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Running or walking a 5K is a great fitness goal for people of all fitness levels. It's an achievable distance, yet gives you a real feeling of accomplishment! While it does take a few weeks of training to complete that 3.1-mile distance, signing up for a race can keep you motivated and on track with your workout plan, whether you're a novice or seasoned runner.
I'm super excited to announce SparkPeople's official Summer Fun Run, a virtual 5K race (you can walk or run) open to anyone. You could win some AWESOME prizes (new workout shoes, "The SparkPeople Cookbook" and more) just by participating, and best of all, it's free! You select your route and simply run the distance the week of July 29. Here's how you can sign up and get access to your free training plan, too!

To Join and Train for SparkPeople's Summer Fun Run:
  • Click here to go to our July 29 - Aug. 4 Virtual Race page. There, click the "Join This Race Now" button. Note: You can run or walk a 5K, or choose from the 10K or 1 mile race options. (Note: I suggest that you check the box that says "Email me a reminder the week of the race," so that you can not only be reminded but easily find your way back to the page to post your time.)
  • Train for the race, using our 5K Your Way training plans if you'd like. We offer three different 5-week training plans for different fitness levels.
  • During the week of July 29, walk or run the distance you signed up for, then return to the race page and enter your time.
  • Everyone* who enters their time on the Virtual Race page will be entered to win some fabulous prizes, including:
    • 1 person will receive a $100 gift certificate to to buy new workout shoes
    • 5 participants will receive a copy of “The SparkPeople Cookbook”
    • 10 participants will receive a $25 gift certificate to the SparkPeople Store
 *See Virtual Race link above for full contest terms and details.

Sharing this race on Facebook (quick links on the pages above make that easy) is a great way to Spread the Spark to your friends and family—and get them to join in the fun with you! It will also help you stay accountable by announcing your goal to others so you can start your training plan.
I hope you will join us online for this summer's Virtual 5K Fun Run! (I'll be running it with you, too!)
Have you ever completed a 5K? Do you plan to sign up for SparkPeople's Summer Fun Run?

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    This run/walk will get me motivated to get out there and exercise again. I've been slacking off since surgery in March. - 7/1/2012   11:45:04 PM
  • 33
    Sounds like a great idea! - 6/26/2012   9:26:27 AM
  • 32
    I think I could actually do this now ... for real! 5 K isn't all that much, as long as I can jog /walk at my own pace! - 6/24/2012   9:04:21 AM
  • 31
    Doing a virtual SP 10K July 13, a virtual 5K for Epilepsy Foundation July 21, I'm adding this to my list. - 6/23/2012   12:50:33 PM
  • 30
    My theme song will be Let's do it again
    I hope to improve over my results with the Halloween 5k! - 6/21/2012   10:52:56 PM
  • 29
    I'm in! - 6/21/2012   5:47:59 PM
  • 28
    Was so excited to see this! Oh, yeah! I've done two 5K races and one other Virtual 5K race last fall. Enjoyed doing everyone of them that I signed up for this one. Can't wait! - 6/21/2012   4:00:11 PM
    This sounds great. I'm signing up!!! - 6/21/2012   2:10:10 PM
    Already in Week 3 of the 8 Week Rookie Running Training Program! Signed up for the race and getting ready for the run! - 6/21/2012   10:59:51 AM
    Wow what a great idea! Sounds like a lot of fun and a great "doable" goal" I will be signing up! It will be nice to do with the support of other runners/walkers. - 6/21/2012   9:47:40 AM
  • JPEARL127
    This will be a great goal as I work on rehabbing my knee, and I will have company along the way! - 6/21/2012   7:28:13 AM
  • 23
    What a great idea! I'm in! - 6/21/2012   4:42:32 AM
  • 22
    I love this idea. I'm in - and I'm going to get my best SparkBuddy to do it too! (I hope) - 6/20/2012   5:05:14 PM
  • PBARKER410
    Signed up for the 5K walk...never done one before so I am excited! Good luck to everyone! - 6/20/2012   4:56:03 PM
  • 20
    Woo hoo! Let's ALL run or walk. What fun. Save one of those prizes or me! - 6/20/2012   4:17:01 PM
  • 19
    I'm totally going to do this. I've never done a thing like this before and I'm going to be out of town for a week during the next month but what the hey I'll do it! - 6/20/2012   2:13:22 PM
    Just did thanks for the op! - 6/20/2012   1:50:43 PM
  • 17
    glad to hear that sparks is doing this again. I signed up. I did several sparks fun runs last year and loved them so much. Thanks sparks for doing this. - 6/20/2012   1:49:22 PM
  • 16
    I have signed up. I can speedwalk for miles no problem and have wanted to take it up a notch and start running. This sounds like a great plan! - 6/20/2012   12:41:58 PM
  • 15
    I actually will be walking in a real 5K on the 4th. But, I'm going to do this as a part of my C25K training progam! Two 5Ks in one week. =) - 6/20/2012   12:14:53 PM
  • SANDUR123
    I'm in!! (even though I can't win any prizes- come on Spark People- have a prize or two for those that live in the north- AKA CANADA) - 6/20/2012   11:33:45 AM
  • 13
    I walked a 5k in May and one the first week of June. I am signed up for another one in September and would love to be able to improve my time and possibly even run a bit of it! - 6/20/2012   10:54:29 AM
  • 12
    Got me hooked on the idea. I signed up! - 6/20/2012   10:35:32 AM
  • 11
    I started the Walk/Jog 5K Your Way program back in March and have run one 5K and one 3 mile race since I started. I've also got a 4 mile race this Saturday. This virtual race sounds like a lot of fun. I'm in! - 6/20/2012   10:21:40 AM
    I love that you guys always have these contests. I've even tried them a couple times. I find it hard to stay motivated for some of them though, because the prizes are only available in the US. I know I should be concentrating on the fact that it helps me get to my goal, but that extra motivation is always nice. - 6/20/2012   10:11:20 AM
  • 9
    I will be doing a 10k on Toronto Island in September. This will help me train for the Island girl race. Looking forward to it. I know it'll be fun. - 6/20/2012   9:42:55 AM
  • 8
    This is good timing. I have done one before, but since then, I have sloughed off. I am going to get my girlfriend, who is out of work to do this with me and maybe get her to join as well. She is having stress-induce restless leg syndrome and maybe this will help her! - 6/20/2012   9:32:58 AM
  • 7
    I am utterly terrified of this... All the more reason to give it my best shot huh?? I'ma run 5k! wooo!!! - 6/20/2012   9:31:44 AM
  • 6
    This sounds like a fun race to do in the summer, count me in. - 6/20/2012   9:09:30 AM
  • 5
    I have never entered a 5K, or any other kind of race... Since we can walk or run... I think I can do this. I am going to join the fun. Thanks for posting this and sharing on facebook!
    Sandy - 6/20/2012   8:55:20 AM
  • 4
    I have already started training for a summer 5K. This will be my second. Hoping to beat my first time! Already nervous! - 6/20/2012   8:00:26 AM
  • 3
    Great idea! Very tempted, but triple digit temps by then would do me in. Think I will print out training schedule and try it later in the fall just for my own challenge. - 6/20/2012   7:29:12 AM
  • 2
    Does it HAVE to be that week? I will be away all week helping out with a Summer camp. - 6/20/2012   6:29:35 AM

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