Tune In! SparkPeople Member to be on 'The Doctors'


By: , SparkPeople Blogger

One of our favorite nationally syndicated talk shows, "The Doctors," will air a show tomorrow (Friday, December 5) that features SparkPeople member Cynthia (SABLOUWHO), and we're encouraging members to tune in.

Visit www.TheDoctorsTV.com to view a preview of the show and to check your local listings to see when "The Doctors" airs in your area.

Will you tune in? Wish Cynthia luck in the comments below!

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    I will put it on the calendar. I am excited about this because I think you will get more time and upbeat comments than on the news clips. They go thru a lot every day, but they cover things fully--plus they start advertising what the program will be about a couple days early!! Great Cynthia! - 8/5/2009   12:01:30 AM
  • 58
    I DVR'ed this and watched it two or three times there was so much great information on it that it was worth saving and watching again I also shared it with my daughters and my mom. Thanks for the heads up. - 12/15/2008   5:08:51 PM
  • 57
    Ditto to everything you said, JustGwen. I was so disappointed in the show. the mention of SparkPeople was very minimal. I support her in her weightloss journey as well but why the surgery. Isn't that the easy way out? - 12/9/2008   10:31:12 PM
  • 56
    I was extremely disappointed in the show and the "also mentioned" 2 seconds for SP. I support Cynthia's efforts all the way but wonder why she needed to have surgery to lose and why is she eating only 800 calories in a day? Did she try losing b4 the operation with SP or did she find SP afterwards? And, what program will that doctor put her on? I guess I was expecting a lot more than we received. - 12/5/2008   4:33:55 PM
  • 55
    Love The Docs - 12/5/2008   12:56:48 PM
    Great way to spread the word. You go girl!! - 12/5/2008   11:57:28 AM
  • 53
    How disappointing this was! A 1 hr. show and all you heard was "Cynthia belongs to a web site Spark People".These shows have become a waste of time.All hype and all comercials.The segment must have run for 2 mins.tops. - 12/5/2008   11:30:09 AM
  • 52
    Congrats Cynthia! - 12/5/2008   11:10:28 AM
  • 51
    What an AWESOME way to spread the spark!!! - 12/5/2008   11:05:38 AM
  • 50
    Good luck Cynthia!! Your Spark Family is behind you and supporting you 100%!!! YOU GO GIRL!!
    :-) - 12/5/2008   10:56:43 AM
  • 49
    I have programed it to record on my DVR. I will watch it later on today. Thanks for the heads up and Good luck. - 12/5/2008   10:42:29 AM
  • 48
    I'm at work but I will tape the show. Good luck with it. - 12/5/2008   10:36:02 AM
  • 47
    Nice job!! will be watching!!!!!! - 12/5/2008   10:29:38 AM
    Great - I will be watching while I spin this morning - 12/5/2008   10:14:03 AM
  • 45
    I'll set the DVR just in case I forget. - 12/5/2008   9:28:45 AM
    I won't watch the show, but I wish Cynthia best wishes - have fun with it! - 12/5/2008   9:20:02 AM
  • 43
    Awesome! I will be watching! - 12/5/2008   8:39:31 AM
  • 42
    What a wonderful way to spread the spark -- Way to go, Cynthia!!

    Checked my schedule and I'll be listening (then watching) your segment as I'm cooking dinner for others tonight. - 12/5/2008   8:39:16 AM
  • 41
    Way to go, Cynthia! Spreading the spark on national tv. You are an inspiration to all. Good luck! - 12/5/2008   8:37:51 AM
  • 40
    To God be the glory for opening this door for you. We the sparkspeople family are proud, wish you the best and will have our eyes watcing you on your day to the world. - 12/5/2008   8:12:30 AM
  • 39
    Congratulations! Way to Spread the Spark! I will try to tune in today, maybe do my streght exercises while watching. - 12/5/2008   8:11:16 AM
  • 38
    Congratulations Cynthia!! I will definitely watch you today. This is an awesome opportunity for you! Spread the spark!!!!!

    Jannie in Oklahoma - 12/5/2008   6:28:00 AM
  • 37
    WOW this is wonderful. I'm usually at work during that time slot, but I will definately set my DVR so I don't miss it! Congrats! - 12/5/2008   6:19:25 AM
  • 36
    yeah I'll be watching...NE Texas here... - 12/5/2008   2:24:28 AM
  • 35
    I am so glad I read this blog! I just programmed my TiVo to record it. I look forward to seeing a Sparker featured on this show! - 12/5/2008   2:00:50 AM
    TREAT ! YOU GO GIRL - 12/5/2008   1:34:18 AM
  • 33
    Good luck on the show. I'll be watching. I really enjoy the show, and now I have another reason to watch. - 12/4/2008   11:54:48 PM
    Way to go Cynthia.Spread the spark and i will watch the show.cheers! - 12/4/2008   11:48:58 PM
  • 31
    I will set the DVR to record it! Way to go! Good luck!
    - 12/4/2008   11:41:29 PM
    Can't wait to watch it when I get home tomorrow after work. I've got the DVR set. - 12/4/2008   11:33:19 PM
  • SHERI1969
    Wish I could but I don't get the channel or station that has that show. Maybe you can post it somewhere for people who don't get it. - 12/4/2008   11:18:28 PM
  • 28
    Very cool, Cynthia. Got my DVR set to record the show so I'm sure to see you. Spread the Spark! - 12/4/2008   10:47:08 PM
  • 27
    Good luck Cynthia, I'll be watching on tomorrow. - 12/4/2008   10:08:24 PM
  • 26
    Good luck, Cynthia! I'll watch the show tomorrow for sure! - 12/4/2008   10:03:09 PM
  • CYAN36
    Good for you Cynthia. I will be watching - 12/4/2008   9:42:17 PM
  • 24
    Spread the Spark,Cynthia!! I will set my DVR,the show airs here at 9AM. - 12/4/2008   8:38:15 PM
  • 23
    Good luck, Cynthia! Way to go! - 12/4/2008   7:46:50 PM
  • 22
    Good Luck, Cynthia!!! Way to go!! - 12/4/2008   7:38:22 PM
    Wanted to say GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! but i hit the wrong button, if i had brains i would be dangerous!!! Ha!Ha! - 12/4/2008   7:04:29 PM
    I watch The Doctors almost everyday and i am very excited to see that you will be on the show!!!! Can't wait to see it!! G - 12/4/2008   7:02:09 PM
  • 19
    Cynthia, I'll be watching you. Spread the Spark People. You go girl. Barb - 12/4/2008   6:54:28 PM
  • 18

    Actually, I'm watching "The Doctors" right now. I like the show, although I think they spend too much time pushing plastic surgery. - 12/4/2008   6:48:53 PM
    I will look into it. I watched it once while on treadmill but not sure what time - 12/4/2008   6:37:10 PM
  • 16
    Yeah! I get that program at 4 in the afternoon. I'm programming my DVR right now. I'm looking forward to hearing what she has to say! - 12/4/2008   6:31:46 PM
    Yeah! Tomorrow is my day off. I will definitely be tuning in. I'm also telling my friends and family. Way to go, Cynthia. - 12/4/2008   6:09:48 PM
    My DVR is set for tomorrow cant wait. - 12/4/2008   5:34:18 PM
  • 13
    I've never heard of this show and don't know if we get it, but for sure I'll check the site again to see if the whole segment airs. I'd love to hear how this came about... did Cynthia contact the show or did they find her somehow? - 12/4/2008   5:28:49 PM
  • 12
    I never watch but I will tomorrow for Cynthia, keep up the good work. Yeah spark people members we rock. - 12/4/2008   4:25:50 PM
  • LINDA_
    I will be programing it just in case I forget. - 12/4/2008   4:25:35 PM
  • 10
    I will for sure be watching!! Already have it programmed in so I wont miss it!
    Good Job Cynthia!!! - 12/4/2008   4:15:48 PM

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