The Biggest SparkPeople News Ever!

Hello, SparkPeople Members!

I’m writing to you with a new edition of the State of the Spark Address, and I have one of the most exciting updates in the history of SparkPeople. Ever since I developed the original SparkPeople program to help myself overcome my anxiety and reach my goals, I have wanted to turn the program into a book. About 12 years later, this is finally happening…and in a BIG way!

SparkPeople just signed a major book deal with Hay House, the world’s leading publisher of self-improvement books and products! The book will be in major bookstores and other retail outlets by January 1, 2010. You can pre-order you copy today at! We’re excited that this could bring SparkPeople to millions of additional people.

I am working on the book now and am incredibly happy with how it looks so far. We met with most of the top book publishers, many of whom had amazing comments and wanted to publish the book. It was a thrill to walk into the offices of all the top publishers and tell them about SparkPeople. One editor we met with said something like, “I want you to know that I’ve been doing this for 20 years and have seen thousands of book proposals, but this one really touched my heart.” There is already a good amount of buzz about the book.

The SparkPeople book will be a great tool for current members and people not familiar with the website. We are developing a new program for the book that will help increase the odds that members reach their goals. It’s also obvious already that a book is a much better format to present much of the philosophy behind the SparkPeople program and that it could be an inspirational tool for anyone. We’re also conducting a good amount of research to find out what worked best for our most successful members. This is a real team effort that includes the work and ideas of many different SparkPeople employees, experts and members.

We have also been fortunate to add an incredible person to our team to lead our publishing efforts and other projects. Her name is Tami Booth Corwin. Tami is formerly a president at Rodale Publishing. Tami is known as a “hit-maker” in the publishing industry because she signed and helped to develop major books like The South Beach Diet, The Biggest Loser, and many others. Tami has been blown away by the excitement SparkPeople members have for the site and one another. She has even used the SparkPeople site herself to reconnect with her sister-in-law by starting a SparkTeam to motivate each other to work out.

This book deal is just another step that will help us SPARK even more PEOPLE to improve their lives. By working hard to reach your own individual goals, motivating other people on the site, and spreading the spark to others, you are all contributing to something incredible—something that is turning into an international movement that will help millions of people!

Once again, I want to thank all of you for your help in making all of this possible. We’re doing amazing things and continuing to grow, and we have our members to thank for that.

Next year (2009) should be a great year for all of us! Happy Holidays to everyone!


Chris "SparkGuy" Downie
SparkPeople Founder/CEO

Important Update: 9/25/09
I'm thrilled to announce that my book, The Spark, will be published in January 2010 and is now available for pre-order at a discounted price. To learn why placing your order early matters, please read this blog post I recently wrote. To learn more about the book, place your order, and read a sample chapter, please go to Thanks for helping to Spread the Spark! – SparkGuy
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Member Comments

Why is this big news in 2013, 4 years after publication? This article appeared when I logged into SparkPeople on 6/24/2013, leading me to think that there was a NEW book coming out. Then, as I read the article, it's obvious that it's about the original Sparkpeople book. What a disappointment! Report
I hope the book does well, but wow the marketing is a mess! It makes the book look like the back page of some cheap magazine selling weight loss supplements. I just have to say that, I was a bit shocked when I saw the web page promoting it. I'm sorry to say it looks like just "another" weight loss book, when I'm sure it's so much more if you can get past that and buy the book. I do wish the book every success, the website has helped me tremendously. Report
Wow! Chris, you never cease to amaze us! The Book is a fantastic idea! I will buy at least 4 copies. One for myself, and one for each of my daughters. Wish they would be out by Christmas. That would be in fact 5 gifts off my list. Keep us posted! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PUBLICATION! THANK YOU AGAIN. Report
Wonderful, please keep us posted when the book is out. Mad rush to the book store. I am so proud of my accomplishments. I want to spread the spark even more. Thank You Report
Amazing! You have done a wonderful job building this site and I am sure the book will be just as exciting! Report
Im so buying this book next year. I will spread the spark even more by reading it and letting someone else read it after me. But then I want it back to keep reading it again and again. I love this sight can't wait to read what the book will have. Report
For anyone who is not familiar with Hay House books, they are truly amazing and really help manifest a healthy mindset, which is essensial to weightloss and changing into a healthy lifestyle. Check out "The Power is Within You" by Louise Hay. I am reading it in conjunction with doing SparkPeople, and it is a great tool to further anyone's inspiration.
Great Job Spark, and hopefully we can all get to our goals here one day at a time:)
-*Mika Report
Congrats Spark! Can't wait to read it! Report
Congratulations to the Spark People able to make this possible!

Woo-HOO! Report
That's wonderful! I'll buy a copy! Thanks! What a great place! Suzanne Report
I think this is wonderful news, Spark people is the only thing to help me lose weight. and i think many others out there should HEAR about it and READ about it and then DO it. fingers crossed that it does. and a big smile on my face to this opportunity for you. Report
I think this is wonderful news, Spark people is the only thing to help me lose weight. and i think many others out there should HEAR about it and READ about it and then DO it. fingers crossed that it does. and a big smile on my face to this opportunity for you. Report
I am so happy for you and all of us. Your site is awesome. I can't wait until the book comes out. This site really works if you stick with it. It keeps me focused and keeps me exercising. I fell off the wagon but I'm back on. Thank you again. Report
i saw an article in time magazine recently, selecting the 'best diet' books you can actually follow to see results. they all sounded sub-par compared to this site. i thought 'spark people should totally have a book!' and here's this announcement a few days later, how exciting, congrats, and thanks!! :D Report


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