Special SparkPeople Issue of 'All You' Magazine Out Now

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Everyone at SparkPeople has been eager to share some big news for months now, but we had to wait until the time was right. That time has finally come!

For the last several months, we've been working closely with the writers and editors at All You magazine. We love All You for many reasons: it's low price, it's realistic portrayal of real women with real bodies, its great tips and advice. So we were beyond thrilled to contribute to the magazine to help create a special "SparkPeople" health and fitness issue, which is on newsstands (sold exclusively at Walmart stores) today!

This is a major breakthrough for the SparkPeople brand—a great opportunity for us to showcase the amazing weight-loss stories of several members, share our workouts, recipes and advice in a new format, and Spread the Spark to even more people. And the photos! I have one word to summarize the food, the exercises and the before and after shots of our members: Breathtaking!

You can find this issue at Walmart starting today, but here's a sneak peek of what—and who—you'll find inside (plus an offer to get this special issue for FREE!).

A few highlights and special people you'll find inside All You's Winter 2011 Health and Fitness issue:
  • Weight-loss success stories (and strategies) of 5 SparkPeople members: LORIELP, PRINCESSNURSE, SMARTLADY66, SP_COACH_NANCY, and TONIABLAKE
  • 10 deliciously simple recipes from our very own Chef Meg
  • A seasonal slimdown story "Get Thinner This Winter" designed by SparkPeople's Dietitian Becky and featuring a 10-week meal plan to help you drop 10 pounds
  • "Hone your mental fitness," with motivation and emotional weight-loss strategies from Coach Dean
  • "Trim and Tone in 10 Minutes," an at-home winter workout from me, Coach Nicole. (I was flown to New York City for my first-ever professional photo shoot for this one. SO COOL!)
  • An inspiring story of online friendship featuring members who met at SparkPeople.com and later in real life, featuring BETH43, BUGMAMA42, GREENTREES76 and more
  • An excerpt from the Strong Start Guide of the new paperback edition of The Spark
  • Tips, mantras and advice from 19 more SparkPeople members sprinkled throughout
  • Plus dozens of other stories from the writers and editors of All You, such as a 4-week walking plan, reviews of the latest cardio dance DVDs, tips to end emotional eating, and strategies to indulge without blowing your diet!
While supplies last, you can get a FREE copy of this amazing issue when you purchase the new paperback version of The Spark (now less than $12 at amazon.com!)—the perfect combo of tips, resources and practical advice to start this year on the right foot!

We hope that you'll help us Spread the Spark by looking for this issue of All You on newsstands. If you can't tell already, 2011 is going to be a BIG year for SparkPeople. Thanks for your support!

Note: In some markets, you may see the following cover instead of the one pictured above:

Have you ever read All You magazine? Will you pick up this special issue?

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Isn't it wonderful that so many here can afford to NOT go to Walmart, they are doing so well financially apparently!! I participated in some kind of survey thing before "All You" began, they promised to have "regular" looking women in there, but when the magazine came out, they just had good looking chicks in there, and not even older women. So I didn't subscribe to it. I notice on the cover now, they want women to get "skinny", a term I find to mean, they want women to look as though they are 12 or 13 or "prepubescent" looking, in order to meet their ideas of "thin enough". So I still won't be buying the magazine. Report
never heard of it til now. looking good sparkpeople! Report
I love All You and think I might have to finally pick up a copy of the Spark the next time I go to WalMart. ;) Report
I subscribe to All You. So I wonder if it will come as my subscription issue this month or I have to buy it separately? Report
I used to work at a company that made the magazine...used to love to read it when I had the chance. They always have tasty looking recipes, and good articles. This will be the first time I actually buy one! LOL! Report
Got mine at Walmart today and am really enjoying the articles about SP, as well as the rest of the magazine, Awesome! Report
I have never seen this magazine, but I'll keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the info. Report
Never heard of the magazine, but will look for this issue. Wish it were available at somewhere other than Walmart though. Still, great exposure! Report
love this rag. buy it all the time . they have such great coupons . and articles . . Report
Never heard of this magazine. Report
WOW: that's GREAT!!! Report
Will have to look for the copy next time I go to Walmart. I do not like Walmart for a lot of reasons but it is the closest store to us so I do shop there for some items. All You is available only at Walmart so if you do not shop there it will be hard to find although copies are probably available on ebay. I have a subscription to All You and like all the coupons available in the magazine. Report
I am going to have to see if I can scrape together enough for this issue. For those who have seen both the hard-back and paper-back book, are there many changes? I couldn't see well enough to get through my book, so I am now pulling it out to try to finish.

For those who are putting down Walmart, there are many of us who cannot afford to shop elsewhere (most times not even at Walmart). As for human rights, they are the only places around here other than Goodwill that will hire anyone with disabilities and the Goodwills I have been to advertise that they do, but none of them have any employees with disabilities. Report
I can't wait for my copy to show up. I don't shop at Wal-Mart, but if I like it I would consider a subscription. Report
I subscribe to All You! What a great fit for Spark People! I'm off to Walmart to buy this special issue... Report
I was at Wal-Mart last night, and picked up a copy, but it was the wrong one. I will have to go back and see if they have this issue!! The issue I got was great though, had lots and lots of coupons. I was in coupon clipping heaven. Report
I would love a copy of the magazine and I do have the hardback book. I am just so surprised that it is only available at Walmart. I will not shop there for several reasons.
I hope Spark realizes that this is too good of a magazine to just sell at W-mart.
Thanks, anxious to hear what happens when it gets more well known. Report
Oh well, have to break down and go to Walmart now to get the copy! Then I'll see if I want to subscribe directly.
I'm not a Walmart-hating snob, and I respect anyone's choice to shop where they wish. What keeps me away is the crowds, the crazy parking/traffic, and the particular store's atmosphere in my city. Big city Walmarts are VERY different than the ones found in small towns.
If my Walmart was like the one I've been to in Kenedy TX I'd be there more often to shop!
with all due respect to those people who are working for Walmart making an honest living. Report
WTG!!!!! I am so glad that SP is getting the reconition it deserves!!! Report
Congratulations SP! I'll look for a copy this weekend. You guys rock!! Report
Unfortunately, like many others said, I do not shop at Walmart due to their numerous unethical business practices. But I hope a lot of people get some good out of it - I'm sure most Walmart shoppers could use a free resource like SP. Report
Why on EARTH would Spark associate itself with Wal-Mart is beyond me. Wal-Mart routinely fires employees who wish to start a union and is in voilation of so many human right across the world I don't know how the people who own in even sleep at night. I will never cross the threshold to a Wal-Mart store as long as I live. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? Google "Wal-Mart in violation of human rights" and watch as over 200,000 results pop up. Report
I love this magazine...it also contains an absurd amount of coupons...and I love that PrincessNurse is featured...she was one of the first two people whose stories I read - I was so impressed, I joined right away. She is so encouraging to so many on this site! Yay for SP!!!!! Report
No wonder I couldn't find it yesterday! I WILL have it today! Report
I also refuse to shop at Walmart (have boycotted them for several years now). Glad to see that there are so many other Walmart boycotters here!! I've never heard of this magazine and I won't be getting a copy of this unless I find it free somewhere - library, Dr. office, hair salon. I don't subscribe to magazines either - find that they are mostly a waste of time and money. Report
Way to go Coach Nicole - I'm sure your first photo shoot was an awesome experience!!!! I purchased "The Spark" in hard back form when it first came out. I'd like to know if the addition will be made available to those of us who bought the book earlier. I look forward to getting my copy of "All You". It sounds like a great magazine! Report
I just bought my copy of the paperback spark..I live in New Brunswick, Canada and they will only mail the free copies to a US address. I have a friend who lives in Maine and travels to my City 2 time a week. I used her address and she will deliver it to me when she receives it. It is unfortunate that we can not have it mailed to us in Canada. Does anyone know if Canadians will be able to purchase the other issue at WalMart. Report
Couple things...first I already LOVE this magazine-been getting it in the mail for over a year. It keeps you motivated and has tons of coupons which cover the cost plus more!! Second-wal-mart haters need to get a grip. I suggest they try financially supplement those who have to shop at wal-mart to survive if they are so worried about wal-mart. Whether they like it or not, most of the time the dollar goes further at wal-mart!! For those who work and scrape for those dollars-they are prescious. ALso-wal mart promotes from with in so new hires who are dyslexic, mentally challenged and would have trouble getting hired elsewhere-actually move into assistant manager positions. I know-have 2 relatives who did it. LIke I say-don't like wal-mart-then YOU fund a family who is poor so they can feed and clothe their kids. Report
Sorry, I won't be buying this magazine as I will NOT shop at Walmart! Report
Will look for this magazine today Report
Walmart in Ontario Canada does not carry the magazine.
I'll look for it at the local library as I never buy magazines. Report
They have a good on line site too. I have been going there for months. Report
I remember this offer when I bought the book - when should those of us who were part of that original offer expect to see our special issues in the mail? I'll be watching closely for it! Report
I have kept meaning to order this book and this was the push I needed! I love sparkpeople and I love All you-they also have great coupons in their magazines! Report
I have never read this magazine but I will check out this special issue. I love anything about spark people. Report
Its a good magazine I have purchased many issues of it. Spark people should look into publishing its own magazine. At say $12.00 per year to us sparklers. Report
Could someone that bought the issue tell me what the date is on it. I was at my local Walmart tonight and they don't have this issue out. I looked at the date...but do you think I can remember what it was? Noooo...but I think it was January 21 or 29...something like that. Report
I just picked up my copy! Can't wait to read it!!! Report
I wish I could get a copy, but because I live in Tasmania, Australia, All You is not available. I've never even heard of Walmart so certainly can't buy the issue from there. (: Report
I just got my issue yesterday, but have not read it. I am going to get it as soon as I finish my browsing of Sparkpeople. Report
Bought this yesterday when I saw it at Sam's!! Report
I've never read it and to be honest I've never heard of it. I will definitely buy this issue and maybe subscribe too. Report
A couple years ago I got a subscription to All You from our school magazine sale. I like it! What a great way for SP to get the word out! Report
Too bad it's exclusive to Walmart. Report
I bought the book. Hope the magazine comes soon! Report
Picked up my copy today. First timer ... if I like, will subscribe! Report
I have received the magazine for several years now and love it. If you want to try it I would highly recommend you take advantage of this special. Report
I bought the book on Amazon.com the 2nd week of December as a gift for my friend, but it didn't come with the free magazine. Also, I forgot to look in there on whatever page it was to earn my points or anything, either! :( Report
I went ahead and purchased the book on Amazon, didn't say anything about the mag. being included so I hope it is!! Report
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