5 Cool Indoor Workouts for Hot Days

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Summer is a great time of year to get outside for some fresh air and physical activity.  Unlike the dark mornings and evenings of winter, summer provides plenty of daylight hours for a walk, run or swim in the pool.  But as the temperature climbs, there could be days when it's just too hot to safely exercise outside.  Does that give you an excuse to skip your workout?  Not a chance! 
There are lots of ways to exercise indoors, which can help you stay safe, cool and comfortable.  Then after the hard work is done, you can relax with a cold drink, feeling proud that you stayed consistent with your workout routine.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Workout Videos
You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on the latest fitness craze to get a good workout from at home. Exercise videos can add variety to your routine for little to no money. Coach Nicole created a variety of free fitness videos for SparkPeople, including strength training, cardio, Pilates and more.  Many of them are 15-minutes or less, so they can easily be incorporated into your busy schedule.  YouTube and your local library are two other places to look for free video options.
If you are planning to spend money to purchase videos, check out the reviews first.  Amazon offers a rating system so you can see what other people thought of the workout.  You can also post about a title you're considering on the SparkPeople Message Boards to get feedback from our members.  This way you know your money will be well spent. 

Create Your Own Circuit
Circuit training is a great way to combine cardio and strength training into one efficient workout.  Here is one easy way to create your own at-home routine:
  1. Make a list of cardio and strength exercises you can do at home with whatever equipment you have available.  (SparkPeople's exercise demos are a great resource for ideas.)  
  2. Choose 3-5 cardio exercises and 3-5 strength exercises for your routine.
  3. Start with a 5-minute warm up, followed by the first strength exercise for 8-12 repetitions, then the first cardio exercise for 30-90 seconds.  Alternate strength and cardio exercises for the duration of the workout, followed by a 5-minute cool down and stretch at the end. 
You can add additional sets to each strength exercise, vary the length of each cardio burst, and do as many different activities as you'd like for the duration of the workout.  This way you can customize the workout to meet your needs and fitness level.

Create a Basic Home Gym
It would be nice to have a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical at home for days when the temperature soars, but few of us have the funds—or the space—for all that pricey equipment.  However, resistance bands, hand weights (dumbbells), a jump rope or stability ball can work your body head-to-toe for less than $25 per item.  Here are some other tips for building a home gym on a tight budget.  This investment gives you good options for days when it's too hot, too cold or you're too tight on time to leave the house for a workout.   
Turn Your Chores Into a Workout!
Housecleaning is a necessity of life, but not something most of us enjoy.  Why not check two tasks off your to-do list by turning your chores into a workout?  Take extra trips up and down the stairs to do laundry, add in some squats when you unload the dishwasher or calf raises while you're cooking at the stove.  Remember, all of this extra movement throughout the day adds up.  Find some other fun ways to get a great workout by cleaning house
Consider a Gym Membership
Since the January gym rush is long over, summer is often a good time to find a deal on a local gym membership.   Visit the gyms in your area to see what kind of specials they are running (including month-to-month or short-term contracts), and don't be afraid to ask for a better deal.  Many times gyms are willing to negotiate in order to get your business.  Here are some other ways to save money when joining a gym.  

Have a Plan
As the seasons change, you can expect that there will be days when you can't get outside to exercise.  Instead of letting it frustrate you or derail your routine, plan ahead.  Have a few videos on hand (either DVDs or streaming online workouts) or print out a few of the workouts on SparkPeople (such as the Rainy Day Workout, The Bikini Workout or Over 110 Cardio Workout Ideas.)  With a little planning and creativity, the possibilities for cool summer workouts are endless!
Exercising in the summer heat: Do you love it or hate it? What are some of your favorite indoor or  no-sweat workouts for hot weather?  Share them below!

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BLOND1E 7/3/2021
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LIS193 3/13/2021
Cool! Report
THINCPL2004 9/18/2020
Great info Report
When it is too hot! I can't stand the heat just the same as when it is too cold! Report
Hate to exercise in heat! Report
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Great tips! Thanks! Report
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Good suggestions. Thanks! Report
I still walk to the gym then do 3 or 4 hours of classes there then I walk to the cool mall and walk there for another 3 or 4 hours plus I do all my own yard work. Report
Mall walking is the best AC for exercise I can find. The library is AC also for reading in the heat! Report
I am SO GRATEFUL for AC !! I do a variety of yoga exercises usually found on youtube. I am quite limited on what my foot will allow (most likely NOT allow) so I do beginners yoga ,,, I put in for whatever hurts the most, lower back, neck, shoulders etc. Most of the beginners have quite a bit of sitting for a GREAT workout for me. Report
As long as I have water to enter I love working out in the heat! But, on those rare days that it is too hot even for the pool I love, love, love jessicasmittv.com! Varied workouts to work every part of your body with a friendly and well verbalized instructor. I love Coach Nicole, but got burned out doing the same videoes, so went to Jessica Smith. She has a new workout video every Saturday! Report
I walk outside whenever possible. But if the heat index is to high making it unsafe or to cold to avoid frost bite, I go to the mall. They open a 6 am for walkers. Sometimes I will go in the evenings in the middle of the week an hour before closing. Report
I like doing the SparkPeople videos or dancing off of my own playlist if it's too hot to do outside fitness. Great ideas! Thanks a lot! Report
I enjoy walking outside, but on hot or cold days I stay indoors. At work, I'll walk around (inside) the office building. There are 9 floors, walk from one side to the other, take the steps up to the next floor, cross crossing my way up. Or if time is limited, 5 min walk around the inner circle on the first floor.

And YouTube Report
I don't know-From personal experience in MY house sans AC its at least as hot inside as it is OUT. I used to exercise in the basement but someone decided she had to have the WHOLE rumpus room when she moved back in too bad I didn't put my foot down. Report
I enjoy being outdoors. So, I get out early to beat the heat. Hydration is important and choosing routes to maximize shade are also a factor. Hot and relatively humid today...got the workout in! Report