Healthier Ways to Eat Dessert

Sticking with a healthy eating plan is hard work. There is no way around that, but for many it means giving up the foods that they love the most. But, you don’t have to do that! If you are limiting yourself so much that healthy eating becomes more of a hindrance than a help, then your good habits won't last long. So what does this mean? You can still eat dessert-- and enjoy it! Learn some smart substitutions to make your dessert a healthy part of your day.

The key to including dessert is to enjoy that sweet treat without overloading on calories, fat, and sugar. Desserts can often make it hard to maintain a healthy weight. But who wants to give up their favorite foods? Willpower is hard to fight against. As with many things in life, moderation is key, so you’ll need to stop yourself before you overindulge. Try sensible portions; you can eat 1 slice of pie and still be in your calorie range for the day.

Not every chocolate cake or banana nut muffin is created equal. Look for things without a lot of butter, nuts, or creamy frosting. Since feeling guilty can ruin a good meal, why not try some of our ideas instead of your “regular” desserts?

  • Low fat cookie
  • Frozen 100% juice bar
  • Fresh berries with low fat creamer
  • A few pieces of chocolate
  • Frozen grapes
  • Angel food cake
  • Pudding made with skim milk
  • Non-dairy frozen dessert
  • Low fat ice cream or sorbet
  • Pieces of fruit
  • A fresh fruit smoothie
If you are the one doing the cooking, there are lots of ways to make your favorite recipes healthier. 

  • Egg substitutes or egg whites instead of whole eggs.
  • Apple sauce or prune puree instead of oil when baking to naturally trap moisture into your cakes and breads.
  • Less sugar. A lot of recipes call for much more sugar than is needed. You might even like it better for a little less of the sweet stuff!
  • Fruit-based desserts. Although you still have to be careful, these desserts often have less calories and fat than a chocolate or cream based one.
  • One of our recipes. is full of healthy dessert recipes just waiting for you to try.
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If you have an Aldi's around your area check for Chocolate hummus!! OMG it's to die for! They now have caramel as well! So yummy! They also carry a cauliflower pizza, garlic with just cheese. It's so good! 6.99 but you can't make it this good! I have tried! The mess alone is enough to make you give up. Report
Thanks for the information. Report
Good article. Report
I use all these suggestions & others. Ginger snaps are pretty low sugar & our local grocer carries a whole wheat fig or apricot newton style cookie in the bulk bin section. I also buy dried pineapple & papaya slices. Dried fruit has really been a big help for me cuz the fiber is filling along w/ a big glass of water or cup of green tea. Recently found chocolate non-dairy yogurt which I keep in fridge for those evenings when I want real sweets. Bought a Yonanas type machine for using frozen bananas & mixing w/ other frozen fruit like berries. For other times I mix cashew milk, protein powder, & nut butter w/ whatever else sounds good (quik oatmeal?) in a smoothie or try crushed pineapple w/ cinnamon, protein, nondairy beverage & coconut oil to satisfy. Nuts & more dried fruit - prunes, dates, pears - w/ a snack size bag of M&Ms is still a fairly healthy trail mix blend that kills the taste for sweets. I even make jello shooters for parties & BBQ using diet jello for those of us who refuse to completely give up alcohol. Report
My favorite treat is Greek yogurt and blueberries. I keep both on hand all the time. Report
Great ideas! Report
I prefer a lot of recipes with less sugar than called for. I generally start with about 1/2 on the first trial of a new recipe since I can always add more, but I can't take it out of the ingredient bend. I can edit the recipe so it is easier after the first time. I want to taste the ingredients! Report
Fruit bars are the best for me. Report
thanks.... Report
Good article Report
I have a popsicles form & I make my own popsicles, out of my home made green drink. Delicious & healthy, too! (Recipe on my new blog today, 10-18-17) Report
Did everyone forget Greek yogurt and berries? Report
Good ideas! Report


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