The Only Pilates Primer You Need to Read

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Maybe you think Pilates is just a fancy name for stretching. Perhaps you're terrified of all those positions and contraptions. Either way, there's more to this effective exercise than meets the eye. Whether you're using a mat or a machine, Pilates helps to improve your strength, flexibility, balance and posture.

You don't have to be super fit -- or even even halfway fit -- to discover the power of Pilates. Whether you're a runner seeking a cross-training activity, a new exerciser looking for a low-impact workout or a busy person in need of a mindful, stress-reducing practice, there's a place in the studio for you.

Before embarking on your first Pilates class, check out our cheat sheet. Learn it, print the graphic and pass it on to anyone else who's ready to break onto the Pilates scene.

Print this graphic to have a quick reference on hand before your first Pilates class.

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_CYNDY55_ 11/13/2019
Thanks Report
JIACOLO 7/11/2019
I should try pilates Report
TCLADY 7/10/2019
Don't bother printing out the graphic as it prints so small you can't read it with out a magnifying glass. Make It A great one. Report
EMGERBER 7/10/2019
I do not know allot about pilates but maybe it is time for me to give them a try. Report
2DAWN4 7/10/2019
I am going to try Pilates.........thanks to your article! Report
I would love to join and see the daily work video that EO4WELLNESS spoke about that is on SP Teams. I will keep looking for it... Thank you for the primer! Report
Thanks Report
Love Pilates! We have an entire team of folks who love Pilates--and a daily work video to go along with it--right here on SP Teams. Report
...thanks for this Pilates Primer...also found the 12 minute Pilates workout...have not tried Pilates... will decide if yoga or Pilates works best for me...
06/30/18 Report
Reformer Pilates saves my life! It is my first love. Report
Pilates is ok I guess. I like yoga better. Report
love to do pilates Report
I love Pilates! I haven't done it for years but I want to soon Report
I can't wait to try a class! I always thought I had to be in top shape before taking a class. Thank you for the information. Report
I practice yoga a couple years and want to try Pilates. Your article inspired me and I signed up for the first lesson this week Report