8 Strength Training Exercises for Cyclists

By , SparkPeople Blogger

Last month I wrote a blog on strength training exercises for walkers. This week's blog will focus on strength training exercises geared toward cyclists.

It was once believed that having endurance athletes, such as cyclists and runners, participate in strength training exercises would hinder their performance by adding too much bulk. But we now know better. Not only does strength training make our muscles stronger, it also helps build bone density and connective tissue, while preventing muscle imbalances which can be one of the biggest factors as to why we develop injuries. Strength training also helps improve our lactate threshold, the point at which the body produces lactic acid at a rate faster than it can remove it.

By doing just two to three strength training sessions per week can lead to big improvements in your cycling performance.


While cycling is great for muscle tone and development, doing single-leg exercises will help to develop the legs individually. It isn't too unusual for one leg to be more dominant than the other, therefore doing individual exercises allows for the weaker leg to gain strength and stabilization.

Leg Press

Single Leg Squat


You may be wondering why abdominal exercises are so important for a cyclist, but having a strong core is essential for delivering a stronger pedal stroke.

Walk the Plank and Rotate

Reverse Crunch


Strong back muscles are important for maintaining great posture while on the bike.


Seated Lat Pull-Down Machine


Strong shoulders, along with a strong core, help cyclists to maintain a strong sitting posture.

Triangle Arm Raise

Dumbbell Standing Shoulder Flexion

Are you a cyclist, if so do you strength train? What exercises do you do to help you become a better cyclist?