Should You Be Drinking Vitamin Enhanced Water?


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Eating a balanced diet every day is the best way to make sure you are getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

A multivitamin can be helpful in providing some "insurance" for those days when your food choices aren't the best.

Water regulates every function of our body, flushes out waste and toxins and transports nutrients. Since our bodies contain about 70% water, it is really important to drink water daily.

So what about the combination of vitamins and water together?

  • SoBe LifeWater - 40 calories per 8 oz (typically sold in a 20 oz bottle) and naturally sweetened with a blend of sucrose and eythritol. Sobe LifeWater with Purevia (a Stevia derivative) is 0 calories per 8 oz and naturally sweetened with Purevia. Both are enhanced with vitamins, antioxidants and herbal ingredients.

  • Glacaeu VitaminWater - 15 color filled varieties each designed to provide unique blends of nutrients with 50 calories per 8 oz serving (typically sold in a 20 oz bottle). VitaminWater 10 is naturally sweetened and provides 10 calorie per 8 oz serving (typically sold in a 20 oz bottle).

  • Fuze - Infused with electrolytes and vitamins. Refresh and Vitalize provide 90 - 100 calories per 8 ounce (typically sold in a 16 oz bottle) and the Slenderize provides 10 calories per 8 oz.

  • Snapple - Antioxidant water contains vitamins and electrolytes and provides an average of 50 calories per 8 oz (typically sold in a 16 oz bottle).

  • Propel - Flavored water sweetened with a blend of low calorie sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup with vitamins and antioxidants and provides 10 20 calories per 8 oz (typically sold in a 16 oz bottle).

The Bottom Line There are a couple advantages bottled vitamin water can provide. They provide some vitamins to your diet. A 16-20 oz bottle provides anywhere from 50-100% of various vitamins. If you do not tolerate taking pills, a liquid vitamin supplement might be of benefit.

The second advantage relates to those that are trying to give up soda but desire a sweet drink as they transition. 100% juice would be our recommendation but sweetened water can be an alternative as well. Many vitamin water choices provide half the calories and grams of carbohydrate compared to an equal serving of soda and they have the positive of also including vitamins that soda does not.

There are also disadvantages to vitamin water. The biggest disadvantage is that most still contain calories. Regular 16-20 oz bottles of vitamin water contain almost as many grams of sugar and calories as many 12 oz cans of soda. Lighter versions are better but many still contain crystalline fructose and other natural sweeteners which can keep you craving sweet foods and drinks which can lead to consuming more calories than intended.

Drinking bottled water is more expensive than drinking tap water and drinking bottled vitamin water is even more expensive. If you drink one bottle of vitamin water a day for one year, you would have spent about $400 at the end of the year. This costs more than what you would spend in a year for a daily multivitamin.

Most people get enough vitamins from their diet so what they receive from vitamin water is unnecessary. Water soluble vitamins such as vitamin C that are not needed by the body are excreted in the urine. As one of my college professors used to say, "when you pay for supplements your body doesn't need, you just end up with expensive waste."

While vitamin water might be a healthier option than soda, we recommend you drink plain water which is the healthiest drink of all. If plain water doesn't do it for you, try adding a splash of 100% juice, concentrated lemon or lime juice.

What other ideas do you have for spicing up plain water? Do you drink vitamin waters and will you continue?

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    When I get tired of spring water or filtered water, put a little lime juice in it or some mint leaves. - 6/12/2009   9:42:41 PM
  • 127
    I had propel in high school at an athletic meet. Hate it. I don't like the idea of these vitamin-sweetened-colored "waters". I refuse to buy them. - 6/12/2009   9:34:56 PM
    When I get tired of plain filtered or spring water I add a little lime juice or some mint leaves.

    - 6/12/2009   8:47:39 PM
    A waste of money. Any by the time you factor in the carbon footprint of the packaging, bottling, transport and waste, socially irresponsible as well. A poor choice. - 6/12/2009   6:39:50 PM
  • 124
    sobe lifewater or water with a twist of lemon or lime. - 6/12/2009   6:34:03 PM
  • 123
    I drink bottled h2o...and a bottle of diet coke, diet pepsi, or crystal lite with lunch...but otherwise, just good 'ol water! - 6/12/2009   6:27:17 PM
  • 122
    I drink filtered water from my Brita. I some times add zipfizz fro Costco's. It has vit & min with only 10 calories. - 6/12/2009   6:15:52 PM
    I drink a lot of bottle water at least 90 ounces a day - 6/12/2009   5:47:18 PM
  • 120
    Plain ol' water for me! - 6/12/2009   4:37:43 PM
  • 119
    I prefer to get my calories from good food and not from puffed up water. Plain water or a calorie/fat free add in is ok but not fancy water. - 6/12/2009   3:41:18 PM
    You can't beat plain old boring water! - 6/12/2009   2:28:13 PM
  • 117
    To me, they sound like a good alternative or stepping stone to cutting out regular soda type drinks as you move towards healthier choices, but nothing that a healthy diet should rely on permanently.

    It's getting harder and harder to keep all the "added" nutrients straight these days - it seems like every product has something added to it to make us think that it's healthy. I guess it all comes back to reading labels carefully - just because vitamins are added doesn't mean that it's a healthy choice on a regular basis. - 6/12/2009   2:03:16 PM
  • 116
    Just finishing a bottle of SoBe lifewater pomegranate cherry as I read this, although I normally drink the lower calorie flavors of SoBe, Glaceau Vitamin Water, and Fuze Slenderize. Reading the label of the bottle, it does not have HFCS or any artificial sweeteners, only sugar. The 20-oz bottle has 100 calories and decent amounts of vitamins (25% to 50%, 250% of Vitamin C). I was a soda drinker, averaging the equivalent of a 2-liter bottle every day of Diet Pepsi or Diet Mountain Dew. My first hurdle in stopping was breaking the caffeine addiction, which resulted in some pretty sever headaches, but that only lasted a couple of days. The flavored waters are helping me break the habit of drinking soda, and I also drink at least 3 or 4 bottles of plain water every day as well. I have also encouraged my sons (21 and 17), who are major soda consumers, to switch at least part of their drinking to flavored waters, which has lead to them also drinking bottled plain water. They haven't cut out the soda completely at this point, but there is hope. - 6/12/2009   12:52:03 PM
  • 115
    I fill up a water bottle with a mix of half tap water/half vitamin water. It helps for those days I need something a lil more than plain water, but is also a lot less sweet than vitamin water is just by itself. Cuts down on calories/serving too! :] - 6/12/2009   11:43:42 AM
  • 114
    The only time I buy vitamin water is when somebody in my household is sick and they are having a hard time drinking very much plain water. The vitamin water is definitely better than soda, and I alternate it with juice, green tea, and water. - 6/12/2009   11:34:22 AM
  • 113
    I have never drank the vitamin waters. I don't like gator-ade and never even liked kool-aid when I was a kid. I like water with lemon slices but mainly I just drink plain water from my filtered water in the frig. I also have a diet coke now and then. - 6/12/2009   11:23:59 AM
  • 112
    I have always thought paying for water of any kind was goofy. When I lived in Las Vegas, where dehydration is a real anger, I found that the 7-11 stores would allow you to refill up with a cup of ice water all day long at any of their stores. I thought this was a wonderful gift to humans and only wish other stores would join in this helping hand across the country. I ahve lways ound that eating fresh fruits and veggies is sooo much more enjoyable. - 6/12/2009   11:23:11 AM
  • 111
    they are just more junk to line the shelves and pad their pockets.. fat cats living off our stupidity - 6/12/2009   10:39:49 AM
  • 110
    My husband and I find it helpful to add a small amount of Pedialite to our water after a work out. It helps replace fluids faster than water. - 6/12/2009   10:22:20 AM
  • 109
    I gave up soda over 7 years ago and drink almost exclusively water. I usually have a glass of milk with dinner and once in a while have a glass of tea. I do not like the vitamin flavored waters. They are to sweet. - 6/12/2009   10:22:15 AM
  • KIMMERS1962
    Can't stand to drink water. I drink iced tea with splenda year round. I have tried some vitamin water but don't care for the calories in it and the expense of it. - 6/12/2009   10:13:24 AM
  • 107
    these are just another example of Mega Food Companies telling us that we need something that we don't. Don't give them your money! - 6/12/2009   9:52:27 AM
  • 106
    I drink plain water, sometimes with a fresh lemon. I gave up soda almost 2 years ago, and I don't drink coffee. I might drink unsweetened iced tea, but it's not really a fav. I prefer water. We have well-water at home, and I drink that right out of the tap.

    My husband LOVES Fuze Slenderize. He drinks one a day, and I only buy them when they are 10 for $10. Otherwise, at $1.79 a bottle, it's WAY too expensive. - 6/12/2009   9:46:01 AM
  • 105
    I drink plenty of plain filtered tap water. I tried a vitamin water and found it much too sweet for my taste. - 6/12/2009   9:33:23 AM
  • 104
    I myself have been struggling to drink more water. I don't mind it, just don't take the time to drink. I have my morning and evening coffee, and a cup I reheat all day it seems. I do try to drink water as much as possible. My husband is another story. He loved his soda. He had to stop in Feb. when he had surgery, and had to drink lots of water. He HATES water. So we bought the vitamin water, and then I gradually started making the store brand pouch mix. He is finally off the soda! Now I just need to find a way to get him to drink water, and not so much flavored drink! - 6/12/2009   9:11:21 AM
  • 103
    The only one of these that I will drink is Propel (sometimes)--I think all of the others taste too sweet for me to consider them water! The rest is mostly water, although sometimes I will cheat and have one can of diet soda. Since I used to have several cans of soda a day, I'm pretty proud of myself! - 6/12/2009   9:00:38 AM
  • 102
    I still like my soda. Most often I drink Diet Rite. It is sodium free, sugar free and caffeine free, so it seems just right for my needs. While I could go over to fruit juice, it seems that juices provide too many calories when using them as refreshment. I also do a lot of powdered sugar free mixes in my water bottle. - 6/12/2009   8:59:21 AM
  • 101
    I have a cup of coffee in the morning, and a cup of tea in the evening. The rest is water just plain old water. - 6/12/2009   8:53:18 AM
    I like to make my own flavored "spa" water by filling a pitcher with water and adding a few slices of cucumber and some mint leaves. I keep this in the fridge and drink from it all day. Quite refreshing. I also make a pitcher that has water with either lemon, lime or orange slices for a change of pace. I also drink plain water in between. - 6/12/2009   8:16:22 AM
  • 99
    I have tried vitamin water before I studied the label. Some of the flavors were very taste and since I quite drinking soda I thought it would be a good for a treat.
    Now that I have looked at the labels, I very seldom grab a bottle. Mostly, I'm a water drinker. I find that very refreshing. - 6/12/2009   7:59:11 AM
  • 98
    I'm with Nancy-Girl - "Why?" and "What's next?" But then I'm a water girl. I drink 1 c coffee, 1 c oj in the a.m., the rest of the day it's h20 all day long 'til I get my evening glass of wine. I would much rather eat than drink my calories, and my diet is well-balanced, so I take less than a full multivitamin dose a day and skip the weekends. - 6/12/2009   7:51:25 AM
  • 97
    I usually don't drink these. Not worth the calories to me. I try to drink as much plain water as I can - with lemon when possible. :) - 6/12/2009   7:35:35 AM
  • 96
    I drink Volvic, or filtered tap water, or tap water. Sometimes I squirt a little lemon juice in my water bottle when I'm off for a long walk/hike/run.

    Flavored waters are not in the budget for the most part. I once bought one in a shopping mall automat by mistake, though, and it didn't taste bad :) I thought it was plain water. I don't recall the brand or flavor - it was something with berry taste. - 6/12/2009   7:17:18 AM
  • 95
    IN addition to unwanted calories and health questions still lingering about stevia (both concerns amplified if one drinks these products in large quantities on a regular basis), is the concern about BPA (bisphenol-A) which has been found to leech from the plastic bottle- sure the doses are low but less low if at any point the drink has been stored in a warm place. Again, add to that concern the lifetime exposure issues and recent studies increasing concern and this is not the way I'd go. For flavred water, try putting a red zinger tea bag in cold water and drink an hour later. - 6/12/2009   7:02:43 AM
  • 94

    I prefer my water straight and room temp. - 6/12/2009   6:25:06 AM
    About the only time I drink a flavored water is if I am out and about and forgot to take my stainless steel water bottle wth me or on rare occasions when I just want a sweet drink in the afternoon. We do have flavored vitamin water in our vending machine at work and I think that is a better choice than grabbing a diet soda.

    I try to avoid all beverages that are packaged in plastic bottles because I don't want that plastic to end up in landfills, spoiling our Earth.

    I prefer the zero calorie version, but if I can't get that, I'll sacrifice a few calories. I don't really drink it to get the vitamins because I take a daily multivitamin, calcium and vitamin E every morning.

    When I want a change from plain tap water, I sometimes make up a pitcher of water flavored with freshj peppermint or lemon balm from my garden. - 6/12/2009   6:14:58 AM
  • 92
    I do not drink any of the vitamin waters and I don't plan to. I don't drink much water either because just plain water doesn't do it for me. I do buy the flavor packets (store brand equivalent of Crystal Light) that you add to a 16 oz bottle of water and I have started drinking those sometimes, but I haven't given up my diet soda. On a hot day (which we haven't had yet this season in VT) soda does not quench my thirst and I will drink ice cold water with a flavor packet added to it. - 6/12/2009   5:29:41 AM
  • 91
    I am a huge water fan, but sometimes, when I drink too much, my stomach gets sick of the plain, so I add some Crystal Light, about 2 X a week this happens. - 6/12/2009   5:29:04 AM
  • 90
    For the past few months I've been a water lady. Every once in a while I'll add a splash of apple juice, or a juice blend (grape/apple, apple/cranberry) and of course, lemon juice. A distributor brought in some free drink coupons for "Joint Juice" that is artificially sweetened/flavored water enhanced with Glucosemine(sp). I HATED IT! - 6/12/2009   2:44:10 AM
  • 89
    I'll purchase some of these vitamin enhanced beverages when they're on sale, but drink them only occasionally. The ones I avoid are those containing herbal additives and stimulants like taurine, goto kola, caffeine, guarana, and ginko biloba. Most of my fluid intake comes from regular water, which I keep a 64 oz pitcher in the fridge, and occasionally add fresh lemon or lime slices to for a bit of a zing. - 6/12/2009   2:02:42 AM
  • 88
    Sorry ... but I really like my water plain (maybe a little lemon once in awhile). I take a multi-vitamin and it is balanced and that is enough for me with fresh veggies. - 6/12/2009   1:39:37 AM
    I absolutely love Fuze... and other flavored "water" lol - 6/12/2009   1:07:42 AM
    When I was weaning myself off diet soda, I went to 3 parts sparkling water to 1 part 100% fruit juice. It kept the calories way down and helped me get into the habit of drinking water. Now I'm learning to drink water plain and liking it just fine. - 6/12/2009   12:36:58 AM
    Flavored water is too sweet for me, same goes for Crystal Lite (and the like) add ins. So I prefer slices of lemon, lime , or cucumber in my filtered water. I admit to having water problems...just don't like plain water so I "dress it up". I even freeze treats in ice cubes and then when they dissolve I get a cheery or a grape. - 6/12/2009   12:32:19 AM
  • 84
    I don't drink anything but water. But I do consider trying water kefir. - 6/11/2009   11:28:48 PM
  • 83
    I live in Phoenix,AZ. In the summertime, when its 110 degrees for 4 months we drink a lot of water. We drink water constantly. Sometimes I get tired of just plain water. ( I work outside in the heat so I can drink 2 gallons a day.) When I get home I drink Crystal Light, Costco VitaWater, Jasmine tea, and anything low cal. I don't drink as much soda as I used to and when I do I drink diet always. Some might say that I'm drinking to much splenda but it has never bothered me. I think whatever I drink I flush out with all the water I do drink. This time of year, it is rare to see someone without a water bottle. :-) - 6/11/2009   11:24:35 PM
  • JKLINE23
    Sometimes I add "True Lemon" to my water. It adds the flavor of a real lemon, but has the convenience of a sugar packet. - 6/11/2009   10:04:39 PM
  • 81
    Sometimes I'm not certain I'm getting enough niacin, and I've discovered that vitamin waters often contain niacin. I like to drink about 2 bottles of Jones 24c Vitamin Water System per week, and sometimes drink some Propel at bedtime. Two years ago I learned that the tapwater enters my house (which was built in 1910) through a lead pipe. I've had it tested, and was told the amount of lead in the water is considered safe to drink, but I prefer not to. Most of the year, the city water has a chemical flavor that's unappealing. To use less plastic, I refill gallon plastic jugs with filtered water at my supermarket. - 6/11/2009   9:59:42 PM
  • 80
    I drink water all day long. It's filtered through my refrigerator. When in a restaurant, I always get water w/lemon just to kill the chlorine taste. I eat a healthy diet and take supplements & herbs to make up for what's missing in my food. I make it a point not to eat anything with artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup, so I would never get any of those bottled waters. If I want sweetener in my herbal tea, I use honey or organic dehydrated cane juice. - 6/11/2009   9:29:39 PM
    I drink plain water. I have spring water in my home so my water is really good none of the stuff that is in tap water provided by the city. - 6/11/2009   9:29:03 PM

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