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In a world of fast food and super sizing, Fit & Fresh is one company that is looking out for your waistline. Their line of kitchen prep tools, measuring devices and portable containers is designed to help you prepare and pack healthier, portion-controlled snacks and lunches. Since they're all about making healthy eating easier, I tried out some of the products, the Smart Portion Chill Containers and the Smart Portion Prep Center, which you can find in dozens of stores, like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and Kmart, as well as online. Check out my video review below!

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    thanks for reviewing this - 7/15/2009   8:33:48 PM
  • 57
    These look great! Be sure to note that these are now available from the SparkPeople Store and they are suppose to be cheaper there, as well as supporting SP! For those who are out of the country--perhaps you can still order them from SP... - 6/18/2009   8:31:20 AM
  • 56
    thanks for the info!!!! - 12/8/2008   10:09:47 AM
  • 55
    Thank you so much for showing us this product. I have seen them while out shopping but never really paid attention to them. I think I may put some of these as a reward the next 10 lbs I loose(if I don't get them sooner). - 12/7/2008   3:12:47 PM
  • 54
    Alot of good for you products. I guess I don't shop closely, never heard of fit products, 3 pc scale looks so easy. Would make everything just exactly right for you. Tha cooler top bowls, can go anywhere. Wonderful! - 12/4/2008   8:08:51 PM
    I work two jobs right now and take my meals with me so I do not eat out. These are a great item. - 12/4/2008   9:51:36 AM
    I have the salad container, and love it. it is so much easier to measure the salad dressing and not use too much this way. I love that the salad stays cold. I think would love to try some of the other products. I would like to see a smaller salad container. I would definitely like to win this giveaway! - 12/2/2008   10:25:40 PM
  • 51
    Fit and fresh is Great! I can't wait to go to K-Mart to see what products they have. I am excited abut the two products stated above and I am looking for the 2 cup salad storer with the folding fork and 2 tabsp. holder for the dressing. It also has a cooler lid which you can put in the freezer to keep it cool..
    I did order my Mother on on line of the salad container for her this morning. She is a diabetic and has a hard time to find the proper foods when she goes out to eat.
    I truly don't know why they haven't thought of this sooner.
    Thanks for bringing this to Spark Peoples attention. - 12/1/2008   11:46:04 PM
  • 50
    Hi and thankyou for the opportunity to make a comment on the Fit & Fresh range of products, I think the whole idea is amazing its a one stop health shop for the whole family everythings there at your fingertips to make the most amazing meals in a healthy way no guess work anymore and the convienience is fabulous, containers for familys on the move or the run a great innovative idea full marks to the designer of this system. I am not sure if we have them in New Zealand but we should, I would be able to throw out all my old plastic containers and use this work station for everything saving me space in my cupboards time in my day and give my family healthy choices. I give you a AAA p.s. would love to win one be a nice xmas present for the whole family.

    Suzie - 12/1/2008   9:37:12 PM
    These are great! I don't have to pack a lunch anymore but these will work for anytime. - 12/1/2008   3:29:11 PM
  • 48
    I like these alot. I hope I win. :)
    - 12/1/2008   1:33:01 PM
  • 47
    I think this is a sensible answer to my organization problem. I have all of these things but they don't fit so nicely. - 12/1/2008   12:26:43 PM
    Thanks for the feed back. I have been using small Tupperware containers to portion my foods. - 11/21/2008   4:15:27 PM
    6 of usareusing them,they are great and the right size! - 9/18/2008   11:13:35 AM
  • 44
    They have some great products. I could use them for my lunch and snacks on a daily basis. And I love the colors
    - 9/14/2008   12:46:20 AM
  • 43
    I purchase a variety of these containers a couple of weeks ago and I love them! My only trouble with them is my kids seem to like them too and they are never available when I go to get them! :) LOL!! Guess I need a few more, eh? - 9/13/2008   10:08:47 AM
  • 42
    I really like the idea of having an ice pack inside the lid to keep the foods chilled. If you use ice packs in your lunchbox, you know that the food gets soggy on the side that's next to the ice pack. I think this would help keep the food fresher and not get soggy because you would have ice surrounding the food. - 9/13/2008   9:02:02 AM
  • 41
    I have been toying with buying some of these for a while! I could use some help when it comes to bring lunch to work - some of these containers might do the trick! - 9/12/2008   2:47:34 PM
  • 40
    I would love to get the whole set. Thanks for the info. - 9/12/2008   10:43:15 AM
    Portion control works for me, I plan on going to Target and looking for these items to make life easier. Alot of the time i just guess at the portion size. - 9/12/2008   10:31:10 AM
  • 38
    I have the lunch container and it's great, kind of like a bento box. I don't have to jockey for position in the office fridge anymore. I usually put salads or sandwiches in the bottom, cheese, nuts or the salad dressing in one small container and fruit in the other. - 9/11/2008   1:56:16 PM
  • 37
    I would love the scale and can always use another cutting board. I may buy at set. i have some nice ziplock twist containers that have measurement marks on it that dont rub off. Plus I have a nice lunch bag that stays cold most of the day, after being put in the fridge for 20 min. I dont feel that I need the containers. It is a great idea though, I am sure alot of people will find it helpful. - 9/11/2008   10:37:18 AM
  • 36
    I bought one for my daughters lunch.I works great!Anything that helps us be greener and heathier is great!And the price wasnt too bad! - 9/10/2008   1:36:08 PM
  • 35
    Wow -so great a must for every kitchen I am going to get me these products for sure- thank you for the review and the dimonstration!- great- Jo - 9/10/2008   9:36:04 AM
  • 34
    I initially discovered these products several years ago early in their inception. I LOVE the salad container and have purchased several for gifts in the past few years. While the prep center wouldn't save me any time personally, I think it would be a fabulous gift for a few family members who are pressed for time but are looking for ways to become more knowledgeable about food choices and portion control. I appreciate the review - I know what I'm giving for Christmas presents this year ;-) - 9/10/2008   6:58:40 AM
  • 33
    I like the cutting board, and the little measurer thing and the scale seperately, but they way it's set up like that seems a little too unnecessarily anal to me, seems like overkill. - 9/9/2008   2:54:28 PM
  • DANIER80
    these look interesting an would be very helpful - 9/9/2008   2:15:58 PM
  • 31
    I would a set of these. - 9/9/2008   1:18:39 PM
  • 30
    Wow those would be great gifts. I might have to save up for some of these. How neat! - 9/9/2008   1:17:07 PM
  • 29
    Portion control is a plus to motivation to record in my food journal which is my main weakness! Any tool to help me control my portion size is great! - 9/9/2008   10:03:06 AM
  • 28
    These are very similar to bento boxes! I can't wait to get my hands on them :) - 9/9/2008   9:30:13 AM
  • 27
    I REALLY love the Chill Containers! My thing is I pack a lunch box and put the blue ice in there, and then my items move around so much that they don't remain cold even thought its a smaller lunch box. I'm going to be trying these containers! Thanks for introducing them! - 9/9/2008   6:50:24 AM
  • 26
    Portion control is my biggest issue, so I will be checking these out next time I am the store. - 9/9/2008   4:57:10 AM
  • 25
    I know the next time I get a few extra bucks I'm going to Target! I've been telling my husband I need a scale. I think the scale alone is worth it, and I love the portion bowls. Thanks for the info. - 9/8/2008   11:57:23 PM
  • 24
    I think if you are just starting to pack lunch then these would be great, but I have a bunch of freezer packs and find it easier to just put the whole lunch in a bag with a cold pack for the whole thing. If you look carefully gladware and similar products can also be used for portion control. I did buy the one for salad's - like the spot for dressing - but it was HUGE. Was hard to get in my lunch bag and was more salad than I usually eat so I haven't used it much. - 9/8/2008   7:54:25 PM
    I love the small portion containers it takes the guess work out of preparing a meal.
    - 9/8/2008   7:19:13 PM
  • 22
    Thanks you always have great information.
    Thanks for all, Eunice - 9/8/2008   5:36:07 PM
  • 21
    I would love to have a set of the portion control items. It would make things so much easier and I could put a great big X on it to keep my husband from using it! I have been looking around for things like that lately! - 9/8/2008   4:41:30 PM
    wow. This would make packing lunch for dd much easier.
    - 9/8/2008   3:50:38 PM
  • 19
    Interesting information. I won't need them but they could be very handy for people who have to take their food with them. - 9/8/2008   3:45:20 PM
  • GOAL142
    I love the ideas behind the products, but after owning the cold pack containers and the water bottle with built in filter I am disappointed. The containers warped on the top shelf of the dishwasher and the measuring lines are gone (like they rubbed/washed off). Love the custom-fit cold packs though. The water bottle is a genius idea, but because it is your suction while you are drinking the water that pulls the water thru the filter, you get a lot of air. Love the ideas, but the execution needs work :o( - 9/8/2008   3:03:51 PM
  • 17
    I purchased several of these and love the products! Portion sizes are getting easier and bringing good food choices to my BF's is a breeze now! - 9/8/2008   3:50:18 AM
    I don't think we can get Fit and Fresh in Australia. - 9/8/2008   2:18:08 AM
  • 15
    Thanks for the information. - 9/8/2008   2:06:30 AM
  • 14
    I have seen these ads - but watching the video really helped -now I can hardly wait to get out and buy both of these things - thanks Nicole! - 9/8/2008   12:26:16 AM
  • LAURA1961
    i plan on getting the products shown in the video. they would all work great for me do to the fact that i work in fast food and try to bring as much from home as i can. having the items would be wonderful. especially the diet scale. - 9/7/2008   11:49:42 PM
  • DONNA6111
    The fit and freshness containers are great and the ice packs that come with the container is great and keeps it nice and cold. - 9/7/2008   11:12:52 PM
  • 11
    How very creative! My daughter has the sandwich container and loves it. I think I'll be looking into the 1 cup serving size containers. : ) - 9/7/2008   10:12:37 PM
  • 10
    Thanks for the review. It doesn't look like something I'd need since I already have a scale, plenty of measuring devices, cutting boards, and containers with measurements. But if someone has fewer kitchen gadgets and supplies, these might come in handy. - 9/7/2008   10:03:19 PM
  • 9
    Would love to see you review Teavalize sometime. Looks interesting but I wonder if it's overpriced. Thanks! - 9/7/2008   9:54:36 PM

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