8 Great Songs to Refresh Your Summer Workouts

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Even though I've been enjoying some music-free workouts lately, I still love an upbeat music playlist—especially if I'm stuck indoors or going out for an extra long run on the weekends. I'm always updating my iPod with new tunes to keep things fresh and prevent boredom, and you've told me that you do the same. Since music is an important part of a solid fitness routine, I thought it was time to share some of the new songs I've been exercising to. Then I want you to tell me what's playing in your earbuds during your latest workouts!

Here are eight of my favorite workout songs of the moment. There's a little bit of everything here, from pop to hip hop to alternative rock.

Click on each link to listen to a preview (or purchase the mp3) at amazon.com.

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind
(I shared this one back in January and I've still running to it—it's that good!)

La Roux – Bulletproof

Lady Gaga – Monster

MGMT – Kids

Phoenix – 1901

The Sounds – Dance with Me

Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart

Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

What songs are you working out to lately? Share your early summer favorites with us below!

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C&C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat - GREAT workout song! Report
From a Middle-aged old punk:
The Shins: Plenty is Never Enough
Sam Roberts: Them Kids
MGMT: Time to Pretend (still not into their new one as much)
The Heavy: How You Like Me Now (yeah, Kia commercial, but ok band)
Freelance Whales: Hannah Takes the Stairs
Avi Buffalo: What's it in for? (weird lyrics, but slow, my kids LOVE this song?!)

Ok, that's it off the top of my head. Why don't you ask what you could run to and never get tired of? I have some songs I've liked for 20 years or more. I must say, though, as a parent, to play songs and have your kids pick out their favorites, and some of them are yours as well is an unparalleled feeling. I guess that isn't likely to last into the teen years....sigh. Report
Just whatever is on at the gym, at home or on the dvd I am using. I can't stand to sweat with things in or on my ears, will not even use them while walking Report
I love anything from Ke$ha these days, also Solo by Iyaz, anything that I can sing along to really pushes me...although it's a plus that I workout at home because I'm not sure how others would feel about the solo I'd be busting out. :) Report
Carnival de Barrio from the ITH soundtrack - absolute favorite Report
I don't work out with music, I use cardio coach mp3 workouts, and they rock! Report
Love Love Love Sweet Disposition! Report
I'm so glad to see my favorites already listed above!

"Supermassive Black Hole" - Muse
"Telephone" - Lady Gaga f/Beyonce
"I Love U" - Tila Tequila (adults only for language!)
"Whatcha Waitin For" - Gwen Stefani
The song that gets me moving is Hey, Soul Sister by Train. I love that song. Report
That's similar to what I've been working out to lately, La Roux, Phoenix, and MGMT. Report
I am so in love with Ushers song, OMG. The beat is insane and gets me moving! Every time I hear the song I want to dance LOL. I also love the entire Blueprint 3 album by Jay Z (Empire state of mind is on it) and Black Eyed Peas song, Imma be is fire also. I'm going to check out some others to add too, especially some Lady Gaga. Thanks for this list! Report
I so needed this! Thanks! Report
love airplanes by b.o.b
michael buble love him
tik tok kesha dont like her other song
black eyed peas
jayz ny state of mind
kris allen live like u were dying. i makes me comtinue it i dont want toooo.
adam lambert sometimes
i use my phone to have my music if i dont bring an ipod it works very well its a plam phone but u can convert ur itunes into ur phone so i really dont need an ipod Report
I like Empire State of Mind too! All the Right Moves - One Republic, Happy - Leona Lewis, anything by Black Eyed Peas, Stronger - Kanye West Report
Thanks for the suggestions. I liked almost all of them except Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap. It's a little too slow for my kind of workout. Report
I work out to hard rock and metal from the 70's to now, so everything from Zepplin to Flyleaf. I keep a couple of power songs loaded for when I need them, Reload by Rob Zombie and Bodies by Drowning Pool Report
I like Classic Rock from the 70's during my workout routines. Report
I do an 80's playlist once every few workouts...like Billy Idol n Duran Duran. Otherwise I stick to Black Eyed Peas, Outkast, Lady GaGa, etc, n my favorite House music. Report
Anything from the Flashdance, Matrix or Run Lola Run soundtracks :) Report
I've added some of the songs from the Glee soundtracks to my regular gym playlist - I love Amber Riley's versions of "Hate on Me" and "Bust Your Windows." "Safety Dance" and "Gold Digger" are awesome too. I cool down to "Don't Stop Believing," which is pretty amazing considering my deep loathing of Journey. Oh, and their version of "4 Minutes" from the Power of Madonna episode rocks! Definitely gets me going on my interval sprints. Report
Wow. I feel old now. lol Report
Thanks to my son, I walk to Michael Buble`. He loves him and borrowed my ipod shuffle. He took off every other artist! Not so bad though--some fast songs to get me going and slow ones to let me catch my breath--but still keep movin :) Report
Super Massive black hole-Muse
Hard- Rihanna
Aiy-oh- Melanie Fiona
Blame it- Jamie fox fet TI
Wasting my time-default
Celebrity staus- Marianas Trench
If I had you-Adam Lambert
Bomshell Stomp - by Bomshell
Barbie Girl - by Aqua
Bearcat Mama from Horner's Corner - by Gene Autry
Caswallon's Quarry - by Hugin the Bard
Candyall Beat Remix - by Mr. Bill & Mr. Ben
Dirty Denim - by The Donnas
Get the Party Started - by Pink
White Wedding - by Billy Idol
Wrap It Up - by Eurythmics

And about 200 other songs. I just put it on random and see what comes up. Report
bleed it out -- linkin park
machine head - bush
requiem for a dream
all i do is win - dj khaled
for my town - drake etc
ride - ciara
in the end linkin park
just to name a few. Report
My mix is eclectic---pop, oldies, country mostly. I eliminate songs that don't seem to help keep me moving. Report
I listen to Queen - Fat bottomed girls and Michael Bublé - Haven't met you yet. They're just so positive and motivating! Report
Stronger - Kanye West
Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
Damaged - Danity Kane

Love 'em!! I'm getting ready to add a few songs to my mix (currently about 30 songs total), so this entry came at a perfect time! Report
I don’t have an iPod. I don't listen to any music, but I have wanted to for a while. I will check into a way to accomplish this. I am not knowledgeable in the iPod area. I’ll have a friend help me. Report
Just moved to NYC and LOVE running to Empire State of Mind! Report
I only listen to Empire state of mind. Report
Empire State of Mind - (both versions) is one of my favorites also! Alicia Keys is awesome! Report
I listen to just about anything. I used to have a mostly hip hop/dance mix for my workouts, but lately I've found that listening to musicals is good too. The reason is because so many of them have inspirational power ballads to keep me going! Wicked, Les Mis, Once on this Island (the Caribbean beats make you dance too!), Avenue Q, Beauty and the Beast, etc. Report
Young Forever by Jay Z Report
Thanks for sharing your workout tunes list. I also listen to Le Roux- Bulletproof and Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition---I tend to play this one over and over while I'm on my long runs. I also love Do it by Nelly Furtado. It pumps me up, too.

I'm always seeking new songs to download...anyone recommend some more great tunes? Report
I love La Roux!! "I'm not your toy" is another good song (with a nice beat) to check out by them. Report
Welcome Home: Coheed & Cambria;On To The Next One: Jay-Z;The Pretender: Foo Fighter. I usaully cool down to Jack Johnson, Zero 7, My Morning Jacket.
i know you want me by Pitbull
Obla di Ob la Da - Beatles
Blah Blah Blah - Ke$ha
Twisting by the Pool - Dire Straits
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin
Low - flo Rida Report
I love anything by nickleback
Plus like to walk to eat the rich by aerosmith
Domestic problems have a few fast songs too. Report
I can't work out without my IPOD! I have everything from R&B, Jazz, Rap, Hip Hop and songs from the even the 60's and 70's. Some really good artists from today are John Legend and Simply Red. Some of their tunes are awesome. Don't like anything explicit except for I couldn't resist Rhiana's Rude Boy...... The beat is great! Report
Teeth by Lady Gaga, One More Time by Daft Punk, Time to Get Away by LCD Soundsystem. :) Report
I have quite a collection...from Stevie Wonder to Mika, to Pink and Aerosmith, I love the ladies of pop, though, like Beyonce, Pink, Duffy, etc... Because i feel the sex appeal in their music and it makes me want to workout more so I can be all sexy, too! Oh another good one is "Say Hey" by Mark Fremonti. Great workout song! And "Calle Ocho" by Pitbull! Report
These are my favorite right now and give me a good boost!

Not Afraid: Emenim
It's Over: Drake
Your Love is my Drug: Kesha
Tik Tok: Kesha Report
How funny, I already have all these songs... :P I use a lot of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and various world pop songs. Anything sexy that boosts my confidence is a plus in my book. Report
I listen to AOL Radio when using my computer. Mostly soft rock songs and country. I dance in my chair while working. Report
Thanks for the list I will add some to my iPod tonight. I like the fast pace stuff to keep me going. I currently have:

Beautiful by Akon
Sk8er Boy by Avril Lavinge
Waking up in Vegas by Katy Perry
Poker Face by Lady Gaga
Rock Star by Nickleback

I love anything by Fergie, Pink, or old school Aerosmith! Report
I have two Michael Jackson remixes that I listen to. One is about 20 mins, the other 25-30 I think. They are great and really keep me going. Report
girls (beastie boys), poison (bbd), the middle (jimmy eat world), you wreck me (tom petty), ava adore (smashing pumpkins), smile like you mean it (the killers), faith (george michael), walk on by (cake), heart (pet shop boys), life on mars (david bowie)
I am into dance and hip-hop music.. These songs are great beat to do hard cardio and speed walking to..

Ciara - Work (Feat. Missy Elliott)
bangboys - Jump
bangbros - Happy Hour
Lord of the club - Lord of the clubs (Fav!!)
Shaun Baker - Hey Hi Hello
N Trance - Set You Free
Celine Dion - Drove all night (remix)
Manox - Super Model Girlfriend
Shakira - Give it up to me... (Great song for motivation..)
This is to just name a few.. I have a million more.. not kidding.. lol Report
anything by great big sea thats upbeat. Report
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