my morning having to scroll down to find my goals while being bombarded with pictures and posts from other members; and the filter doesn't help since MY personal goals are smooshed on one side of the page! Report
Great - Thanks! Report
Dear Spark,

Maybe these are your favorite ways of finding pals, but they are not mine. Report
I want to start out by saying I do love spark people especially for the friendships I've made.

I don't care for the goal feed either, it's really a shame and a waste of space for my front page. I rather see my real friend feed over there. Having to dig for my friend feed now in a link really sucks. I liked seeing my friend feed front and center each time I logged in and went to my start page. I don't really care to see others stuff and half naked photos all over my start page from people I haven't friended. It's really off putting, I mean it's great they want to share but I don't want to see all this front and center on my start page. Now that I changed it to not see any of it there is this huge blank spot on my start page. The looking for a buddy section where you could post what you were looking for in a buddy was great when you had it but it was a mobile posting. There really should be something like that for all around use posted in the Community forums. Report
Spark really is like taking a course in Healthy Living--the best online source for getting healthy! Report
Great article!! Report
what ever works for us to keep going lets give it a try Report
Let's make SP just like Facebook!! I don't care about the goal feed. Report
I don't know why I would want a stranger that probably lives 100's of miles away for a fitness buddy, probably not going for a walk together! Report