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From our partners at Woman's Day

Think you need to go to the gym to get in a workout? Think again! Check out our newest WD video series, Work Out Anywhere, to see various exercise moves that you can do in the unlikeliest of places, such as at the grocery store or in your office. Today's video demonstrates different ways you can burn calories in the laundry room!

20 Surprising Ways to Burn 100 Calories

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Have you tried any of these moves?

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    I hate doing laundry, but you made it much better. Talk about multi-tasking. I just hope I can get my friends to do it. ;) - 7/16/2011   6:13:19 AM
  • 21
    As you do these exercises, make sure you don't lock out your joints, and breathe out on the exertion. These are great! You can also incorporate bending into your routine as you fold your laundry, or hanging it out to dry. - 1/26/2011   6:31:04 PM
  • SAMANTHA1827
    great way to boost the workout, thanks - 1/26/2011   6:46:35 AM
  • 19
    Just finished a complete set. What a great way to work in a little different routine! Thanks for sharing! - 1/25/2011   11:24:33 PM
  • 18
    I enjoy walking instead of waiting while dh is at the doctor's or something, the clinic even has nice paths and stairs here and there. The laundry, we don't have a room, but, when I fold, I carry each piece to it's place, one piece at a time, to get in more walking. Every extra step can help, and you can walk as fast or as slow as you want. If you have steps in your house, you are lucky!!! How handy that is, hope people are using their steps. - 1/25/2011   9:48:44 PM
  • 17
    At my work, I couldn't do those in our laundry room (I work at a motel -- think big, heavy commercial baskets on wheels to go with industrial washers and dryers), but I do like to blast music and try and do a sort of laundry-folding dance. Hubby does the personal laundry at home so...I'll stick with my dancing whilst folding laundry at work. - 1/25/2011   6:49:56 PM
  • ALR2552
    Really helpful because when I'm short on time and doing housework I feel like there is no time to work out! - 1/25/2011   5:18:33 PM
  • 15
    I'll be sure to share this one with my husband.
    He does laundry as much as I do. Plus maybe he'll be inspired to return the exercise equipment we own back to the basement where I would use it (opposed to sitting in the garage dismantled). - 1/25/2011   11:08:05 AM
  • 14
    Interesting exercises. Just make sure to watch your form. You can really hurt yourself if done incorrectly. I took a look at the "20 ways to burn 100 calories" article. Some are interesting, some are just wrong. The dangerous suggestion is that you go to a sauna to "burn off extra pounds" - WD's words, not mine. That's just dangerous and stupid.
    The other one is taking a 40-minute walk with a baby jogger. Depending on how fast you go, I'll best most people would burn a LOT more than 100 calories. - 1/25/2011   8:20:52 AM
    What a great way to burn some extra calories! - 1/25/2011   6:44:39 AM
  • 12
    erm ... no - 1/25/2011   6:32:06 AM
  • 11
    That looks like a great way to get the exercise in and in a little space,too. - 1/25/2011   5:20:26 AM
  • 10
    I would rather walk than do the laundry room exercises. - 1/24/2011   11:05:37 PM
  • 9
    No. - 1/24/2011   10:08:44 PM
  • 8
    yeah I am realy gonna show her this one I'd be DEAD MEAT for sure - 1/24/2011   9:34:17 PM
  • 7
    Good ideas. I like to walk while I wait, esp at hospitals, etc. - 1/24/2011   8:47:33 PM
  • 6
    Those are great! I can't touch my toes right now (darn, tight hamstrings) so, I'm looking forward to trying the stretch at the end. Thanks for the great ideas! - 1/24/2011   8:27:39 PM
  • 5
    These are great! I hope I see more people exercising in more places because I am constantly stretching and moving when I am out and about in public places and boy to I get some looks LOL - 1/24/2011   6:33:00 PM
  • 4
    Well, I figure that since it is put on by "Woman's Day" that it would make sense to have a woman doing the exercises. That doesn't mean that men don't do laundry, but they aren't the target audience here. - 1/24/2011   4:47:56 PM
    The laundry day exercises are really good. I tried them today. - 1/24/2011   4:13:40 PM
  • 2
    The Women's Day Laudry Room Exercise is a GREAT one! - 1/24/2011   2:49:02 PM
  • 1
    Love the Women's Day laundry room exercises! - 1/24/2011   2:43:30 PM

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