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4 Quick Tips for Busy Dieters

For When Life Gets in the Way

Time is short so we'll cut to the chase.  You're busy, but you want to be healthier.  Here are 4 super fast tips to help you keep the weight off.

1) Start small, finish smaller- The foundation of SparkDiet is to take small steps (such as drinking 8 cups of water) and let these accomplishments build up to big success (a smaller you).  Revisit and track your fastbreak goals.

2) Find a diet buddy
- You have friends that are trying to get healthier and lose weight.  Find one to talk to daily (while you're on the go or waiting in line at the grocery store), and just talk to each other about how you're doing with the little, everyday actions you need to take to be healthier.

3) Have printouts with you- The average American spends over 140 hours waiting in lines each year.  Print out 4 of these resources (visit our Printable Resources) and keep them with you at all times (in a purse, folder, back pocket, etc) so you can use that time to learn more tricks to losing weight.

4) Make one new healthy recipe- has tens of thousands of healthy recipes that have been reviewed & rated by members just like you.  Browse the top rated recipes to find one that interest you and make it tonight or tomorrow.

Being healthy and losing weight is not an impossible task, you can do it and we'll always be here to help and guide you along the way!

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