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How is 2012 going for you? Are you feeling inspired? Motivated? Strong? Healthy? Happy? Are you still committed to the goals you set for yourself for the new year? If so, congratulations! You're two weeks in and doing great. If you're struggling, don't worry. SparkPeople is here to help.

Whether you need a dose of motivation or a reward for reaching a goal, today's giveaway will suit your needs.

We're giving two lucky readers a $50 gift certificate to the SparkPeople Store. If you're new to the site, you might not know much about the store. Learn more:

When you buy SparkPeople products (like the fun bracelets in the photo above), it helps Spread the Spark and allows us to continue to improve the site to help members! If you are interested in learning more about SparkPeople products, providing feedback on your current SparkPeople products or sharing ideas for new products, become a member of the “Fan of the SparkPeople Store Team” today! To join click here!

While we don't sell SparkPoints, we do sell a variety of workout clothes, DVDs and other items to help make healthy living easier and more fun.

Some of my personal favorites are:

SparkPeople I Lost It! T-Shirt $15
Share your success with your weight loss journey with the SparkPeople I Lost It! T-Shirt - available in sapphire blue and violet. This shirt is made with 100% pre-shrunk cotton with double-needle stitching throughout; seamless topstitched collar; taped neck and shoulders.

SparkPeople Capri Pants $28.50
From the gym to lunch with friends, these flattering SparkPeople Capri Pants fit all the ways you play. The ladies jersey knit Capri pants have a contour fit with slightly flared legs and a 4" roll-down waist that will keep you comfortable and presentable even in the most active of circumstances.

Made of 87% cotton/13% spandex 8.0 ounce ladies jersey knit. (Up to size 2XL)

SparkPeople Gym Bag $10
This gym bag is perfect to store all your gym gear! It features a main zippered compartment and front main pocket. The quick- access side pocket with mesh lining is perfect to store a water bottle. The strap is adjustable and also has two carry handles! This gym bag is 18" tall. Dimensions: H 10" x W 8" x L 17.5"

Tumbler with Straw
16-ounce double wall tumbler for cold or hot drinks, great for daily use and for the environment! This colorful tumbler is made with durable BPA free material and features a screw-on cap, prevent unnecessary spills from top. The insulated double wall construction, you can hold your cold or hot drinks at ease. Reusable straw included with the tumbler stays inside the lid. Available in three SparkPeople colors! * Dishwasher safe, recommended for hand wash. Cannot be used with microwave
To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end exactly one week from today! Winners will be notified via email by dailySpark editor Stepfanie Romine.
What is your favorite item in the SparkPeople Store? What would you buy if you won the contest?

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    the balance board - 1/19/2012   8:36:59 PM
    I really want the SparkPeople Cookbook but can't afford it right now, so this would be a fantastic way to get one! It can be tough to start a journey to health with a very limited budget, but I'm doing what I can. - 1/19/2012   1:47:16 PM
    I'm feeling good after finally busting through my plateau and managing not to gain weight over our very hectic holidays- which included staying over a week at my in-laws AND moving from FL to KS.
    I'd get the new bootcamp DVD since the move has made us drop the youngest out of preschool and the much colder temps mean I can't go running in the mornings anymore- severely limiting my ability to get my cardio on. And probably a new shirt or two- I'm still working out in baggy, 10 year old college t-shirts that are falling apart. But those things just ain't in the budget otherwise! - 1/19/2012   1:18:42 PM
    Ever year I say I want to lose weight or I just have this amount left to lose. My goal this year is to just live a healthy life; on the outside and in. A shout out to all that are trying to get to their goal, you can do it!!! - 1/18/2012   10:46:15 PM
  • 114
    I celebrate my one month anniversary with SparkPeople tomorrow. Everyon here is so awesome. I think I would choose the Fitness in Progress Tshirt and the Smart Portion Prep Kit. I think that portion control is one of my biggest issues. The kit would be a huge help in preparing meals for my husband and I.

    Oops. Forgot to add my favorite thing. I like the The Spark: Fit, Firm and Fired Up 10 minute work out DVD. Way Cool! - 1/18/2012   4:54:09 PM
    I would choose the gym bag, capri's and tumbler. - 1/18/2012   4:20:34 PM
  • 112
    Is there a way for me to follow Spark contests and giveaways without searching for them every day? - 1/18/2012   3:37:45 PM
    i didn't really set any goals for this year except to try to make it to the gym now that we have memberships. i've tried various classes so far. - 1/18/2012   2:11:58 PM
    I think I would have to have one of everything! - 1/18/2012   2:08:11 PM
  • 1245356
    Work out DVD - 1/18/2012   11:37:18 AM
  • 108
    I'd get the stability ball; the smart portion prep kit (fabulous) and the gym bag...gotta "spark"le on my way to the gym!!! - 1/17/2012   10:51:33 PM
  • 107
    From what's pictured, I'd get the t-shirt to serve as an inspiration! - 1/17/2012   2:48:20 PM
  • 106
    Definitely the workout calendar, I love to write my workout on a calendar and hang it in my fitness room, and don't have a 2012 calendar yet to help motivate me. The meal prep kit would be great, or the capri's, or a t-shirt, or... Lol. Anything SP is always awesome! - 1/17/2012   1:16:57 PM
    I would get the SparkPeople Capri Pants - 1/17/2012   11:31:42 AM
  • EDWINS1981
    I'd get the gym bag, a tshirt, and a workout dvd - 1/17/2012   9:48:04 AM
  • GHALEY11
    I would love the gym bag. So I can take it with me to the gym. - 1/17/2012   7:26:41 AM
  • KSZEK1
    I'd love the cookbook, the tumbler, the workout capri's... I like it all. - 1/16/2012   11:50:13 PM
  • 101
    The capris look ideal... and so a few years ago I set them as a reward to earn. - 1/16/2012   7:57:28 PM
    I'd like an exercise dvd, a tumbler (or maybe two) and the cookbook! - 1/16/2012   7:50:47 PM
    I am new an doing this with my daughters. I would really like the Spark People Cookbook. - 1/16/2012   5:39:58 PM
  • 98
    I would get the cook book and towel!!
    - 1/16/2012   1:35:55 PM
  • 97
    the workout clothes - proud to be Sparkin! - 1/16/2012   10:48:53 AM
    I love the bands (constant motivation everytime I look at them!), as well as the performance clothes. What a great way to exercise - looking good as I do it!!! Thanks, Spark Store! - 1/16/2012   9:16:40 AM
  • 95
    The gym bag, the tumbler and straw set and the capris! We don't have a lockerroom at our gym, so our lobby is rows of bags. I I would love to have a nice gym bag! - 1/16/2012   7:18:32 AM
  • 94
    I need a new T-shirt. I one I have is now too big! - 1/16/2012   5:38:05 AM
  • 93
    I'd get a workout towel, the adventure t-shirt and the cookbook. A hoodie might be comfy & warm too! :) - 1/16/2012   1:08:43 AM
  • 92
    Would make meals and meal plans from the cookbook for me, hubby and get more social by making chef Meg's meals with confidence for friends and try on new invites just to increase socializing to fill the emotional need I have. Then trat those who dine with me to a bracelet they can remember the messasage of the nite. - 1/16/2012   12:00:32 AM
  • 91
    My salary has been cut so $50 would make me feel rich. However, I would have to save the money a bit. I would first purchase the food storage. Then, after I have progressed 1/2 way to my goal, I would buy a smaller Tshirt and Socks!!! - 1/15/2012   8:18:17 PM
  • 90
    I would get the Sparkpeople cookbook and probably a towel as I swim alot. - 1/15/2012   8:17:36 PM
    I'd love the capris! - 1/15/2012   5:43:06 PM
  • 88
    Definitely bracelets & the tee. I'd like to have a bracelet for myself, to remind me of my new life, and several to give away. The t-shirt would be great to wear as a reminder as well. Thanks for the chance to win! - 1/15/2012   3:53:42 PM
    It would be nice to win, than I could get the t-shirt and gym bag. The gym bag would be great to carry all my things. - 1/15/2012   3:22:07 PM
    i really want the information more than the clothes or gadgets... - 1/15/2012   2:22:03 PM
    I wish I could - Canadians aren't allowed though. - 1/15/2012   12:16:04 PM
  • 84
    I would do the t-shirt and the capris. I would love to have them. It would be great workout stuff....I love sparkpeople. - 1/15/2012   11:57:40 AM
    I love the t-shirt - 1/15/2012   11:38:50 AM
  • 82
    I'd get a t-shirt and a hoodie and wear them both with pride! Spark has rejuvenated me! - 1/15/2012   8:37:39 AM
  • LJ1225
    Oh my ... I love to "pretend shop" ... this helps me keep expenses down. As for what I'd buy if I won the $50 to spend in the SparkPeople Store ... the capri pants look comfy, I'd like to try those and I love my SparkPeople lunch bag ... maybe I'd buy another for a friend? Thanks for letting me dream ... it would be even better if I'd win! lol - 1/15/2012   8:37:28 AM
  • 80
    I'd take my time in choosing, but the capris, the zumba and the tumbler sounds good to me so far. - 1/15/2012   7:51:30 AM
  • 79
    Id get the dvd, and a shirt and maybe a gym bag! - 1/15/2012   12:49:35 AM
  • 78
    I want a SP t-shirt so that I can spread the spark!!!!! - 1/15/2012   12:31:23 AM
  • 77
    I would get a shirt and some tumblers for sure...maybe the capris... - 1/15/2012   12:11:28 AM
  • 76
    i would get a dvd for zumba i love that workout - 1/14/2012   11:03:56 PM
  • 75
    I would love some tumblers and the gym bag! - 1/14/2012   11:01:47 PM
  • 74
    I'd get the capri's and the dvd. - 1/14/2012   10:55:34 PM
    I'd get the tee shirt and the new DVD - 1/14/2012   10:16:39 PM
  • 72
    I'd get a couple shirts (never have enough t-shirts!), a blue tumbler, a blue gym bag (blue is my favorite color), or the portion prep or meal on the go kit! - 1/14/2012   10:05:02 PM
  • 71
    Tumblers, balance board, magnet - 1/14/2012   9:58:17 PM
  • 70
    Tough question all the Spark Gear is great, but I would really love the Meal on the Go Kit, and the Smart Portion Prep Kit. - 1/14/2012   9:45:06 PM
  • 69
    i want a towel, and 2 new shirts, my 3 are getting old, lol - 1/14/2012   9:42:58 PM

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