10 Products Designed to Eliminate Fitness Frustrations

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Sometimes putting forth the effort to work out can seem like a workout in and of itself. You set your workout clothes out the night before, pack your bag for the gym and set the alarm for a time that allows you to sleep until the last possible second yet still squeeze in a good workout and a shower.

When you finally get your exercise routine down, you don't want to deal with other annoyances that can come with the territory such as chafing, slippery gym floors, earbuds that pop out with every step of your run or an aching back that comes from too many deadlifts. You want to leave your workout a slightly sweatier version of the way you entered it, locked, loaded and ready to tackle your day.

Thankfully, there are a host of tools and accessories available to help keep your earbuds secure, your feet steady, your legs lubed and your back knot-free. You work hard for your health—why not treat yourself to a few products that make your workout a little more comfortable?  
Earphones that Stay Put Through Every Sweat Session 
EarSkinz EarPod Covers, $10.95

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EarSkinz are ergonomic, so they'll fit comfortably and stay put, whether you're walking your way through a series of hills or running your first half marathon. Available in nine colors, these little beauties not only remain in your ears but also enhance the sound quality of your favorite workout tunes with acoustic clarity and a heightened bass range. 
Hair Ties That Promise to Hold Through Thick (and Thicker)
Scunci Effortless Beauty Thick Hair Elastics, $3.49

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Struggle no more with thin elastic ponytail holders that either stretch out after a few uses or pull and break your hair. These thick hair holders are metal-free and won't damage your 'do during the most daunting strength training session.
For that Hard-to-Reach Knot on Your Back, Shoulder or Neck
Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Therapy Tool, $29.95

Not everyone has a masseuse at the ready, and not everyone who thinks they are a masseuse is any good at it. Lightweight yet sturdy, the 11 therapy knobs on the Body Back Buddy can help relieve tension from chronic pain or stress from overdoing it at that aerial fitness class. "I love it for working out knots in my back and shoulders that I couldn't otherwise reach without help from a friend," Mike Honkomp, SparkPeople's ad operations and yield director says.
Say 'Goodbye' to Painful Chafing
Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm, $9.99

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Few things are as uncomfortable as discovering your skin is chafing during exercise—except maybe when you discover it in the shower later. Prevent unwelcome skin-to-skin (or clothing-to-skin) contact by applying this balm over, on or between problem areas before your activity begins. Without the threat of chafing, you'll be able to enjoy all your favorite fitness sessions without distraction. 
Socks That Help You Stay Through 'Namaste'
Gaiam Toeless Yoga Socks, $19.99

If your best friend complains after every yoga class that stability and balance are not her forte, maybe her socks (or lack thereof) are to blame. Instead of worrying about slipping and sliding through downward dog, focus on building her core by recommending these helpful toeless yoga socks. The open-toe design allows you to feel the floor for balance, while the grip keeps the rest of your foot stable.

A Soothing Scrub for Sore Skin   
Sea Salt Zum Scrub, $12.95

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Sometimes spinning can leave you a little sore in the, uh, saddle, and running in the cold and windy weather can wreak havoc on your otherwise supple skin. The soothing scent of Zum's essential oils combined with the gentle scrubbing of sea salt leaves your skin feeling smoother and more rejuvenated. Plus, the smell lingers long after your shower has ended, keeping you calm and peaceful throughout the day.
Keep Your Traction When in Action
Yaktrax Traction Cleats, $38

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If the threat of winter snow and ice or otherwise slippery conditions keeps you from enjoying your favorite outdoor activities, there's a solution for that. Yaktrax are made of replaceable steel spikes and coils that fit right over your running shoes so you can count your steps and not your slips.
Because Everyone Needs a Self-Five
"You Are Doing a Great Freaking Job: and Other Reminders of Your Awesomeness," $7.01

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This fun, colorful book is perfect for when you need a little encouragement on those days you find yourself without someone around to give you a pat on the back or you exhausted your supply of self-rally cries yesterday during that grueling Zumba class. Full of nearly 200 inspirational quotes, this pocket-sized book is as beautiful to look at as it is motivational. Put down the Magic 8 Ball and find a mantra to add a pep to your step when you need it most.   
Dry Storage for Your Wet Suit
Itzy Ritzy Wet Bag, $12.31

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If you enjoy taking your workout to an indoor pool, but hate the wet clothes you have to bring home with you, this lightweight, waterproof travel bag can keep your suit separate and your bag free of any musty smells from moist clothing.
Be Free of the Microfiber Funk
deFUNKit Odor Control Detergent, $20.50

Do your partner's workout clothes refuse to smell clean even after repeated washings? Instead of throwing in the towel try throwing in some high-performance detergent. DeFUNKit's active wash removes persistent funky gym clothes smells so you can wear your favorite workout shirt again and again.
Which products do you use to solve annoying fitness problems?

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KATHYJO56 8/2/2020
These are products that can help if you want to buy them. Report
RO2BENT 6/26/2020
Some good stuff Report
Thank you Report
thanks Report
Great information. Report
I need to try and find some of these products. Report
all great items to have on hand. Report
Anti-chafe balm is essential for those long, summer walks on the beach! :) Report
I use the hair bands. Report
Thanks for the suggestions. Report
GrGreat advicde Report
Absolutely great Report
Hope these specialized gadgets are needed by its readers. Report
I'm surprised anyone would go to the effort to complain about a product promotion. When I left to walk the Camino de Santiago, it was recommended to wear Technical Clothing, and I,an avid walker, didn't even know what that meant!! Now, as person who practices Yoga, and now owns a Treadmill, I LIVE in Technical Clothing. Point being, when someone begins an Exercise Program, they may not know where to begin, or what to wear, or how to keep track of how much their workout or steps will burn calories for weight loss.
This is helpful information, on products I need, and on a FREE FITNESS and WEIGHT LOSS WEBSITE. I repeat, FREE!! Report
Thanks for the info! Report
Excellent!! Report
Excellent product recommendations. Report
I love body glide. But I believe vaseline would do the same thing for a cheaper price. But the body glide doesn't leak and is easy to transport. Report
Uh, unlike your model, I wear panties when I work out! It helps eliminate annoying ride up of my pants, and some serious chafing that would occur otherwise. Report
I love the yoga sock idea. I am for sure going to get a pair. They would be great for not only yoga, but for my morning strength training which includes lunges. Report
This is great! I am going to purchase "You Are Doing a Great Freaking Job: and Other Reminders of Your Awesomeness," so that I can use it to motivate myself and others. Report
I've used Yak Trax before and they do work, as do 3/8 inch sheet metal screws drilled into the bottom of a running shoe (really!). The issue for me with all traction devices is that one is rarely walking or running exclusively on ice/snow. There will be stretches of slippery surfaces interspersed with stretches of dry pavement, and for me the experience of running on dry roads with yak trax or screw shoes is uncomfortable, really loud and makes me feel a bit off-balance. That said, yak trax are wonderful for navigating parking lots or your driveway in winter as long as you remember to carry them with you and put them on when needed.

I appreciate the product recommendations! Report
I can see the YakTrak's as helpful when I lived in Chicago. I knew a guy who came out his front door and fell on the porch and broke his leg. My friend fell on her front steps and broke both of her wrists and had to have pins in them. Not good.
The other things just seem like a commercial for products, but everyone to their own fancy. Report
YakTrax are the best investment you can make if you live in an area where there is ice or snow. You have to be careful to remove the trax in places with smooth floors, such as stores, but on sidewalks, pavement, lumpy snowy places, snowy grass... these are terrific! No problem when the ice is patchy... they work fine on bare concrete and pavement. I carry a gallon-size plastic bag to slip the trax into when I am in a store.

I prefer a blog or article like this with numerous products (from different sources) that might be helpful to those walking or exercising, rather than a sponsored blog that features only the products of a single company. Many of the products in this article are not useful or affordable for me, but overall, it was worth reading. Report
$30 for workout clothes detergent?That's nuts - go with Biz all-color bleach, OR: throw some baking soda in the wash. Report
Thanks so much for the product ideas. I could use a few of them and never knew they were out there! Report
Another main blog of the day that's ALL product promotion. Is this going to be a daily thing? Report