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This time of year, when there's a chill in the air and no shortage of things to do, many of us rely on our slow cookers to do dinner. We rounded up seven of our best "set it and forget it" recipes.

Click here or on the image to view the whole calendar at full size (and get clickable links to the recipes), save, download, or print it! You can also share it on Facebook or Twitter. We think it's quite "pinnable" for all you Pinterest addicts out there.
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  • 15
    Thank you, Delish! - 8/26/2017   10:15:20 PM
    I'm looking forward to trying these recipes especially the pork chops with apple-cranberry stuffing, and the turkey with wild rice dish! - 8/16/2017   5:41:59 AM
  • 13
    When living up North with cold weather I was always using a crock pot. Now in the South I still find reasons to use it. Pulled chicken, pulled pork, pot roast, soups stews....There's no end. HAPPY COOKING ! ! ! - 6/22/2014   9:45:43 PM
  • 12
    I've just purchased a slow cooker, so these recipes will come in handy. They all look delicious so I think I'll try them all. - 10/29/2012   5:29:03 AM
  • 11
    I'm cooking some black-eyed peas in the crockpot today. I do use salt pork but you can cook them with seasonings (onions, garlic, bell pepper and celery) and it makes a great vegetarian dish. You can do this with just about any beans or peas. I make it a main dish by serving them over rice. Being a Southern gal, I will cook cornbread to go with it. Whatever you cook, remember to add love. You can't go wrong when you add that. - 10/12/2012   8:01:46 AM
  • 10
    Meat-free recipes, please!!! - 10/7/2012   4:21:45 PM
    looks yummy, especially with the fall weather setting in!!! - 10/7/2012   3:48:15 PM
    I agree with the others. Why isn't there even one vegetarian dish??? - 10/7/2012   1:27:39 AM
    Why no vegetarian recipes?!?! - 10/6/2012   10:01:48 PM
    I love using the slow cooker but am disappointed that of 7 suggested recipes that there isn't even a single offering of a vegetarian option. - 10/6/2012   7:19:21 PM
    saves a lot of time cooking and great during winter season - 10/6/2012   1:13:11 PM
  • 4
    Slow cooking is the ticket for an easy dinner after a long day at work. I put it in before leaving in the morning and it is ready when hubby and I get home. - 10/6/2012   7:55:17 AM
  • 3
    Since I hate to cook after raising five children, the SLOW COOKER certainly is my love, especially in the cold weather. - 10/6/2012   7:49:35 AM
  • 2
    After reading these recipes, I might have to buy a crock pot! - 10/6/2012   12:43:47 AM
  • 1
    These all look yummy especially the slow cooker pork chops with apple-cranberry stuffing. Also the slow cooked BBQ pulled pork roast. I think my husband would really like the pork chops with apple-cranberry stuffing. - 10/5/2012   9:32:21 PM

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