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'So You Think You Can Dance' Meets 'The Biggest Loser': Will You Tune In?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
The Biggest Loser, NBC's weight-loss reality show, is a hit.
So is FOX's dance show, So You Think You Can Dance?

Now Oxygen has a show that seems to combine them both. Contestants compete in both dance and weight-loss challenges each week on the show Dance Your A** Off. The winner will take home $100,000!
I just watched a sneak peek on the Oxygen website:

Trice shows her new, professional dance partner what she can do. The 23-year-old breaks out into the splits and busts moves I've only seen in music videos! Did I mention that she weighs 274 pounds? She's impressive! I can't wait to see more.

Will you tune in?

According to Oxygen:
"Twelve finalists, nearly 3,000 lbs, one goal -- to go from an eating machine to a dancing machine in Oxygen's new dance/weight loss competition series Dance Your A** Off, hosted by TONY Award-winning actress Marissa Jaret Winokur.

Bringing dance and diet together, Dance Your A** Off features talented, full-figured contestants who will have to lose to win. Each contestant is paired with a professional dance partner who will train him or her for weekly stage performances -- ranging from Hip Hop, to Ballroom and even Pole Dancing!

Then they shake and rattle their rolls in front of a live studio audience and a panel of expert judges. The judges score the routines, and then the contestants weigh in to reveal their weekly weight loss. The dance score and the weight loss are combined for an overall score, which determines who is sent home each week."

The show airs every Monday at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. CST. Check your local listings for more information.

Will you tune in to watch this show? Do you watch reality TV or weight-loss shows? Do you find them inspiring?

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I watched the first season & will be watching it again. Ruben won and was going to use the money to help his partner fight his cancer. I can't remember how much weight he lost altogether but as the weeks went on one could see him slimming down. It also helps the other contestants realize that they have choices. Along with those choices affect the outcome of their weight gain/lose. I'm all for anyone trying to lose unhealthy weight. Report
Some so called reality shows like the Bachelor SO far from reality but any show that promotes self improvement and helps someone gain self esteem is ok with me. So many things on tv and in live knock people down for being overweight, not being their definition of beautiful etc. Even commericals for exercise videos or slimming garments use very attractive slim models!! I watched this last season and it was what real life should be, having someone supporting you and helping you feel good about yourself and meet your goals. Give Dancing your A** Off a chance and don't lump it with all the other reality shows but keep in mind like Biggest Loser it is still a tv show and the people have taken time away from their lifes, jobs and families to be there. Most people do not have that luxury but there are many things that we can take away from shows like that could give us inspiration and hope. Report
I don't watch much tv, but this I did, and loved it. I found myself rooting for the contestants each week, and wishing I could be on the show as well. Report
Another exploit the fat person show. Yeah. Won't be watching. Report
I found it by accident but really got into it! I haven't been able to sit through a whole episode of any of those others, but this is a little different. The panel actually seemed to be encouraging and supportive. i like that show. Report
i thought it was an awesome show. i know i wouldn't be able to breathe after doing all that dancing. they wouldn't even be able to question me at the end of my Report
I only watch Biggest loser, not dancing with the stars. Report
I watched every single episode! I LOVED it! I wished that I had been able to try out for it! i LOVED it! Report
i watched it and all i could think of was how brave they are to even attempt to be on the show. I don't think I could do it. Some of them were better than others but to even get up and dance in front of all those people was very motivating and just goes to show that if you really want it you really can do anything that you want to! Report
I have never watched any "reality" shows and don't intend too. Report
Ill watch,,Love both TBL and DMAO,,I fine they are motivating,,I dont like for some of u calling them FAT SHOWS... Report
Don't watch these. There's nothing "real" about these. It isn't real life at all. Report
Yes- i think I would I love both those shows- and I used to dance all the time was great excersise!- I should do it again- I would watch-yes! Report
i would! Report
I did watch it but won't be tuning in again. I truly enjoyed "meeting" the contestants and really hope that
this journey/experience is a positive one for each and every one of them. I think that they are all extremely courageous & talented. I wish each of them the best of luck. : ) !

The one thing that bothered me the MOST was the 'looks of distaste' that I saw in the judges faces, (especially Danny Teeson) while some of the contestants were dancing. I also saw the judges whispering amongst one another coupled with a bit of a smile.....

I don't remember the weight of each contestant, but I know that there was a MAJOR WEIGHT DIFFERENCE between the largest and the smallest contestant.
Because of that, I truly wish the producers would break the contest into weight categories; example: 150 - 225 lbs., 225 - 300 lbs., and then 300 lbs +. I believe that in doing this, the contest will be much more fair.

In my adult life, my weight has fluctuated between 145 pounds to 290+ pounds. (it could have been higher, but didn't get on the scale). Without question, I could do things at 145 pounds that I definitely COULD NOT DO when I was over 225 pounds. I could do things at 225 that I DEFINITELY could not do at 290+.
Hopefully you can see my point and realize that DYAO might not be as fair as I hope you would want it to be.

Lastly, it would be nice if the contestants has 3 - 4 weeks to get used to their new food plans (I hate the word "DIET", and as well, their exercise plans. It seemed pretty lousy to me that someone has to go home right away before they even got started --- all of their hopes & dreams dashed, in the blink of an eye.
But, this is reality TV......and, a money maker at that!

Wishing every Spark member much peace, love & happiness!


I watched it and suprisingly I liked it better than biggest loser. There was a little talent element to it that made it enjoyable. I was a little put off by the camera angles fat jiggling parts mentioned earlier. But, then I realized I have those parts too! I suspect the camera will be kinder as the contestants lose weight. Report
I love the show and love the contestants! I'm hooked on the show. They seem to like their costumes,but I don't, but I'll watch till the end. I just wish I could dance, then maybe I could lose weight faster. Report
It looks kinda cool - but most weight loss shows are soo humiliating that I can't watch them - in the vid, one of the girls gets yelled at & I hate negative reinforcement - I work so so much better with positive and upbeat messages.

Also, I don't have TV (except when I visit my parents) so I probably wont end up watching it. Report
I just couldn't watch! Report
I shut off my cable, except for bare basic. Never watched much tv anyway. :) Report
I watched it but can't help feeling something about it wasn't for me... I was concerned about how tasteful they would be and I guess they actually were but something about it didn't feel right..

I hope they all do well... maybe I need to watch less TV anyway ;) Report
I watched part of it and found it on par with cruel middle schoolers making fun of the over-weight kids in their class. It was crude and disrectful and I will not watch it again. Report
I havve rediscovered the joy of reading. I seem to be gobbling up books and not turning on the TV. Report
Would love to watch it but don't have the oxygen channel on this Direct TV Satellite
Can hardly wait for the biggest looser to come back on in the fall. Report
I think I would watch it IF I had the channel in our cable pkge, but don't. Report
I like the concept of the show, but think the name is too tacky for prime time! Report
i might tune in
I watched it and loved it! When I first saw the commercials for it, I figured it would be really degrading and embarassing for "fat people,' but decided to give it a try. I was impressed to see the medical/ nutrition/ training team. I was also impressed by the "eat/cheat" cabinets. I think it is a good idea to remind people of the options they will have when they are no longer in the show environment (for those of us who are biggest loser fans we saw what choices wee made when the spa getaway was an award for one of the teams and they went to eat where there were choices outside the house norms...). I've already set the DVR for the rest of the season. Report
I watched it; I loved it. I think the judges were very encouraging, and their minimal critiques were honest and helpful. I think the contestants set a GREAT example for the rst of us. Maybe having a show like this will break some stereotypes! Their enthusiasm is infectious. I think all but 2 of the contestants have SOME real 'dance' background, and I love that we get to see real-sized people dancing. Mostly, I LOVED seeing the other contestants faces in the background, ALL of them rooting for the current performer, all of them cheering each other on. If they can avoid airing a bunch of melodramatic soap opera diva tantrums - It should be a terrific show. If they get into encouraging the contestants to make dramatic spectacles of themselves - I'll stop watching. Report
I wasn't sure if I would watch the show or not, but me and my kids watched the 1st show and it was ok. Some of the people on the show can really dance well. Report
I'm not a fan of "fat shows" and I found the lastest one embarrassing.I think that it is degrading and that some people will do anything for money. Report
I watched the first episode and will continue to watch it. I will say that I think the host has the most annoying voice I've ever heard tho Report
I enjoyed the show. The people on the show really had good positive attitudes. I will be watching every week. Report
I caught the end of it, and enjoyed how the aspect of the weight loss / dance reality shows were combined. The scoring was interesting, and I felt the judges were realistic in their assessments - I guess I expected "sympathy" judging. I ended up setting up the DVR to record the first episode because I wanted to get the intro portion that I missed. Report
No, won't be watching. Not my type of show. Don't like the host(ess) either.
Like the Biggest Losers enough to catch it ocassionally. Report
LOVED IT!!! I will be tuning in every week & I like to dance along for added exercise. Report
I missed it, but looks like I may be able to watch it Wednesday! I will have to check it out! I am a Biggest Loser Fan myself and have found that very inspiring!! Report
Being a morbidly obese person myself, I found it sort of vulgar and gross. Not the contestants, but the outfits and the fat jiggling. And the way the camera always LOOKED for the biggest, jiggling body parts. I liked the show, will watch it again and plan to watch the rest of the season. But I do think it was a bit demeaning, vulgar and gross. But hopefully motivating like TBL Report
I watched it and I really liked it! I don't think it was demeaning at all. I'll definitely be tuning in again next week. Report
I haven't seen it. I like the idea, but why did they pick such a crude title? Report
Ok...I looked for the show and couldn't find it...I wasn't even able to find the Oxygen channel isn't listed in our TV guide nor on the channels...anyone in Texas with Charter Cable, can you help? I'd love to see show. I always loved Oxygen but I noticed some time ago that it seemed to be "missing." I think it was channel 79 but that is no longer a channel??? Report
I am a Biggest Loser really motivates me. I did watch this show and liked it.....although I was tired and kept dozing off. I will watch it again. I thought these contestants really were agile for their size and some had some great moves and rhythm. Report
I watched it and enjoyed it. I did not see anybody making fun of the the contestants, instead, I saw people who truly care for them. The professional dance partners they paired them up with seemed to genuinely want to encourage them. One of the guys said to his female contestant partner, "I want you to be constantly moving. THAT will help you with your weight loss efforts." He even had her stepping when they were just talking. Unlike Biggest Loser, they have a nutritionist there to advise them from the get-go.

The contestants had a great, positive attitude to start with, and seem to like each other and are encouraging to each other. The hostess is loving and engaging, and NOT a size 2. A lovely example of how a full-figured woman can look amazing in sexy clothes.

THe previews for next week show a couple of melt-downs, but geez, I have them from time to time, too! (Maybe not to that degree....) Report
I enjoyed it, but I'm a bit of a reality TV addict, so that's not surprising. I kind of wish they weren't going to be voted off though Report
Watched it...Enjoyed it...and will watch again. I admire them for putting it all out there for the world to see. Don't think I could do that.
Don't have any favorites yet....Way too early for that. Report
I did watch it -- found it by accident. I loved it! It was entertaining without being "preachy"'. I'll watch it again! Report
We watched the show last night and enjoyed it! Kuros to them for being so motivating and courageous! Report
I don't usually watch "reality" shows, but I did tune in last night and did enjoy this one (at least the first show). I do wish that they would give the contestants a couple of weeks on them before starting to get them off the show (which I wish they actually wouldn't get reid of them at all). Personally, I would like a show better if they could just accumulate the points for the duration of the show and the one with the most in the end Wins!

All that being said, go to the shows website and check out the air times, because it was showing again this morning. So it you can't watch later at night, you may find a more convenient time for you to tune in. I see it shows again at 7:30 PM on Wednesday July 1, with a pre-show at 7:00 PM Report
I dislike reality shows and can't stand to even see their commercials. Parking my backside on the couch watching TV will only make it wider. My back side that is.

I guess I have enough reality in my own life to deal with. I'd rather put the emotions and energy into helping out in my communities and organizations. Report
I hate most reality shows, but I occasionally tune into the weight loss ones. They take too long getting to the good parts. Will probably pass. Report
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