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At SparkPeople, we are constantly innovating because we are all passionate about helping others reach their goals and lead healthier lives. From improving our mobile apps, to enhancing existing website features, to writing our own books, we are always busy. Many of these features and product ideas come directly from member suggestions! Others are ideas we think of ourselves because we notice a need for them.
One new feature we are all very excited about is called SparkPeople Live! Our members have long requested the ability to regularly meet up with other members and get personal contact in addition to our online support. Others continue to pay for other diet or "weight watching" meetings in conjunction with using SparkPeople's free tools because they say that they need that in-person accountability to help them stay on track.
Now you don't need to go anywhere to get the real-time contact, accountability and support you're looking for.
SparkPeople Live! brings it right to your home at a time that's convenient for you. Our hour-long meetings are led by experienced and successful SparkPeople members (BOBBYD31, CASSIOEPIA, KRYSTIES4, MIAMIA7, SHAWNEDA and SPARKGIRL32) who have been hand-picked and trained by our staff to teach a weekly lesson (on topics like emotional eating, portion control, fitting in fitness and more) and encourage lively discussion among all participants—in real time. From the comfort of your home, you watch the live lesson on your computer, and have the choice to interact in the meeting via webcam, audio, and/or typing commentary—whatever participation level is most comfortable for you.

Real screenshot of a SparkPeople Live! meeting
These online meetings offer all the positivity, support and motivation you'd expect from SparkPeople. You never need to feel embarrassed and no one will make you feel ashamed. No longer do you have to go to public weigh-ins and share your weight with strangers. Instead, you'll get nothing but positivity, support and encouragement you need to stick with your program—support that has been proven to help people get better results.  And every month, our own experts will lead a special meeting, giving you the chance to learn and directly interact with SparkGuy, Coach Nicole, Chef Meg, Dietitian Becky—and more!
Here's what SparkPeople Live! participants are saying:
"This class was GREAT! It was just plain encouraging. I did not have access to a web cam, but it was nice to see our meeting leaders speaking. It was very exciting, and I feel quite confident I will be breaking my plateau with the extra boost!" – SLIMCARROL
"Having an online support group allows you to connect with others on a more personal level and pushes the envelope on accountability." –IRISH_EYES_66
"I was in the Tuesday afternoon meeting with Anne and Bobby. I loved it! I blogged about it! Very back and forth in the conversation. They both included those that did not have microphones and were just typing. That was wonderful, since I wondered if I would feel left out. I didn't. I already have a microphone headset for next time! WooHoo!" – 2BEEFIT
"I attended this morning's session with Krystie and it was awesome. There was a lot of group participation and Krystie did an excellent job of leading the session. Topic was perfect for me: emotional eating. I'd highly recommend people signing up for these sessions. The group support is so beneficial. Thanks, SparkPeople, for offering this service. We don't have to drive anywhere and become more frustrated (an emotion), which in itself reduces the stress factor and excuse to eat something we shouldn't have." –DOODLESOUP

"I love SparkPeople Live! It's very informative and by the end of the meeting, it has you feeling great. You get take home information on everything that was discussed so you don't have to take notes, and each week they give you a new challenge to accomplish and they are not over-the-top challenges—very down to earth and achievable." – AJHALL11281

"In case you missed the announcement, SparkPeople now has e-meetings. It's like a WW meeting except it's online. You can chat via text or use a mic or webcam to interact. Each meeting is lead by a Spark Leader and has a different theme…Overall I've really enjoyed the meetings. I was a member of the beta group, so I've been attending meetings for a couple of months now. Last week's topic was about substitutions and even I, a long time WW, learned something new. Give it a try, especially if you've been missing the interaction from going to meetings. Have a great weekend!" – GIRLYFIED
*Bold emphasis added to quotes above
While all of SparkPeople's online features are free, the technology needed to run live online meetings is expensive, so we are charging a nominal monthly fee of $12.99 to help offset these costs—that's just $3.25 a week (and a much better way to reward and treat yourself than buying a latte for the same cost). We also offer a super rate on a 3-month subscription: $25.98, which works out to just over $2 per week. There is no registration fee, your first week is always free, and you can cancel at anytime. Plus that price gets you unlimited access to meetings, along with a lot of other fun freebies (extra SparkPoints, a 20% off coupon for The SparkPeople Store and more), including access to special monthly meetings led by our experts and coaches. Learn more or to sign up for your free trial of SparkPeople Live!
We hope you will choose to take advantage of the support, motivation and encouragement that SparkPeople Live! offers. As always, we will keep working to provide you with the best support possible as you work toward your goals.

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  • 25
    Are any live sessions still available or scheduled for the future? Where I can find out more about them and possibly get a calendar of events or something like that?
    - 7/26/2012   4:40:24 PM
    Once I get my budget together post plumbing problems I will sit in on the meetings. - 1/17/2012   4:14:03 PM
    Sounds great, but at this time I have to pass for personal reasons. Just wondering since SP has so many sponsors why not have the sponsors pay for the live chat and have it free for the sp members? just a thought since sp is supposely free. - 1/2/2012   4:47:38 PM
  • 22
    I have to disagree with the posts that the price is too steep. Other weight loss support groups charge WAY more, or they waive the fee if you "buy their food" -either way, they get you. As soon as I am back to work (hopefully December) I will be off of my "ramen noodle" budget and will be signing up!

    I am more interested in hearing how the meetings are going, but I guess they're too new to have a lot of feedback yet. The ultimate test to the price is what you GET for the money you pay. Support groups may not be for everyone, but I think it is a good step for this site. - 10/14/2011   11:26:47 AM
  • 21
    I must be missing something simple. I paid for a 3 month membership and I'm looking forward to joining a meeting. I can't seem to find exactly what I need to do to know when the meetings are being held and how I join one. - 10/13/2011   4:23:22 AM
  • 20
    with the discounts at the Spark Store, it's possible the subscription will pay for itself! And it is an investment in one's health. - 10/13/2011   12:28:20 AM
  • 19
    this is such an awesome program and not because i am one of the leaders, there are just so many benefits and the price is fantastic. give it a chance, you won't be sorry - 10/11/2011   8:24:26 PM
  • 18
    I'm interested, but I'd like to know WHEN the live presentations are given. I went to the LiveMind website and couldn't find that answer. Sorry, folks, I'm not going to even sign up until I know if I'll be able to participate. - 10/11/2011   6:11:12 PM
  • 17
    I signed up! We'll see how it goes, since I'm VERY technology disadvantaged! - 10/11/2011   10:41:38 AM
  • 16
    I went to sign up for a live class based on the comment from a Canadian in this line up of comments and the pay page would NOT give me a Canadian province option, only states. But it seemed to accept my payment anyway. This could cause a problem as there is no Granisle in Alabama. But my postal code is listed so they will see this is a Canadian. I hope this does not cause a problem. Maybe someone can comment on this. - 10/11/2011   10:14:05 AM
    Yes, people outside the USA can attend meetings. And in fact, I'm Canadian, and one of the leaders.

    Class times are held throughout the week, even on weekends, and several times per day.

    This has been an awesome addition to the SparkPeople line up, and I love using the new technology. - 10/11/2011   9:26:44 AM
  • 14
    Spark People rock. I'm unemployed so going live support is a bit expensive for me now. - 10/11/2011   9:23:43 AM
  • 13
    When is it held? I don't want to put the money into it if I can't make it to the meetings. - 10/11/2011   5:00:47 AM
  • 12
    It would be great if you mentioned the fee upfront. That way - people for whom it's not an option would not be getting their hopes up... only have them taken away at the end of the post - 10/11/2011   3:36:01 AM
  • AMBER461
    I hope I get the chance to watch the meeting online soon. - 10/10/2011   10:09:22 PM
  • 10
    took my first class tonight it was great loved it loved it loved it I am so motivated for the rest of the week
    Thanks Spark for heading this up
    - 10/10/2011   9:44:08 PM
  • 9
    Are these online meetings only open to individuals in the US. I am in Canada and when I tried to enter my information to join - I am unable.

    Purrrpy - 10/10/2011   8:37:42 PM
  • 8
    Today I just paid over $200 to one of those weight watching groups. Too bad I didn't hear about this a few hours sooner. - 10/10/2011   8:09:27 PM
  • 7
    I have been participating in the LIVE meetings for a little over a month now and it is great! The positive weekly meeting has become part of my schedule and the weekly take home assignments are simple, yet help keep me on track and focused. Also: I have made new SparkFriends from the meetings, who I blog with during the week and get to chat/see during the ineractive meeting.
    I really enjoy it and hope to see you at a meeting!! - 10/10/2011   8:00:32 PM
    This is wonderful. By far the best present that anyone could give me. I need the extra support and motivation Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!
    And God Bless you for caring so much Chris!
    - 10/10/2011   6:29:14 PM
    For now, this is not something I want to do, but it wonderful to have the option if I change my mind - and the price really is fair. - 10/10/2011   6:10:52 PM
  • 4
    LiveMind: LOVE IT!
    Someone said to me "why should I pay money if I can get everything free?" and I could only begin to state what I thought obvious: there is a cost to provide this service and frankly that cost to US is minimal compared to 'support groups' that charge much more and want you to follow their ever-changing formulas and 'diets'! I feel I get more for much less. And more personalized advice and support, too! A true win-win! LiveMind provides in-real-time 'live' support for the important issues that we address as we alter our lifestyles from the 'before' to the 'healthy'! And while we get information here and tools here, this feature strengthens everything we are doing because it IS live. Everyone, teacher and attendees!, is chatting away typing, talking on mic...and following a set 'class outline' to give purpose and structure as the basis for each meeting.

    After 4 years of being on the SP site, I was delighted with this new feature; it is an incredible addition to an already great tool for my journey to ME! THANK YOU SP! - 10/10/2011   3:48:13 PM
  • 3
    Hi Everyone -- SparkPeople LIVE really rocks. I did a live presentation recently and it was amazing to be together live online in these meetings. It really helps take the SP experience to a new level.


    Chris (SparkGuy)
    em>54 /em>
    - 10/10/2011   3:40:51 PM

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