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8 Ingredients for the Perfect Super Bowl Party

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Hosting the Super Bowl bash this year? Beyond wings, beer, and plenty of chips and dip, there are a few more things you'll need to ensure your game-day festivities don’t commit any party fouls. Keep reading for eight ingredients for the perfect Super Bowl party!

Fun Team Décor
You don't have to redecorate your living room in your favorite team's colors, but adding a bit of flair can create a festive atmosphere--and, in the case of this football field table runner--protect your furniture from overzealous fans slamming down beers over bad calls and dribbling dip during a major play. For fun, pick up Pom Poms in both teams' colors. And if your favorite team (cough, Bengals, cough) didn't make it to the big game, subtly share support with a Jersey-Shaped Bottle Koozie.

Tasty Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Somebody needs to be the designated driver. Keep your imbibing guests hydrated and your DD's taste buds happy with carbonated water laced with fruit juice or a wedge of citrus fruit. We love the Soda Stream, which lets you make fizzy water one liter at a time.

A Place for Bets
What's a Super Bowl party without a friendly wager among friends? Use this Football Pool Game to keep track of everyone's bets.

A Festive Outfit or Accessory
This is the time to pull out your jerseys and face paint! Oversize jerseys aren't the most flattering attire, so get in the spirit with these cute v-neck NFL T-shirts or maybe some team spirit earrings!

Something Healthy to Eat
For those who want to stay on track during the Super Bowl, have some healthy food on hand. Veggies with yogurt dip, whole-grain crackers, and chili (made with lean beef) are our top picks.

Activities to Occupy the Kids
For the little ones who might not be interested in the game, have some age-appropriate activities on hand. Set up Pin the Ball on the Goalpost in another room with an adult or teen to supervise, have coloring books and crayons at the ready, and use the din of the game as an opportunity to let the little ones cut loose and go crazy.

Distractions for Those Who Came for the Food
For the adults who might not be interested in the game, have some age-appropriate activities on hand. Print out our Super Bowl Exercise Game, have a second TV set up in the kitchen for those who want to gab while they watch, and make a football bingo card to help those disinterested in the game pass their time.

Servingware to Keep Food Safe
There's no faster way to be banned from hosting next year's bash than by giving your buddies food poisoning. Keep cold foods cold with this iced-down serving bowl, and use a small slow cooker to keep your hot foods hot. You might also want to pick up these Go Plates, which let your guests snack without every putting down their bottle of beer!

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What is your ingredient for the perfect Super Bowl party?

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