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A few months back, I reviewed some portion control products from Fit & Fresh. We were so impressed that we decided to partner with Fit & Fresh to develop some healthy eating "kits" for our members, which are now available in the recently updated SparkPeople Store! While Fit & Fresh's products are available online and in stores, these kits, developed exclusively for SparkPeople, are more affordable. SparkPeople sells these kits at a fraction of the retail cost you'd pay to buy the same items elsewhere! Plus, every purchase you make at helps SparkPeople remain a free resource for millions of people!

If you've been struggling to control your portions or need better tools to pack healthy lunches and snacks when you're on the go, check out these four portion-savvy kits for yourself!

You can find all four of these kits, along with other SparkPeople nutrition products right here in the SparkPeople Store.

The Smart Portion Lunch Kit (Retail Price: $32.97. Your Price: $17.99) includes everything you need to take a healthy lunch on the go:
  • The Fit & Fresh Food Scale
  • Four 1-cup Smart Portion Chill Containers with lids and two removable ice packs
  • The Lunch Chiller, with a main compartment that holds 3- cups of food and a removable one-cup Smart Portion Chill Container

Our Meal on the Go Combo Kit (Retail Price: $23.97. Your Price: $17.99) will help you take healthy meals and snacks with you when you're away from home. This Kit includes:

  • The Salad POD, which holds 2 tablespoons of dressing in a separate dispenser
  • The Lunch POD, which holds up to 2.65 cups of food and seals tightly for freshness
  • The Healthy Food Snacker with a separate container for dip or dressing

The Gourmet Cuisine Kit (Retail Price: $28.97. Your Price: $21.99) offers more great products for meals on the go, including:

  • The Gourmet Cuisine Chiller has a main course container that holds up to 2- cups of food and a removable one-cup Smart Portion Chill Container
  • Four 1-cup Smart Portion Chill Containers with lids and two removable ice packs
  • The Vortex Hydrator drink cup, complete with an agitator to blend protein or flavored drinks and a chill wand to keep liquids cool

Our Smart Portion Prep Kit (Retail Price: $27.98. Your Price: $25.99) includes everything you need to make meal preparation fast and efficient:
  • The Fit & Fresh Smart Portion Prep Center, complete with a non-skid cutting board, compact food scale, and side measuring cups
  • Four Smart Portion Chill Containers (1-cup and 2-cup sizes) with lids with two removable ice packs

You can find all four of these kits, along with other SparkPeople nutrition products right here in the SparkPeople Store.

What do you think about SparkPeople's Fit & Fresh Kits?

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Great Products at great prices! Report
i just ordered individual pieces from Fit&Fresh.

SUGGESTION to Sparkpeople, make some available individual. Report
I like the concept. I definitely will purchase one of the kits soon. Report
These look neat.

I have lock n' lock containers and they are perfect for me. I also have more plastic food ware than anyone I know!

What I am on the hunt for is a single portion salad container specifically made for caesar salads. You know... with a compartment for the croutons, the dressing, the bacon and the cheese. I hate my salad to be pre mixed way before I go to actually eat it. Report
These are amazing!!!!! I actually bought the smart portion lunch kit and I just received it in the mail today. I gotta tell you... I love it soooo much! I'm looking forward to buying the smart portion prep kit next time! Report
Look like some handy dandy things to own. Report
I will be ordering these--I may spread it out--but hope to own them all real soon. Thanks! Report
I want them all! These are great. Report
COACH NICOLE: Are these BPA free? I have purchased Fit n Fresh products before, only to get them home and see that they are number "7" plastics. Also, they must be handwashed because they warp really bad in the dishwasher...I really love the idea behind them though!! As a raw vegan, I find myself bringing my own food with me to a lot of places... Report
Portion control is really essential. I think these kits are a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Unfortunately or fortunately my kitchen already has all the tools necessary for portion control. My favorite is my scale-I have been using one for years. I also use it to calculate postage. Report
I'm going on two trips this summer....I just ordered the prep kit!
Yay! Thank you so much for featuring these. Report
these sound great,especially with the cold packs, thanks Report
Do they ship internationally? Report
I love the salad one! Report
To answer some complaints about not shipping to Canada: Yes, we DO ship to Canada from the SparkPeople Store. Report
Think about all the money we WASTE on fast food, but THESE can be used over and over and contain GOOD food we chose. Report
Portion controlled sizes! Great idea! I'm going to need some of these, but I do agree with ASWEDANCEAWAY that it would be nice to pick and choose specific items. Also, are these dishwasher and microwave safe? Report
I work at a prison and they would be great if they were clear other wise we can't bring them in. Report
going to have to get some soon thanks Report
they are great kits Report
It's GREAT that these are now available through SP! I'm ordering on my next pay day!!! :o) Report
Price is very reasonable, I currently use these products however I will most likely purchase some more Report
im such a sucker for things like this. already in my cart lol ;-) Report
the cutting board and prep center thing is cool! Report
I already own the 4 1-cup containers with the ice packs. I use them when I'm working and take them with me, usually filled with either blackberries or strawberries. They are much better than my old, bigger containers that I used in the past. Report
I will definetly get the one with the scale. Thanks for showing them. Report
All made in China by someone who makes 25 cents/hour...if that. Report
I would pay the 17.99 just for the food scale so I think the first package is a great deal Report
Thank you! I need to update my wares and this is perfect! Report
I want them all! Report
This is a wonderful idea! I might have to invest; especially in the group with the food scale! Thanks for blogging Nicole! Report
Great to see - we've taken waste-free lunches to work/school for years now, and I love them! It would be great to see some non-plastic ones, but really glass is just too heavy. Report
I'm so buying these!! How handy! Report
These look great, I am definitely going to get some! Report
I just ordered the Smart Portion Lunch Kit and a water bottle. I used to have something similar as kid. I pack luches a lot so this is well worth the price to me. I have an electronic scale that I use for meats so it will be great to have this one to use for veggies and fruits. I can't wait for them to get here.

Thanks Sparkpeople. Report
Too bad it doesn't look like they ship to Canada. Report
I bought a few of the Fit & Fresh containers from my local store and fell in love with them. They are a wonderful way to portion a meal size and save money ta-boot. Thank you for adding these products to the SparkPeople store. I was able to purchase a few kits. I just know they'll pay for themselves in no time and to top it off I'll be eating healthier. Report
I LOVE fit n fresh products. I have tons of them and use them all the time. The ice rings keep your food cold until you are ready to use them.
Thank you Spark to teaming up with them and creating great packages and great prices
I LOVE SPARK!!! Report
Too bad they are plastic. Report
I've been eyeing these up in my grocery store & they are so expensive. I may have to do some shopping on SP now... it's a shame, though, because I would love the scale and other items in the seperate kits, but I don't necessarily need the entire kit... I wish I could mix and match the items, i.e. the scale & the sandwich holder & the cutting board without having to buy 3 different kits. Just a suggestion. Report
too fun! i am running a wellness program (and using spark!!!) for my work site and bought tons of spark store items and wish these products were listed 2 months ago.
i retail bought the fit and fresh products as weekly top spark point earner prizes - i noticed after i bought them they had a spark tie in printed on the package. WOOHOO Report
Oh my gosh! Those look awesome!!! I want the meal on the go kit. I can't believe the prices! These are DEFINITELY on my wish list! Report
I would like to see some that aren't plastic. Report
FINALLY a method to assist in my portion controls and the means to carry my food to work and other activities!!!!
I order the lunch kit, the combo kit, and the metal water bottle. I am THRILLED. Now I'll have a scale to help with food size and weight.
Thank you for this opportunity, and the chance to continue supporting the SP website. Report
I can hardly wait to order these jewels...!!! (I just have to budget!)... SP Convention is a first priority! See You There!

These are great. I definitely have to pick a kit up. I like the last one with the cutting board. And the prices can't be beat. Report
I think I'll buy one! These look very handy! Thanks! Report
I am glad that spark has done this, I think this would help people who are brand new to healthy living, and need a true vision on protion control. Report
These look like they are great, but a bit pricey Report
Sparkpeople won't ship to Canada??? Crap! I really wanted to order a bunch of stuff from the store... these included! It's not hard to ship to Canada! Come on Sparkpeople... we want your stuff to!!!! Report
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