Take the Pledge to Walk by Participating in National Start! Walking Day

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While many of us spent the past three to four months cooped up in our homes, now that spring has sprung, you may be looking for the perfect motivation to get up and moving. And what better way to start then to take part in the American Heart Associationís National Start! Walking Day which begins on Wednesday, April 8th.

Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer of all adults. Just by making small, permanent changes in our lifestyle, many of us may be able to avert many of the problems associated with a lack of activity. And walking is the perfect activity to do just that.

Although I have spent the better part of 3 years running, I have not always been a runner. I actually started walking long before I started running. What makes walking such a great activity is the fact it can be done almost anywhere at anytime. There are really no excuses. And the great thing about walking is the results are cumulative while being a tad easier on the joints than running. It also allows you to share some activity time with non-running friends and family.

Walking is such a phenomenal activity by warding off many physical ailments. The benefits of walking include the following:

  • Reduces the risk for heart disease
  • Reduces the risk for cancers
  • Reduces the risk for stroke
  • Reduces the risk of Type II Diabetes by stabilizing blood sugars
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces oneís risk of a hip fracture
  • Helps control blood pressure
  • Helps to increase oneís HDL (or good cholesterol)
  • Helps one to lose weight
  • Helps one to sleep better at night

    By having a day such as the National Start! Walking Day, it allows many of us to start an exercise routine that has been missing over the cold winter months or because we have yet to start one. Consistency is essential to everything we do; therefore committing yourself to meeting your fellow co-workers each day for a nice brisk walk may be the just the springboard you need to get up and get active.

    So sign up today and be sure to bring your walking shoes to work with you on Wednesday, April 8th and challenge your co-workers to a good walk. Just a brisk 30 minute walk may be all you need to get you on the path to a healthier you!

    Would you be willing to lead a walking group with your fellow co-workers? Are you willing to take the pledge of walking 30 minutes a day? Do you currently walk?

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    lI was with my foot dr. today and told him I would like to get into a walking program. He, tall and thin runs and walks seriously. He is having A DOPLER DONE ON ME AT THE LOCAL HOSPITAL TO SEE HOW I CAN BE HELPED. WOOHOO Report
    Great Challenge!! I may try this with my Sister! Report
    I love to walk! I am a nurse and on my feet most of the day but i still walk my 2 miles after work it is a great stress reliever for me. I always try to encourage people to walk it is the best form of exercise and can fit into anyones lifestyle or health condition. Take it slow or kick it up, depends on the individual. It is also an excellent exercise for anyones cardiovascular system. i would like to someday participate in a 5k and eventually a half marathon but i would primarily walk it rather than run it. Report
    Looks like this blog has been inactive for awhile, thanks DottieJane1 for starting again, but wallking has to become a way of life for more of us.Don't wait until April 8 to start! I try to walk 7 days per week a minimum of 30 mins. each day. My question is: How do you encourage your co-workers and/or family members to walk with you? Any suggestions are welcomed. Report
    Count me in i walk at least 30 mins. Plan on getting this time increased. Report
    Most days I do walk at least 30 minutes but some days I focus on other exercises. Report
    I love to walk, and get at least 30 min 5 days a week, usually a lot more. During the summer when my lunch hour coincides with my coworker, we walk for 30 mins during lunch instead of sitting around and doing nothing. Since we walk before we eat, we're less hungry and eat less. Report
    I love to walk. I will try and get my co-workers committed to walking at lunch. I do commit 15 minutes a day to walking during my lunch break. Report
    Walking over my lunch hour is how I started this journey four month ago. However, I value the time as personal (for thinking about life, meditating, praying, etc.) so I normally don't invite people along. Report
    I spend 20 to 30 minutes of my 1 hour lunch walking daily. I used to snack on the junk food that was sitting around at work after finishing my lunch to "fill" the hour. Now I put on my tennis shoes and go. Its a win-win. Report
    I dont want to sound fanatic, but there are days that i rather be late at work than miss walking. I am so fortunate that my sister introduced me to walking and its life long benefits. THANK YOU Report
    I love to walk and it is part of my daily work routine. I walk to the stock rooms getting stuff for customers. I walk to work and in the summer months walk home. I try to get in aleast 10,500 steps on my days off and I do over 20,000 step or more when I am at work. Walking is so important, walking with friends even better. Report
    an even better incentive, even if I'm not in the US. I'm currently at minimum 20 (fitting in my lunch break) I'll get the other 10 minutes in as well. Report
    I got off the couch about 1 month ago and now am up to 10 or more miles a week. I have a husband and a doggie-dog to thank....they are both extraordinarily supportive (well, the dog is more insistent than supportive!) SO COUNT ME IN!! Report
    I just started walking about 2 weeks ago, so count me in! Report
    Most everyone can do some sort of walking.Even if you are truly out of shape. Just start by walking to end of your driveway. Every little helps. HAPPY WALKING!! Report
    Howdy! I pledge to walk and help a friend walk. I'm not new to walking, but she is! Report
    I will pledge to walk. I can walk in doors and on a level surface. Report
    I'm a stay at home mom but I try and walk for 30 minutes with the kids everyday or get me a 20-40 minute jog on my wii fit free run. Report
    I currently walk every day and would be a total grouch if I didn't. Report
    Since I am just starting an exercise program, I have decided to walk 20 minutes a day three times a week, and eventually over time I will increase the duration. It is important that you keep your heart rate within a certain target heart rate while walking and of course add a 5 minute warm up and 5 min cool down too. Report
    Oddly enough the recession has positively changed my workout. I can't afford to pay the $90/month parking fee so a co worker and myself park exactly .99 miles away from our office and walk to and from. It's great becuase I know that no matter how busy I get I atleast have that 1.98 miles walked 5 days per week. As an extra push we try to make the walk in less time every week. Report
    I'm committed to walking 30 mins. per day, 6 days per week. I just started recently; today is day 3 for me. I need this very much! Over-weight, depression, excessive stress, and a way-too-sedentary life style are prematurely aging me. Report
    I committed to walking 30 minutes a day and I look forward to it. I feel refreshed after walking. There is a lake near my house and the scenery is beautiful. Report
    Through the winter I walked to the bank and Post office at work. The round trip takes less than an hour and really gives me a lift to get outside, even on the coldest days. Report
    Ok I'm in! It's a wee bit chilly outside, but I'm gonna bundle up and take my dog out right now. We'll both enjoy a nice walk! Report
    I'm in. I have about 10-15 lbs. to lose and if the weather cooperates I will walk for 2 hours tomorrow. Report
    I pledge, to the best of my disabled physical abilities, to start walking exercises on a regular basis and to increase the time & distance as my condition allows!
    Sounds great...I'm in! Report
    I have some physical challenges that I have been dealing with and this has prevented me from doing any sort of exercises. But I am going to grab this opportunity on this date to get moving. Report
    I'm with Amber512, I'll start walking outside again when it stops raining & gets a little warmer. I will do some inside walking until then. I try to walk at least 30 min. per day, not necessarily all at once due to physical disabilities. Report
    I'm restarting my walking regime and I've invited other homeschool moms to get together with our children and walk with our children on April 8th. Inshallah, I'll have several takers. Report
    I haven't been walking since the winter set in and i don't have a treadmill or a place to walk in the winter (in-doors) but i will certainly try to do it wednesday. since the weather is getting better it will be easier to walk outside. i have noticed that i do feel so much better when i do walk. Report
    I'm already walk at least that much most days of the week. Lately, I've added the bike to build endurance and raise the heart rate. Still, walking, with the occasional interval, is great exercise and I love that you can do it anywhere. Motivate! Report
    I'm up for the challenge! I already take 30 minute walks, just not daily. Maybe this is the motivation I need. Report
    I am going to commit to this. It is nice outside and me and the dogs need fresh air! Report
    I already go for a walk at my lunch break every day; if I didn't, I would be very cranky by the end of the day! My emotional well-being needs that 30 minutes to forget work and enjoy being outside. Quite a few of my coworkers are now doing the same! Report
    walking outdoors is the best. I will be walking on Wed for at least 30 min. or more. Go Walkers! Report
    I do walk: at home. I don't have a safe place around me to walk outside, isn't that awful? However, I am determined to start walking with at least ONE dog at a time, and I'll start on the eighth. Why on earth is it on a Wednesday? LOL I won't lead a team, nosiree, but I'll walk. I agree with the it's my me time. Report
    That's cool. Report
    Hi all my sparkpeople friends, today I am going to start walking outside or on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes 6 times a week. I am on board and make my pledge for this challenge. Thanks all for the encouragement. Report
    For the last two weeks I have been bringing my walk away the pounds dvd to work and a few girls have joined me. I decided though I could chill my lunch break my body will look better if I move it for 30 mins. I am loving it and now some of the staff wants to try it because they want to look good in the warm weather too. :) I will let them know about the walk day! Report
    I like to pledge 30 min/day during the rest of the month min. I love to walk, I'm trying to walk at least 10k/day. Report
    A 30 minute walk for me would mean walking one way, either to work or home, and since I get a ride to work most days, it would help save on gas and wear & tear on the car too. A winning idea! Report
    I am ready to do this and we've made it a corporate goal at work. I'm very excited to see how this works for us. Report
    I love to walk! Its so nice the warm weather is here, now I can walk outside more often! Report
    I am glad that its getting warmer because now I can walk outside. Report
    I love to walk I walk everyday!! Report
    I love walking especially at the park cant wait for the weather to get nice and warm so I can go back to walking outside right now am walking on my treadmill Report
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