VIDEO: SparkPeople Medical Expert Birdie on Oprah's Weight-Loss Show


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Yesterday we told you that a SparkPeople member was going to be featured on "Oprah." Did you watch Birdie (DR_BIRDIE) on Oprah's weight-loss episode yesterday? If you didn't, or if you want to watch again, here's your chance. Birdie told Oprah all about her 144-pound weight loss, breaking through a plateau, and more.

Watch the video of Birdie telling Oprah about how she dealt with a plateau!

See Birdie's amazing before and after photos here!

Congratulations, Birdie!

Did you tune in?

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  • 36
    Way to go Birdie!
    - 6/11/2012   1:05:04 AM
  • ASHIKA23
    Wow...this is amazing :) - 5/16/2011   4:35:54 PM
  • 34
    I watched the video you posted - never watch the Oprah show - I thought it was just a little clip and assumed they had discussed her success through, but after reading the comments from those who watched the entire show and it wasn't even mentioned, that's a little disappointing. I tell everyone about SparkPeople and I've only been a member for a little over a month. Still, Birdie looks fabulous! And maybe the editors cut that part out - perhaps they didn't want to "endorse" one health site over another??? Just a thought. Did they mention how the others reached their successful weight loss goals? - 5/13/2011   2:41:52 PM
  • 33
    Bingo Tanrazz (your last paragraph)! I would have if I could have! Birdie - 5/13/2011   1:00:28 AM
  • SLH-1268
    WoW ~ enough said!!! - 5/13/2011   12:04:28 AM
  • 31
    No, I don't watch OPRAH. Glad Birdie was on there. - 5/12/2011   11:58:12 PM
  • 30
    I not only saw her my sister and I were in the audience. Susiemt was in the second group, third from the right behind the rail and I was in section 5 hidden behind a man and I could only catch glimpses of my dress. It was a wonderful show and would you believe it the whole audience went away with Schwinn Bikes and Schwinn Helmets. Just what we both wanted but couldn't really afford. Yeah Oprah!!! - 5/12/2011   11:39:28 PM
  • 29
    wow, you look fabulous. I did miss this show, but would have loved to see it. You inspire a lot of people, Birdie. - 5/12/2011   5:18:37 PM
  • 28
    Holy Smokes......way to go Birdie. You are an inspiration to folks. You weigh 160 pounds....not so....looking a lot smaller than that.....doesn't tv add 10pounds? - 5/12/2011   4:41:44 PM
  • 27
    She was on and her and hubby looked great but she didn't get to speak about sparkpeople and that was a shame. If I lost that much I would shout it from the roof tops and spark helped me get there!!!!! - 5/12/2011   2:18:39 PM
  • 26
    I did watch. And I thought both she and her husband looked great! The only thing I was disappointed with was that she didn't get to mention SparkPeople! - 5/12/2011   1:04:07 PM
  • 25
    Missed it, thanks for posting it here!
    It's great that she came to terms with being happy with her current (obviously healthy) weight.
    I know the scale is just a number, just one tool for measuring health, but I'm obsessed with it myself. I have my "acceptable" range of numbers, and when I get too high I get anxious to get them low again (my weight fluctuates weekly, since I over-eat more on the weekends). I would love to accept my body and not be a slave to the scale! - 5/12/2011   12:12:56 PM
  • 24
    Awesome--good for you, Birdie!

    As for giving up on getting through her plateau--I can understand that, too. One of my weight loss buddies was fixated on the idea that she had to weight 120 lbs to be beautiful. She's 15 lbs from that, but, according to the BMI scale, is only 5 lbs overweight. I told her that if she can't get to 120, use other ways to judge her fitness and health--120 is just a number, and if the scale doesn't get there, it doesn't mean she's failed. =)

    I wonder if the show didn't want her to mention SarkPeople specifically. She mentions a weight loss site in her write-up on the Oprah site, so that makes me think they didn't want her to advertise for the site even if it is a wonderful tool. - 5/12/2011   10:59:55 AM
  • 23
    I love how she shared that she felt like a fraud. I see overweight nurses and doctors where I go, and my heart goes out to them. The journey back from bad health is not an easy one. - 5/12/2011   10:22:54 AM
  • 22
    I watched it here.
    Thanks - 5/12/2011   10:15:59 AM
  • 21
    Absolutely awe inspiring. Well done! - 5/12/2011   9:27:19 AM
    wow!!! that awesome, wish you the best keep up the good, God bless. - 5/12/2011   9:17:53 AM
  • 19
    That is a great accomplishment, but am I missing something? Why is it inspirational to say to give up on a goal to break a plateau? I am trying to break mine and there is no way in the world I'm giving up. - 5/12/2011   9:07:15 AM
  • 18
    Couldn't tune in from work, so thanks for posting the video link. - 5/12/2011   8:27:45 AM
  • MAGGIE275
    I saw her and her husband. It was great except they never mentioned SparkPeople. Too bad. - 5/12/2011   7:15:41 AM
  • 16
    I first saw Birdie when she was on GMA. She's the one who inspired me to start my own journey with Spark! That was 2 years ago. Now I've plateaued and my doctor said exactly what Birdie and Oprah said - it's not just a number. I obviously needed to hear it from Birdie! She continues to be my inspiration. - 5/12/2011   6:53:58 AM
  • MOLLIE_1
    I watched Oprah the day that Birdie was on, she and her husband look terrific!!!!!! - 5/12/2011   6:15:14 AM
  • 14
    Didn't know Birdie was a SPARK-er! Amazing transformation! - 5/12/2011   1:24:44 AM
  • 13
    I did watch this but didn't know she was from Sparkpeople. Too bad they didn't talk about this fabulous website on the show! - 5/12/2011   1:09:47 AM
  • 12
    Good show....and Birdie was and is Amazing. Beautiful....mother of how many children????? - 5/12/2011   1:07:26 AM
  • 11
    I missed it too. Will watch on the net in the next couple of days. Birdie sure does look great! - 5/11/2011   11:59:09 PM
  • 10
    You are inspirational! Way to go! - 5/11/2011   11:44:48 PM
    I missed it; but, I will certainly catch it online ASAP! :( - 5/11/2011   10:23:29 PM
  • 8
    Yes I did watch! great Job! you inspired me! Thanks, and keep up the good work :o) - 5/11/2011   6:05:07 PM
  • 7
    YES, I did !! - 5/11/2011   5:44:24 PM
  • 6
    I did get a chance to see this, & this lets me know that people from all walks of life have issues just like me!!! Fantastic job on your weight loss Birdie!!!

    - 5/11/2011   5:06:50 PM
    i did not tune in as its not broadcasted here yet... we are a few months behind - 5/11/2011   3:50:05 PM
  • 4
    I watched this and i was very inspired..just to know that Birdie was an overweight doctor told me that everyone of all aspects in life struggle with this issue too..i was very much inspired that after I watched the show..i got on my sparkspeople and got more inspired....i started off my day with yoga and a great breakfast...Great Job look wonderful and Sparkspeople you rock!!!! - 5/11/2011   2:36:48 PM
  • 3
    I recorded and watched this morning. I was disappointed however that sparkpeople was not mentioned as a tool for helping others. - 5/11/2011   2:32:28 PM
  • 2
    WOW! What an accomplishment. This is very inspiring. - 5/11/2011   2:31:30 PM
  • 1
    Fabulously inspiring!!! - 5/11/2011   1:54:54 PM

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