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Early this year, SparkPeople announced our biggest news ever--we signed a major book deal with Hay House!

Well, we're happy to announce that as of today, you can preorder your copy of "The Spark: The 28-Day Breakthrough Plan for Losing Weight, Getting Fit, and Transforming Your Life," which connects the dots between health, fitness, weight loss and goal-setting in a whole new way.

It reveals, for the first time ever, the top 27 secrets of success of members who have achieved their goals and/or lost 100 pounds or more. This one-of-a-kind book leads you to understand what you CAN do to make your life healthier and increase your odds of being more successful in all aspects of your life! Plus, you'll get to read about the complete history of SparkPeople and the man who made it all possible--Chris "SparkGuy" Downie. (Note: As a SparkPeople employee, I've heard Chris' story several times, but reading it in the book actually brought me to tears--happy ones!)

The book officially launches on Jan. 5, 2010, but as exciting as it will be to see "The Spark" on the shelves of your favorite store, don't wait until then.

There are plenty of reasons to order your copy ahead of time:

In addition to a FREE, exclusive, sneak peek 10-minute workout from the forthcoming "The Spark: Fit, Firmed & Fired Up DVD," you'll get 1,000 SparkPoints, a special icon to display on your SparkPage and membership in "The Spark" SparkTeam. Plus, you also have the opportunity to win prizes:

    By ordering early, you have more chances to win weekly prizes, including iPods, gift certificates to the SparkPeople store, fitness products and more. The giveaways begin October 1 (a week from today) and run through January 1, and winners will be announced on The Spark SparkTeam! And, some winners will be chosen to share their Success Stories and healthy living tips on the dailySpark.

In addition, once the book launches on January 5, you will have access to a FREE, EXCLUSIVE Online Bonus Book Program that includes:

  • SparkPoints tracker with a chance to win prizes!
  • New content, recipes and workouts from "The Spark"
  • Downloadable tools, trackers and 28-Day Program Journal

"The Spark" is for you, whether you’re just starting out or you’re ready to take your program to a whole new level! Encourage your family and friends to purchase it, too! This might be the most important thing you can ever do to help Spread the Spark.

What you'll find in "The Spark":
  • "The Spark" is a 28-day program that distills the best of SparkPeople's tips and advice into a simple, fun, easy to follow program–all new and available only in this book!
  • A special workout program created by Coach Nicole, featuring SparkPeople's 10-minute exercise solution to help you fit in 10 minutes a day!
  • Delicious SparkDiet meal plans and a mix-and-match meal system that lets you eat more delicious foods that keep you satisfied while losing weight
  • The Spark's special formula–a breakthrough combination of strategies that will lead to the end of dieting, lasting weight loss and better health
  • This book is for you, whether you're just starting out or are ready to take your program to a whole new level!

Visit the new site and reserve your copy today! (You can read a sample chapter and see an outline of the book!)

Are you going to preorder a copy of "The Spark: The 28-Day Breakthrough Plan for Losing Weight, Getting Fit, and Transforming Your Life"? Are you excited to read the book?

Oh, and if you order early, you'll receive double SparkPoints for your order–1,000 when you preorder and 1,000 when the book launches!

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    unfortunately Marsha you are not alone. I , too, wont be able to order until the first. but I will make it a point by then. And if I cant, if I have to wait, I will. Email me if you cant get it at all and ill see what i can do. Laurie - 10/10/2009   12:43:54 PM
  • MARSHA48
    Not sure I am going to get a chance to order mine. I know you who do/did will enjoy your copie/s. Blessings. - 10/10/2009   8:59:29 AM
  • 142
    Yes, I have pre-ordered mine. - 10/9/2009   11:19:00 PM
  • 141
    I preordered!!! YAY! - 10/9/2009   11:00:04 PM
    I just ordered my book just now! - 10/8/2009   11:38:26 PM
  • 139
    I just ordered mine! I am so excited! :) - 10/6/2009   4:24:26 PM
  • 138
    It's supposed to be good until November 30th. I received the extra points however,when I went to use the $20.00 certificate ,with the certificate code that I received in the confirmation e-mail it said that the code was expired or invalid. Hum,so what's that all about,today is only the 6th????? - 10/6/2009   3:13:15 PM
  • 137
    I ordered mine yesterday. I guess I was to late for the specialo icon and the extra points. - 10/6/2009   2:35:21 PM
  • 136
    I ordered mine on the 3rd I think it was. I got the email today that says I get the gift certificate and stuff! I am so surprised! There was another article on this where someone commented and said they had ordered about the same time and 1600 had already ordered. I guess I barely made it in! I wonder if the people who preorder but are after the 1000 still get the sparkpoints and icon. that would be cool. I feel like I won already! Cool!

    BLessings all!
    Mrs. K - 10/5/2009   5:28:31 PM
    Ordered mine today! - 10/5/2009   4:21:18 PM

    Simply preorder your copy before October 12 at sparkpeoplebook.com and

    !!email a copy of your confirmation to bookbonus@sparkpeople.com !!!

    no later than October 16, 2009, and the SparkCertificate will be emailed to you directly! - 10/5/2009   1:09:29 AM
    I ordered mine and got a conformation from amazon but I didn't get anything else like the free item or any place to get that. I am confused as some say you get a e-mail conformation with a place to do that and I didn't.. I didn't get the icon under my name either.. Just my luck I guess. - 10/4/2009   9:20:05 AM
  • 132
    Finally ordered a copy for myself and one for my brother's family. Looking forward to reading it and hopefully getting them "in the game" to a healthier lifestyle! - 10/3/2009   5:46:48 PM
    I ordered mine, but was not able to access the link to get my points, ets. - 10/3/2009   5:00:32 PM
  • 130
    I preordered mine. The Spark is my Christmas present to myself even though it will be a little late. - 10/3/2009   1:34:48 PM
  • 129
    It sounds like a very informative book. I am eagerly anticipating reading it. Ordered it yesterday at Barnes and Noble. - 10/3/2009   10:43:39 AM
    Yay!!! I just pre-ordered mine. Can't wait!!! Thank you all Sparkleaders!!!! - 10/3/2009   10:32:34 AM
  • 127
    I've preordered mine and I am very excited - 10/3/2009   8:38:48 AM
  • 126
    I preordered mine just now--Friday, the 2nd!!! - 10/2/2009   3:58:38 PM
  • 125
    My copy is ordered! - 10/2/2009   12:46:59 PM
  • 124
    I ordered mine from Barnes and Noble yesterday...can't wait to read it and feed the "Spark" I have within myself! - 10/2/2009   10:20:50 AM
  • 123
    I ordered my book too! I'm looking forward to it and all the new things that come with ordering the book! - 10/2/2009   9:33:55 AM
  • 122
    Ordered my copy this morning from Amazon! I'm so looking forward to reading it. Chris Downie has done a tremendous service! Thank you so much, SparkPeople! - 10/1/2009   1:48:25 PM
    I'm looking forward to reading this book, and sharing it with others! - 10/1/2009   12:47:36 PM
  • 120
    I ordered mine last week & already got my extra 1,000 SparkPoints. I LOVE SPARKPEOPLE! - 10/1/2009   6:09:16 AM
  • 119
    I hope it has a story about WOLFKITTY as she deserves to be in it, as does URBANMOMMY! - 10/1/2009   12:54:30 AM
  • 118
    Just ordered mine via Amazon- SO excited! - 9/30/2009   11:54:46 PM
  • 117
    I got it done and can't wait for it to arrive - 9/30/2009   3:53:55 PM
  • 116
    I have pre-ordered my book from Chapters and can't wait until I get it! Woohoo Sparkteam!!!!! - 9/30/2009   2:09:17 PM
  • 115
    I just ordered mine from Amazon. I have a bunch of free gift certificates earned from using their credit card so it will be free. Can't beat that and can't wait to read the book.
    - 9/30/2009   10:12:24 AM
  • 114
    Ordered mine yesterday! Can't wait to read it. - 9/30/2009   9:02:15 AM
  • 113
    I just pre-ordered my copy and a Trader Joe's cookbook using Amazon... free shipping!!! This is an early Christmas present and beginning for me! - 9/30/2009   7:33:21 AM
    I preordered mine, last night, from Barnes & Noble book store. Can't wait to get it. - 9/29/2009   11:58:41 PM
  • 111
    I pre-ordered mine today too and sent the email...yeah! - 9/29/2009   10:13:00 PM
  • 110
  • _MAOMAO_
    I preordered mine, too! I'm so excited to be part of this. I think we're making those book sellers work hard so they'll think about what sells -- health! - 9/29/2009   8:28:56 PM
  • 108
    I will be ordering mine this weekend! - 9/29/2009   7:13:23 PM
    I just ordered mine. - 9/29/2009   7:00:46 PM
  • 106
    Yes...I pre-ordered it just the other day. Can't wait to read it. - 9/29/2009   3:54:37 PM
  • 105
    I just ordered mine too! - 9/29/2009   3:52:34 PM
  • 104
    I wish we could afford it, DH has been out of work just over 18 months....
    Good luck with the book............I know it will be a blessing to read.

    - 9/29/2009   1:49:57 PM
  • 103
    I ordered mine today, too!! I'm really looking forward to getting it when it ships in January!!!
    WooHoo!!! - 9/29/2009   1:26:48 PM
  • 102
    I won a free copy, and I STILL pre-ordered it! HEheee. I will gift it to someone! - 9/29/2009   12:46:06 PM
  • 101
    I Pre-Ordered mine today! - 9/29/2009   12:11:36 PM
  • 25LADY
    I cannot wait to receive this book - January, 2010 cannot come fast enough!!! - 9/29/2009   11:12:59 AM
  • 99
    I ordered one for me and 3 for gifts! - 9/29/2009   10:36:03 AM
    I pre-ordered the book and forwarded my order confirmation to SP at 3:15 pm yesterday, and received my reply from SP at 7:30 am today. I followed the link and got my 1000 bonus points and my free gifts. Woo hoo! - 9/29/2009   10:18:55 AM
  • 97
    Yes, absolutely! - 9/29/2009   10:05:14 AM
  • 96
    Yes!! I pre-ordered mine yesturday! - 9/29/2009   9:55:12 AM
  • 95
    I ordered mine and have already ordered my merchandise from SP store. This is a great deal. I can't wait to get the book. - 9/29/2009   9:52:56 AM

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