CONTEST CLOSED: Win 1 of 3 Flatout Bread Prize Packs


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The folks at Flatout like to say their low-fat, whole-grain, fiber-filled wraps are "better than sliced bread." Here's your chance to find out! They're giving away three prize packs containing the following:
  • 4 packages of EdgeOn Crisps Garlic Herb, Four Cheese, Sea Salt and Multigrain
  • 3 packages of FOLDit Traditional Country, 5 Grain Flax and Rosemary & Olive Oil
  • 2 packages of Flatout wraps Light Original and Multi-Grain
  • 1 Flatout tote bag, spatula and cutting board with recipe booklet
Want to enter to win? Click here to enter. The usual rules apply. You have from now until Monday, Nov. 1, 2010, at 6 p.m. EST to enter.

Do you eat Flatout breads and wraps? What is your favorite way to eat them?


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  • 87
    Love to make pizza's with them & breakfast wraps..TOO GOOD!! - 10/30/2010   12:27:10 PM
  • 86
    I enjoy them a lot...I usually purchase the Light and make breakfast wraps. - 10/30/2010   11:22:00 AM
  • 85
    I have bought them at Publix and enjoy them. - 10/29/2010   11:13:55 PM
  • 84
    My sister in Omaha has been telling me about FlatOuts for a long time, but I could never find them here. They finally turned up here, and I love them. So far I've used them with hummus, but they're tomorrow's lunch with turkey and veggies. - 10/29/2010   9:49:13 PM
  • 83
    I get the multi-grain flatouts @ Costco (3-packs)...since hubby won't eat them, I keep one pack out at a time and toss the others in the freezer....for a couple of weeks -- they stay nice & fresh!!! I usually eat mine w/ hummus, fresh baby spinach, and deli sliced turkey. YUM!!!! I usually eat it for lunch.....but sometimes for breakfast too :) - 10/29/2010   1:23:45 PM
  • PRINCESS1682
    Never tried these before (don't remember ever having ever seen them either), but will be on the look from now on....would be great to win a pack...LOL - 10/29/2010   10:23:58 AM
  • 81
    I LOVE all their products!
    :P - 10/29/2010   1:32:05 AM
  • 80
    Have not tried this brand - 10/28/2010   5:59:27 PM
  • 79
    Love the whole wheat flatour bread I use it as a base for homemmade pizza, and it crisp up so nice, Recently found the on the edge chips and they are delicious and a nice snack with hummus. - 10/28/2010   1:43:29 PM
    I have never seen these before! I usually eat whole wheat wraps, but I will definitely be looking out for these my next trip to the grocery store :] - 10/28/2010   8:00:18 AM
    this is all i eat,flatout lite italian, for pizzas,hotdogs,just about anything ;love them - 10/27/2010   11:10:44 PM
  • 76
    Love these! I use them for breakfast wraps filled with mushroom,pepper,onions and low fat cheese with salsa and fresh diced tomatoes on top. Lunch I do deli meats with a variety of veggie toppings and laughing cow. For a dinner I make "pizza" pocket roll with low fat mozzarella, tomato sauce, peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives and Jennie o Italian turkey sausage! I also have a panini press that I use to make crispy hot "quesidilla type sandwiches served with ham and cheese or grilled chicken with cheese and mild taco sauce, refried beans, lettuce, tomato man I am getting hungry.....LOL - 10/27/2010   8:58:57 PM
  • 75
    My Hubby eats these as he is diabetic and these are very low in carbs.
    I make wraps for him with turkey, veggie flavored cream cheese, lettuce and swiss cheese. I also use deli ham to make a variety for a party tray. - 10/27/2010   7:18:07 PM
  • 74
    I have not tried these. I will look for them in the store and try them. - 10/27/2010   3:35:22 PM
  • 73
    love them buy them at Publix all the time. - 10/27/2010   2:15:51 PM
    Thanks for the tip on finding them at Costco- the rosemary ones sound great! I have also found the Flat Outs at Vons and Henry's. They are great! - 10/27/2010   1:59:44 PM
    I have never tried these, but, as soon as I can find a source of them, I'd like to. - 10/27/2010   12:32:45 PM
  • 70
    I absolutely adore these wraps! I've used them in my lunches, as part of my breakfast, my kids have even made lo-cal pizza wraps similar to the unhealthy kind they find in the frozen food section but with our ingredients so much better for them! - 10/27/2010   11:47:26 AM
  • 69
    Flatout breads are fantastic and made in Saline, MI! Give them a try, you won't be disappointed. - 10/27/2010   11:23:16 AM
    Haven't tried them yet. - 10/27/2010   9:59:44 AM
  • 67
    Love them. We eat them all the time! - 10/27/2010   8:42:41 AM
  • 66
    No. - 10/27/2010   1:02:48 AM
  • 65
    I've only seen them in a store one time, and they were on a stand by the deli section, where I don't usually shop, they didn't have the "Light" kind though, so too many calories for me in the original. Wonder if they taste like tortillas? dh would have trouble with the carb count too, as a diabetic, but would have to test to find out. - 10/26/2010   8:39:12 PM
    I've had the flatout wraps - and they are good! I believe they are at Costco. - 10/26/2010   8:33:04 PM
  • 63
    this may sound weird but I put a slice of white american cheese, a thin slice of ham on the flat bread and sprinkle a little feta cheese over it. Put in mocro for 30-40 sec to get the cheese to melt. Then I finely cut up a marinated artichoke heart and add a small amount of lettuce, then roll it up. Everyone who tries it loves it... ofcourse you have to like feta cheese and artichoke. I wrap it up and take it to work. - 10/26/2010   7:30:50 PM
    Tried Rosemary and olive oil, usually a favorite flavor combo of mine. I did not like them at all. Perhaps a different flavor would be okay. - 10/26/2010   6:47:55 PM
  • 61
    I like them alot for roll-ups. Never tired the other products, yet. Be looking for them. - 10/26/2010   3:00:46 PM
  • 60
    I B UY THEM IN WAL MART AND USE THEM AS PIZZA BASES. - 10/26/2010   1:59:25 PM
    We tried FlatOut wraps and didn't care for them at all! Sorry! - 10/26/2010   1:53:18 PM
    I just saw the EdgeOn Crisps last night and I've used the Flatout Wraps for a while. The FOLDits are new to me though....I'll have to look for them. I like the wraps for quick pizzas & quesadillas. - 10/26/2010   1:38:35 PM
  • 57
    i really like the flatouts...i use them for sandwiches but my favorite way to eat them is to toast them until they are real crisp and then break them into pieces and dip in hummus...just be careful not to burn them - 10/26/2010   1:37:56 PM
  • 56
    Yes, they are very good. - 10/26/2010   1:20:42 PM
    I love!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flatout bread!! especially the tomato and basil!MMMM - 10/26/2010   12:47:18 PM
    I always seem to get the Italian flavor. I've done tuna wraps and pizzas with the product. - 10/26/2010   12:37:10 PM
    I like them for wraps, both warm and cold versions but my favorite is thin crust pizza! - 10/26/2010   11:53:20 AM
  • 52
    I've seen them but Gluten Free would be nice to have... - 10/26/2010   11:47:44 AM
  • 51
    I love these flat breads. And the best part is that they also come in Kid Size. Lorraine - 10/26/2010   11:25:53 AM
  • 50
    I used to like them but I really NEED to do low carb or my energy levels are in the toilet so I abstain. LOL - 10/26/2010   11:21:54 AM
    Boy, it all sounds really good. But, for the gluten intollerant it's just not going to cut it. Add peanut allergies to the mix, and so many of the recipes or suggestions are of no help. I will never cheat, no matter how good for the average bear these products are. - 10/26/2010   10:56:52 AM
  • 48
    I like whole wheat California Lavash much better but I can only find it at Whole Foods. - 10/26/2010   10:44:47 AM
    I open the pockets and make pizza with them. Fresh veggies, mushrooms and cook. - 10/26/2010   10:30:42 AM
  • 46
    We use the wraps for Turkey burgers - cook up ground turkey in patties then slice the patties into strips - top with anything - onions, tomatoes, lettuce - and our favorite Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue - we have these once a week for supper! YUM! - 10/26/2010   10:18:56 AM
    I use them for sandwiches. Love them! - 10/26/2010   10:08:25 AM
  • 44
    They are tasty! I used to eat them quite often before I went gluten-free.

    Word of caution: The size they are is often bigger than the serving size. If you have a scale that measures in grams you can see if it is actually 52 grams or if it is more like 62. The calorie difference isn't HUGE, but I thought some might want to know! - 10/26/2010   10:07:59 AM
  • 43
    These are good subs instead of bread. I've made chips out of them too. - 10/26/2010   9:54:41 AM
    I love this product. I use for a snack with lofat/nonfat cream cheese diced apples which have been softened in the microwave for a minute or two, splenda and cinnamon. Yummy - 10/26/2010   9:40:55 AM
  • 41
    We couldn't live without the multigrain wraps! Quesadillas, wraps, pizzas, cinnamon toasty things. we love, love, love them and keep a very large stack in the freezer! - 10/26/2010   9:38:55 AM
  • 25LADY
    I have not seen these in my area yet but will definitely be looking out for them!!! - 10/26/2010   9:24:10 AM
  • 39
    I ADORE these wraps! I like to make "breakfast quesadillas" with refried beans, egg whites, salsa, and a little reduced fat cheese - delicious!!! - 10/26/2010   9:08:48 AM
  • 38
    Can't wait to try them!! - 10/26/2010   9:08:37 AM

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