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Get 75 Healthy, Hearty Recipes for the Grill

With the unofficial start of summer upon us, it's the perfect time for a backyard BBQ. Learn how to keep your grillouts safe, healthy, and fun, with our new e-book!
Posted 5/25/2012  10:00:00 AM By: Stepfanie Romine : 26,859 views
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In the News: Should Kids Know Where Food Comes from?

Learn why this new book has created controversy as well as what the author has to say about her new book.
Posted 4/30/2012  10:00:00 AM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 39 comments   11,939 views
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Book Review: 'Coffee Is Good For You'

One minute a food is good for you, the next minute you hear it's bad. How do you make sense of it all? This book (which our editors loved) may be able to help.
Posted 3/23/2012  6:00:00 AM By: Nicole Nichols : 18 comments   16,118 views
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CONTEST CLOSED: Start 2012 Out Right: Enter to Win 'The Spark'

To help you get a jump-start on the new year, we're giving away three paperback copies of "The Spark"!
Posted 12/30/2011  6:00:00 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 22 comments   15,422 views
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Don't Deny Your Trigger Foods--Manage Them

Author Dayna Macy explains how she stopped letting her trigger foods control her--and how she learned to be satisfied with less.
Posted 11/30/2011  6:00:00 AM By: SparkPeople Guest Blogger : 34 comments   14,348 views
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Throw a Party Like a Pro

Jill Donenfeld knows how to throw a party. Now she's sharing her best healthy recipes and tips. Make your holiday gatherings fun and stress-free!
Posted 11/7/2011  10:00:00 AM By: SparkPeople Guest Blogger : 6 comments   10,288 views
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Peek Inside Hungry Girl's New Book (and Enter to Win a Copy)

Attention, Hungry Girl fans! HG has a new book out.
It launches next week, and we're giving away three copies! (Psst, we'll let you peek inside, too!)
Posted 10/8/2011  12:00:00 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 61 comments   25,979 views
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CLOSED: Win a Collection of Cookbooks

One lucky winner will receive a collection of new and popular cookbooks!
Posted 9/16/2011  6:00:00 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 31 comments   17,856 views
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What We're Reading: September

We've found the latest and greatest healthy living titles and wanted to share them with you. Here's what we've been reading--what's on your bedside table?
Posted 9/15/2011  6:00:00 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 24 comments   12,802 views
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CLOSED: 'You Can Create An Exceptional Life' (Win a Copy!)

Win a copy of Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson's new book, "You Can Create an Exceptional Life."
Posted 9/2/2011  6:00:00 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 27 comments   19,584 views
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Win a Copy of 'You Can Trust a Skinny Cook'

Enter to win one of five copies of Allison Fishman's new cookbook, "You Can Trust a Skinny Cook"!
Posted 7/8/2011  6:00:00 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 37 comments   20,671 views
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What We're Reading This June

What's on our bedside tables? What books are the latest page-turners? Find out--and share your new faves!
Posted 6/29/2011  2:00:00 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 25 comments   16,793 views
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Kara Goucher's 6 Tips for Beginning Runners

You can get into a running routine without injury or agony. Olympic distance runner Kara Goucher shares 6 posture tips that will help you run more smoothly and efficiently!
Posted 6/22/2011  6:00:00 PM By: SparkPeople Guest Blogger : 27 comments   18,355 views
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Kindle Version of 'The Spark' Just $1.99 for a Short Time

As part of a special promotion on Amazon, the Kindle version of "The Spark" is available for just $1.99--for just a short time.
Posted 6/9/2011  2:00:00 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 61 comments   16,003 views
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Meet Elle, An Author Who Rewrote Her Dreams with SparkPeople

Meet Elle Newmark, SparkPeople member and published author. After losing the weight and finding her confidence as a writer, she set new goals, and now she's writing book #3!
Posted 5/25/2011  5:16:10 AM By: Stepfanie Romine : 27 comments   13,585 views
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