The Super Bowl Exercise Game: Work Out While You Watch


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The Super Bowl is synonymous with friendly get-togethers and party food. Too bad it usually leaves us feeling weighed down by the time the night is over. This year, let's change that!
Whether you watch the game on your own this weekend or invite a few fitness-minded friends to join you, vow to keep this year's game night healthy with light Super Bowl eats or my favorite: The Super Bowl Workout Game!  It's a fun, calorie-torching, muscle-challenging game that you can play (if you dare!) while you watch on Sunday.
Try this workout on Super Bowl Sunday or while you watch any football game in the future.
Every time the call or action on the left happens, perform the exercise listed on the right. For a printable PDF of this workout, click here.

For a printable PDF of this workout, click here.

It's guaranteed to have you rooting during the game (for the right or the wrong reasons!) and to make you sweat…a lot.

Will you be watching the Super Bowl? Will you try the Super Bowl Workout Game while you do?

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  • BUB001
    Some of these may cause you to miss part of the game! And, what are you supposed to do for halftime -- running? - 1/31/2015   10:55:20 PM
  • 137
    Lord have mercy! I could die during the Superbowl! lol
    - 1/31/2015   11:21:39 AM
  • 136
    good idea! - 1/30/2015   1:51:25 PM
  • 135
    Probably won't watch much since I don't care about the teams playing. Will try to catch the commercials. - 1/27/2015   3:19:14 PM
  • 134
    I love it. I'm gonna challenge my 10 year old son. He's an athlete! - 1/27/2015   3:14:53 PM
  • 133
    Sure I'll give it go. - 1/27/2015   10:45:43 AM
  • 132
    I'm in! - 1/27/2015   7:51:17 AM
  • 131
    I'm game for a try, plus each step for the half time energy boost. - 1/26/2015   10:07:14 PM
  • 130
    Love it! Better than a drinking game for sure! - 1/26/2015   5:03:45 PM
  • 129
    Awesome game workout! I've seen several. I've used this one a few times. But on the first downs I had to change it because by the end of the game I was using it on I have accumulated 440 bicycle crunches! I'm doing stepups next time for that one!! - 1/26/2015   2:38:44 PM
  • 128
    This sounds great for someone in shape, but I feel that 20 burpees would kill me. I have a hard enough time with 10. I just wish there was a modified list for those newer to working out. - 1/26/2015   2:24:10 PM
  • 127
    And no under-inflating the yoga mat...
    ;-) - 1/24/2015   3:45:58 AM
  • 126
    How funny! Also a good idea. I didn't watch - out to dinner. - 2/3/2014   1:13:50 PM
  • 125
    Worked it the first half then got bored with the game. :)
    Love the idea.
    - 2/3/2014   5:30:58 AM
  • 124
    This was fun - I only did some of them for the first half, but still enjoyed it. Also helped me from stuffing my face with junk food! - 2/3/2014   3:53:24 AM
    I love this idea! Today is officially my"off" day but I always try and do a little something and this was great. The burpees were killer! I have the list so I can try some of these exercises at work or during tv commercials in the future. - 2/2/2014   11:54:17 PM
  • 122
    Picked out some of these to do during the game - kept me from eating a lot of garbage, too. - 2/2/2014   11:08:44 PM
  • 121
    great idea - maybe we could have one for the Oscars too! - 2/2/2014   10:01:35 PM
  • 120
    having so much fun with this my kids are joining in. - 2/2/2014   8:28:47 PM
  • 119
    It's almost halftime and with three interceptions I'm worn out with all these burpees! - 2/2/2014   7:49:58 PM
  • 118
    It's printed and ready to bring to the Superbowl Party tonight! What a fun idea! - 2/2/2014   3:21:04 PM
  • 117
    I LOVE this. So doing this tonight. - 2/2/2014   2:41:39 PM
  • 116
    I'm making everyone do this today! Looks like fun :) - 2/2/2014   1:31:57 PM
  • 115
    Cool ... - 2/2/2014   7:26:29 AM
    Hhahaha... it is so funny. - 2/2/2014   2:08:40 AM
    too much fun - 1/30/2014   6:23:34 PM
  • 112
    This looks like fun. I wish I would have had this for the regular season. Now where do the bratwurst and beer fit in? On every insurance commercial? :) - 1/28/2014   10:30:58 AM
  • 111
    NOPE. My football season ENDS with the GREY CUP. CFL is REAL football
    - 1/26/2014   5:44:44 PM
  • 110
    I will do 25 jumping jacks at each touchdown for Seattle- - 1/23/2014   10:54:46 PM
  • 109
    I missed this idea. I wish I would have seen this before the superbowl. But you know what?? This is a good idea on watching any tv show/movie. Like every commercial do something. Thanks for the idea. :) - 2/6/2013   4:19:33 AM
    I made it through the first half (and what felt like a gazillion bicycle crunches). It was awesome!!! I even inspired others to try. I was shocked at how much I could do, and even more shocked that I could walk the next day! - 2/5/2013   11:31:53 AM
  • 107
    My DD and I tried this today during the super bowl. We made it through the first half before we got too tired to continue. Of course the power break during the game really did it.
    One thing that was really good was I drank 64 oz of water during the workout and throughout the game!
    Great how do you put this into the fitness tracker??? - 2/4/2013   12:56:45 AM
  • 106
    This is great! And there's actually a decent amount of breaks in between. Enought time to get some water in! - 2/3/2013   9:24:46 PM
  • 105
    I have just printed out my challenge only 2hrs to go, LET'S GET IT ON....GO RAVENS!!!! :) - 2/3/2013   4:57:31 PM
    I don't fully agree here. Why not get your normal or maybe a little heavier workout in before the game and then enjoy the game like normal. Set a food intake goal and stick to it. Have a partner help you avoid the temptations and your willpower will grow a little. Enjoy the game people. With all that jumping and burpeeing you're going to miss half of it. - 2/3/2013   11:59:26 AM
  • 103
    Let's go SparkTeam!!! Super Bowl calorie burrrrrrrrrnnn!!! - 2/3/2013   9:34:52 AM
  • 102
    I am so wound up for this game
    I am a 49er fan and will need this workout game to get through my jitters!!
    Go niners!!! - 2/2/2013   6:05:48 PM
  • 101
    I would do this, but I'll be in a crowded bar, and I'm not so sure trying to exercise while drinking whiskey is a good idea... =P - 2/2/2013   10:07:42 AM
  • 100
    For the exercises I can do, I'm in! My 6yr old grand-daughter and I will have a great time and everyone else will think we're insane. Lol - 2/1/2013   5:43:57 PM
  • 99
    good idea - 2/1/2013   7:19:16 AM
  • 98
    Great Idea ;-)
    Thanks for Sharing !!!
    - 2/1/2013   1:11:02 AM
  • 97
    Love it! I'm in! - 1/31/2013   9:27:33 PM
  • 96
    What a great idea...even if you can incorporate only some of these, you'll get a great workout! Fun!!! Can't wait to try this with the boys on Superbowl Sunday - 1/31/2013   10:09:07 AM
  • 95
    I'll certainly try to include some of them! - 1/31/2013   9:34:37 AM
  • 94
    I can see doing some, but really. This looks like the challenge going when the Olympics was happening. Guess that will be coming again soon, too. The idea is good, but as another sparker said, the game is to be enjoyed. - 1/31/2013   9:26:49 AM
  • RD03875
    The game doesn't come on until 3:30AM where I am, don't think I will feel like jumping around and exercising at that hour. I probably won't even get up and watch since we do not get the commercials. - 1/31/2013   5:25:30 AM
  • MRE1956
    Looks like fun - don't know if I'll be watching since there's no "local skin" in the game this year...... - 1/31/2013   4:53:03 AM
  • 91
    I am going to have to print that and do it. Others will look at me like I am crazy because I think I will not tell them what I am doing. LOL - 1/31/2013   4:21:05 AM
  • 90
    This is way too much work -- I plan to enjoy the game. I do have a football game exercise challenge with one of my Spark teams throughout the season, but the Superbowl is time to sit back and enjoy. (And try to keep the snacks healthy.) - 1/31/2013   12:26:15 AM
    We have had an exercise bike in our living room, in front of the tv for at least 9 yrs., and we watch alot of sports, or whatever. Neither one of us ever just "sits and stares" at the tv, doesn't matter if it's weekend, holidays, etc., so we ride the bike for several hours every day. Also keep weights on the floor to just pick up. It's the easiest way to get exercise in every day, you don't even need to "dress" is you don't want to, so no excuses. Good ideas on the list. - 1/30/2013   9:15:45 PM

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