Motivation Monday: Let Others Be Guides...


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    Good article! - 4/13/2017   10:16:41 PM
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    I remember, for years I wanted the shape of others. It was an impossible dream. Once I discovered that I could lose weight, I thought maybe.... just maybe I could look like them. I lost the weight and I now look a little like them, but I got flab abound the middle. But I'm happier being myself now. - 3/23/2017   11:01:55 AM
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    When I started my weight loss journey for the umteeth-time, I finally realized that I was doing this for me. I am lucky to have supportive family and friends. But no one else can do this but me. - 6/4/2014   4:13:03 PM
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    After asking several times to my friends and family to join me and help me stay motivated, I ended up going it alone. Slowly I'm losing weight but the inches don't lie. I have to stop wishing for others to help me because only I carry this weight alone. - 6/4/2014   9:17:58 AM
    Thank you. I share it. - 9/17/2012   9:18:37 PM

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